Volume 64, Issue 7 | August 2019   
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August 2019 Community Center Calendar
  6 | HVCA Board | 7:00 PM
  9 | Raphael Shapiro - Free Show | Doors 7:00 PM - Music 7:30 PM
16 | HVLT Board | 7:30 PM
13 | Firewise Committee | 7:30 PM
20 | Music Festival Committee | 7:30 PM
20 | Sanitary District Board | 7:30 PM
1st/3rd Wed. | Tam Design Review Board | 7:00 PM (Log Cabin, Tam Valley)
Saturdays     | A. A. Meeting | 10:00 AM
Wednesdays  | Mill Valley Zen Meditation | 7:00 PM
Fridays         | SingDancePlay - Music Together | 9:30, 10:30 & 11:30 AM
Homestead Valley Music Festival
Stu Allen and Friends to Headline the Woodstock Themed 2019 Homestead Valley Music Festival

"Be More Like Darren"

Saturday, August 24th
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Community Center Meadow
315 Montford Avenue

Presented by the Homestead Valley Community Association and sponsored by American Solar, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Pig in a Pickle BBQ and many more!

By Alex Scalisi,  Co-Chair
We are extremely excited to announce the line-up for the 2019 Homestead Valley Music Festival. The event will once again be held on the Saturday before Labor Day weekend (August 24) in the meadow at the Homestead Valley Community Center. With this being the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, we're going with the theme of peace and love for the event this year. Feel free to pull out those bell bottoms and rock your favorite tie-dyed or Grateful Dead t-shirt! It's going to be a love fest all day in the meadow with music, art, food, drinks and fun for the whole family.
Also, as many of you know, we lost our friend, neighbor and Music Festival co-chair Darren Malvin this year. Darren was influential not only with our Music Festival, but also with his commitment to the community and giving back to make the world, including our special little slice of it here in Homestead Valley, better for everyone. We miss him terribly, but will be honoring him all day at the event --not only through the music he loved, but also with a message for everyone to live your life selflessly and to "Be More Like Darren".
As always, this is a free event for the community, however cash donations at the entrances and purchases from our awesome vendors are greatly encouraged to help offset the cost of the event. We could not put this event on without the generosity from attendees and sponsors.
Headlining the festival this year is Stu Allen and Friends . Stu is a native of Louisville, Kentucky and resident of San Rafael, CA. He is committed to keeping Jerry Garcia's music, sound, and spirit alive in the concert setting. Stu is a fixture at Terrapin Crossroads and at Ashkenaz's Grateful Dead night in Berkeley. He has made extensive contributions to the scene by playing with the likes of Melvin Seals (Jerry Garcia Band), Bob Weir, Steve Kimock, and Warren Haynes. His band at Homestead will mix your favorite rock, reggae and Americana tunes with
Jerry Garcia-inspired guitar overtones and soaring Grateful Dead tributes.
Opening this year's show is our featured local youth performers, Natalia Betzler and 102 Keys , coming to us straight from Tam High and MVMS. Natalia, a new sophomore, has played a number of performances including opening sets at the Mountain Play's performance of "Grease" earlier this Summer, as well as for nonprofit foundations Bread and Roses and Love is the Answer.
Radio Veloso follows Natalia Betzler and 102 Keys. These up-and-coming artists are a San Francisco-based instrumental quartet that combine hip hop beats, heavy funk bass, Afro-funk guitar and lo-fi horn lines. This is some serious modern groove music to bounce to. Ron says "Don't miss this set!"
Rounding out this year's lineup is Mitch Woods and his Rocket 88's . A Brooklyn native who's made Marin County his home since the early '70s, Mitch is a world-renowned pianist and Jazz Fest veteran who plays high-energy, modern-day boogie woogie and jump blues in the style of the 1940's and 1950's. Bring your dancing shoes.
LASTLY , if you are interested in helping with set-up, clean-up, and a whole host of other event-day activities, please reach out to David Ross (david@homesteadvalley.org).

