Volume 19  Issue  8                                                                                                   AUGUST 2019
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If your RESUME has been circulating in the job market for more than a month and  you haven't gotten requests for job interviews--
t he problem could be your resume!

 Find articles and sample resumes, as well as great tips for creating effective cover  letters so your resume is read and you receive those job interview invitations.

The Snowball Effect on Debt
Eileen St. Pierre, The Everyday Financial Planner
Let's face it. Being in debt can be stressful. For many, it can quickly spiral out of control. H ere are some warning signs you have a problem:
  • You have depleted or neglected your savings.
  • You are starting to pay bills late each month.
  • You are making debt payments with your rent money.
  • You are thinking about tapping accounts like your 401(k) that you have always considered off-limits.
  • Creditors are starting to call and send you threatening notices.
  • You are transferring balances from one credit card to another.
First, stop using your credit cards going forward. Then determine how much in your budget to devote to paying off your debts. Focus on paying down the debt with the lowest balance. Just make the minimum payments on the other credit cards.
  • Reducing the total number of debts you have will give you an emotional boost.
  • Once you pay off the first card, take the money you had been paying on that card and put it towards the next credit card balance. Remember, you have already budgeted this money to pay bills. So you should be used to not having this money to spend on other things.
  • Keep repeating this cycle until you have paid off all your debts.
This accelerated debt payoff scheme is called The Snowball Effect
Watch my video Stopping the Debt Spiral to see how to implement it.
Questions?  Contact Eileen at everydayfinancialplanner@gmail.com.

9 Nursing Skills Every Practitioner Needs To Be Successful
Nursing is one of the most demanding careers to go into, but it's  also one of the most rewarding.
It's also a career that's expected to see a lot of growth by 2026, which means more nursing jobs are expected to be created.
Career Development Success Story  - Stacee Bacon

"I decided to become a Speech-Language Pathologist because I love helping people. I get to work with all populations from babies to elderly and everyone in between, helping them become more confident in themselves, communicate efficiently, and have an overall better quality of life. Everyone deserves a voice and I am able to assist individuals in finding theirs.

To those who are trying to decide about furthering their education: 
Don't doubt yourself and your abilities. You will come across circumstances that are difficult and you may think about giving up, but don't. Put your head down and narrow your sights on your goal ahead. You CAN do it. Don't be afraid to ask for help. 

Thank you to Choctaw Nation Career Development for guidance and support throughout my college career."
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The Importance of Credentials Click here for our Video
A credential represents a formal validation of an individual's qualifications and professional competency in a specific industry.

What is the value of a credential?  An industry certification ensures that you are proficient in a field, while allowing you to enhance your professional brand. By promoting your credential to organizations, your peers and the public at large, you are able to present your base of knowledge, skills and experience.  Click here for NCDA website
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