"Give Them Roots and Create Wings"

August 2019 - News Update
EPH Family Buys Own Home
“What motivates me is the determination to succeed, one step at a time. EPH created a safe environment and provided resources that allowed me to thrive while continuing my education. EPH embraces and empowers families…”  

Quote from a single father of three boys who recently completed our Long-term Supportive Housing Program after living in one of our David Homes. This father purchased his first home this month! 

“EPH gave me one-on-one support. EPH allowed me to be free of regret and paid attention to me, that I wasn’t just a nobody, to them I was important. If I could describe EPH in two words, it would be what I engraved on my class ring: ‘Selfless Humanity’. 

The biggest thing EPH gave me was to allow me to reflect on what it is I knew I needed to do. They kept realistic goals for me to accomplish. They taught me skills like time management and budget counseling. I think they taught me one of life’s greatest lessons and that was to become accountable moving forward. I believe in miracles, and EPH was the angel behind it. They gave me respect and helped me gain my confidence that I could create opportunity for myself and family. Today, I have paid all my collections off and want to give credit to EPH for keeping me honest and giving me flexibility to get back my life.”

Thank YOU for allowing EPH to be a part of your journey. 
EPH Beneficiary Of Love Begins Here With Mission Work
Jan Hess , one of our Unit Coordinator volunteers from St. Bernard’s Catholic Church, brought in a group of youth volunteers through the Love Begins Here organization on July 2nd. 

They worked in the EPH garden, doing yard work at one of our David (Long-term supportive) homes, and came to the office to clean and fold envelopes. Love Begins Here is modeled after the work of Saint Teresa of Calcutta and emphasizes students doing small things with great love. Mother Teresa said that the world longs for love more than it longs for bread, so the emphasis is placed on the work, but also the time visiting with the people they serve. Thank you, Jan Hess, and the volunteers from Love Begins Here.  
Attention Gardeners
EPH is looking to create a gardening group to mentor our families in our David Homes (Long-term Supportive Housing). We would love to have a group of 4-6 volunteers who would like to teach our tenants basic lawn and garden care. We would like to kick this off with fall clean-up as needed at select homes.

For information contact our Property Manager, De’Ette Radant.
Phone: 920-819-8601
E-mail: radanteph@gmail.com   
Wish List
EPH is in need of the following items
Working electric stoves
Twin mattress pads
First Aid Kits (i.e.; standard Johnson & Johnson)
Laundry baskets
Unscented dryer sheets
Toilet bowl cleaner

All-purpose cleaner (i.e., Mr. Clean); Paper napkins (small packages); Shaving cream; Children’s toothbrushes

We also received a donation of a couple dehumidifiers that need repair – if anyone is skilled in this task, we could use your time! 
Email: ephmanager1@gmail.com or call 920-676-3779
to arrange a time to drop off and for volunteering.
Thank you for your generosity and support!
Ecumenical Partnership for Housing   is a 501(c3) organization, dedicated to finding permanent solutions for homeless families in Green Bay .