August 2019



"If everyone demanded peace instead of a new television set, then there'd be peace."
- John Lennon

Shooting Outdoors in August? Don't Get Burned
Use These 5 Tips to Keep Your Camera and Gear Cool 

The dog days of summer hit with a vengeance this year, with heatwaves sweeping the nation throughout July and August. 

Keeping cool and staying hydrated has been paramount for professionals who work long hours outdoors, such as cinematographers and videographers. 

But our tools of the trade are also susceptible to the sweltering heat. And it does not take long for extreme temps to render your equipment unusable for days - and possibly even longer.

Our latest blog offers five tips to keep your camera and gear cool and working properly during these waning, but stifling, days of summer. 

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This Month in Hollywood History

August 1, 1981

MTV made its debut at
12:01 a.m.

The first music video shown was "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles. 

Maslow Media has partnered with our client, a prestigious consumer packaged goods industry, located in Wilton, CT in search of an experienced videographer to join our team. The ideal candidate delivers fresh, high-quality knowledge in the beauty industry and provides insight into our creative, PR, and Sales/Marketing teams.  This is a full-time, benefit eligible role. 

Maslow Media has partnered with our client, a communications and media organization dedicated to television access, in search of an Account Executive to join their sales team for their Chantilly, VA location. 
This is a full-time role with a base salary + commission.  The ideal candidate is resourceful, hungry, competitive, has worked in a media or production environment, and has 1-3 years of sales experience.  This position is responsible for the sales of The Company's captioning, subtitling, description & additional television access services to major industry segments and customers as assigned, with a continuing goal to increase personal sales annually.

The ideal candidate will work at the Maslow Media corporate office in Rockville, MD. As the Director of Sales and Marketing, you will be responsible for increasing the company's sales revenue by creating strategic sales processes and marketing plans targeted towards existing and new markets through social media campaigns, initiatives, and in-person events. Specific responsibilities include management of all inbound and outbound demand generation channels, such as email, direct mail, social media campaigns, SEO and industry events.  This position reports directly to the CEO.

Maslow Media has partnered with our client, global media group, in search of a Creative Motion Graphics Designer for their Washington, D.C. location.
Responsibilities include conceptualizing design and animation solutions for broadcast and digital news stories, as well as long-term projects such as promo work, show design, and branding, creation of stand-out materials beyond regular news graphics and development of brand creative across platforms and media utilizing audio, video and graphic design.
The ideal candidate will have a diverse portfolio with strong infographics, typography, animation, 2D/3D design, set design, web design, promo shooting, working with agencies, and knowledge of broadcasting - especially news and current affairs. A reel or portfolio will be required to apply. 
Many Gig Workers Face Obstacles to Timely Pay
Some Employers Are Taking the "Free" in Freelancing a Bit Too Literally

For some gig workers, simply getting paid is proving to be a much larger obstacle than even securing health benefits. 

Outside of enterprises such as Uber,  many gig workers fly solo when negotiating for both jobs and payment, generating a lot of opportunities to be stiffed on the bill. 

While nonpayment and late payments continue to be a struggle for freelancers and gig workers, steps are being taken in various states to identify policies that could help those checks come in on time. 

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A 2020 Leap Year Yields Potential Payroll Issues
An Extra Day in February Can Create Extra Headaches for Employers 

During Leap Years, like the one arriving in 2020, February grows by a day.  For most people, it's not an issue - and may not even be noticeable. But for a company's accounting department, one extra day can mean an extra pay period - potentially throwing everything out of whack. 

Don't wait until Jan. 1 to make your payroll plans. Maslow Media Group can leap to your aid now

As a leading Payroll company, we routinely help our clients  navigate compliance concerns. 

We can customize your company's paycheck cycles to best suit your needs every month of every year. And we make it our business to be versed in all compliance laws, from ACA to mandated sick leave, and beyond.

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