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors for their support in helping us bring the great event to the community:
  • Postmates
  • Kerry Rose, Realtor 
  • American Solar
  • Mulagani Tire
  • Mill Valley Dentistry 
  • Lagunitas Brewing Company
  • Pig in a Pickle
  • Good Earth Natural Foods
  • Mill Valley Refuse
  • Marin Horizon School
Thanks in advance for everyone's  support  and we'll see you in the Meadow on Saturday, August 24th!
Fourth of July Celebration
Showing Their Red, White and Blue Spirit

By Lindsey Tucker
It was wonderful to see so many neighbors come out for our annual Homestead Valley 4th of July Celebration!  Families and friends paraded from Volunteer Park to Stolte Grove waving flags and showing their red, white and blue spirit!  The fog burned off just in time for a fun gathering in the grove with a Let's Be Frank hot dog cart, festive music by Little Folksies and creative face painting by Tatyana's Magic Brush.  
Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event possible, including: the Southern Marin Fire District, and specifically Jonnie Alper, for leading our parade with their fire truck; Mia Wyman and her sister Toni for baking and selling their delicious desserts; Leslie Dixon, Rachel Carlin and Chelsey Kantor for decorating Stolte Grove and stuffing goodie bags; Jim Derich, Diana Flasher and Suz Lipman for their help with set-up and clean-up; Josh Davis and Jeff Gilliam for running the drink bar; the HV Land Trust for maintaining our beautiful Stolte Grove; Tim Ryan for his always-popular bubble machine and other fun entertainment; Mill Valley Refuse for donating their trash services; David Ross for his time, effort and leadership; and to all those who took pictures of the day and captured the action!  Most importantly, thank you to this community for supporting such a great Homestead Valley tradition. 
Hope to see you at the Music Festival  for another spectacular day in the valley! 
Raphael Shapiro - Free Show

Friday, August 9th

Door 7:00 PM - Music 7:30 PM

He's a native son of Long Island; a lifelong performer with Shakespeare and rhythm tap dancing in his past and Americana music in his present and for now that's all he can cop to; a resident of Austin, TX; a Soul singer and a Song Writer; a slow writer and a dog owner; a founding member of Odell Fox.
Come see!

BYOB - Limited Seating

Wildfire Resiliency - HVLT Firewise Community - Update #11
HVLT and HVLT Firewise - 
"Good Stewards of the Land"

by Mark Stahl, HVLT Board / Firewise Lead

During 1973 the Homestead Valley Land Trust was formed and 'acquired' ~85 acres of non-contiguous Open Space. During 1974, the ~85 acres were formally deeded to the Marin County Open Space District (i.e., legal owner) with HVLT acting as "custodian" for the Homestead Valley Open Spaces.
The HVLT mission is to, "protect, maintain, and restore HVLT Land." http://www.hvlt.org/what-we-do/ 

