August Asian Pear
harvest crates
Are we there yet?

Anticipation of the harvest season's start is building more every day.

Friends are asking daily, "When are the pears available?" Our fruit is getting bigger with each passing week of sunshine and rain. 

Native birds are starting to notice the fruit in the trees - so our team will be out hanging our distinctive red & silver mylar streamers in the days ahead.

We are also very ready for this year's harvest with brand-new picking crates. Stacked and poised for action.  Are you poised and ready to order a box of our fresh Asian Pears?
Speaking of Pears... 
"These Asian pears are soooo sweet and juicy juicy. We choked on the juice because we were eating them too fast; these amazing tree grown pears are worth the price to be delivered to your door."  - Rosi 


asian pear iced tea

All this hot weather slowing you down? Reminded us to make one of our classic summertime sippers: Asian Pear Ice Tea.  

In a tall glass of black iced tea - add cubes of ice, a spoonful of our Asian Pear Spread and a sprig of fresh thyme...stir or shake. Lightly sweet and very refreshing!

Visit our online store to order our Asian Pear Spread.

fresh pear varieties
Choosing a variety.

For our newer pear enthusiasts, the question is, "which pear variety shall I order?" Subarashii Asian Pears are as distinctive as types of wines or styles of cheeses. 

Because each pear variety is unique as compared to another offered variety - it heightens ones' enjoyment of our wonderful fruit. 

We welcome you to read about our exclusive varieties or reach out to us with questions about our pears' flavor profiles.

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