 Marin County Biological Monitors
           Jacob and Michelle  

The HVLT-Firewise Committee was initiated  in 2015 as a committee under the HVLT organization. The HVLT-Firewise Team submitted an application to become an official Firewise Community USA. Hence, Homestead Valley has been a recognized Firewise Community USA since 2015. The HVLT-Firewise Team was awarded 2-consecutive California Fire Safe Council (CFSC) 2-year Federal Grants (2017-2018 & 2019-2020). The Federally awarded GRANT $$$ is utilized to:
  • fund and compliment HVLT wildfire resilience work-efforts on HVLT Open Spaces
    • Shrub-Brush Fuel Reduction, Tree Removal
  • fund and coordinate HV neighborhood projects (i.e., $$$ spend in HV community / neighborhoods)
    • Neighborhood Debris Box Days
    • Neighborhood Chipper Days
    • Neighborhood Tree Removal
    • Reflective Address Placards
    • Education / Outreach (e.g., Homestead Valley Community Annual Meetings) 
Both HVLT & HVLT-Firewise strive to be "Good Stewards of the Land" for any / all work conducted on HVLT ~85 acres of Open Space where "steward is a person/organization whose job is to manage or look after the land and property of another entity (i.e., Marin County)."
Any/All work-efforts follow parameters, guidelines and best-practices of 'partner' entities:
HVLT & HVLT-Firewise have developed good, supportive, and collaborative working relationships with these entities. Wildfire resilience collaboration include sharing annual work-plans, implementing best-known-practices, leveraging current statistical and research data, identifying priority target areas, conducting pre & post assessments and walk-throughs, quarterly reporting per CFSC GRANT, etc.
Typically, prior to external contractors starting work-efforts (e.g., Shrub-Brush Fuel Reduction, Tree Removal), we coordinate with Marin County Parks and Natural Resources & Sciences to schedule their Bio Monitor Specialists to conduct Bio Surveys.
The Biological Monitors observe for nesting / roosting in shrub-brush and trees. If nesting / roosting is detected, then Biological Monitors "flag" the area with 2-red flags on path/trail which means 'NO-WORK' in an area 150' in all directions. If an area has been "flagged", then the Bio Monitors return to re-survey the area at 2-weeks intervals to determine when it can be "cleared" and work-efforts and start or re-start.
For most work-efforts (e.g., Shrub-Brush Fuel Reduction), cut or pulled biomass is stacked along trail or road to dry-out for 1-2 weeks which makes chipping/dispersing more efficient and effective. Sometimes Bio Surveys detect nesting after some portion work-effort has been completed, requiring HVLT & HVLT-Firewise to suspend contractor's work-efforts until "flagged" area is "cleared" by subsequent Bio Survey. This means biomass may be present on trails / roads longer than scheduled.
Whether we've been living in Homestead Valley 1-year or 40-years, it is easy to appreciate we live in a unique and aesthetically beautiful ecosystem. Per recent wildfire events in California we've come to better understand that we live in an ecosystem (Wildland Urban Interface) that is highly susceptible to wildfires.
Individually, we can take responsibility for safety preparations for our households and improve defensible space around our structures. Collectively as neighbors, we can take responsibility per collaboration with Block Contacts for personal safety prep and to improve the neighborhood wildfire resiliency (e.g., Neighborhood Debris Box Days, Neighborhood Chipper Days, Reflective Address Placards).
As a community the HVLT and HVLT-Firewise Team are taking responsibility to increase wildfire resiliency of our Open Spaces and Neighborhoods. By coordinating and following "best-practices" recommendations of our partners (Marin County Parks, MVFD & SMFD, FIRESafe Marin, California Fire Safe Council, Firewise Communities USA), we are striving to be, "Good Stewards of the Land."

Wildfire is Coming
Community Center Walks the Firewise Talk

You may have noticed recently, the Community Center property got quite a haircut!  

In light of the recent history of wildfires that have plagued our neighboring communities to the north, we looked around the grounds and saw we had some work to do to be more wildfire resilient.  We contacted our local Firewise committee and the County of Marin for assistance and invited the Southern Marin Fire Department (SMFD) to walk the grounds and give us a Defensible Space Assessment.  SMFD provided us with a comprehensive list of vegetation management tasks w/ an eye towards removing aging/decaying trees and laddering fuel from the property.  We were urged to complete our list as soon as possible and were successful in finding funding and a local contractor able to complete the work quickly.

Who knew that creek was so winding and deep! In the coming months, HVCA will continue to complete the general clean-up of the trimmed areas and add some additional native, drought-tolerant plantings to the property.
Homestead Valley Vignettes by Chuck Oldenburg
Tam Canyon Tragedy

David S. Murdoch, 68, and William F. Shores, 72, were killed at 2 PM on Friday, April 4, 1941 when a slide caused three redwood trees to fall on a cottage in Tamalpais Canyon. The winter was a wet one with 61 inches of rain. A neighbor placed an emergency call. At 2:15, a score of merchants from the Locust shopping district arrived with the fire chief and a police officer. They saw the men crushed under the walls and beams. 15 minutes later, while they were trying to chop away the shattered walls, an unoccupied home above on the nearly perpendicular hillside, buckled and burst open. Mud, trees and debris poured onto the cottage. The rescue workers barely escaped in time. By 4 PM, large-scale rescue work was underway with scores of volunteers. Many worked all night. A dozen trees had come down in the two slides. Shores' body was recovered Saturday afternoon. Murdoch's body was not recovered until Monday afternoon.
The Mill Valley Record called it the most spectacular disaster in the area since the fire of 1929.  
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