August 2019
  Hingham Congregational Church, UCC
366 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043

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Dear Friends,  
Politics and Community
In our increasingly fractured society, we tend to look to political leaders to tell us what to think about pressing social issues, economics, and almost everything else - including our religious views. The problem with taking our cues from politicians is that, especially in an election cycle, their job is to differentiate themselves from their rivals, whether within their party or across the aisle. This leads us away from and not toward the common ground that surely exists amongst ourselves and our neighbors. 
As people who are a part of a faith community, we have the opportunity to rely on each other, our faith convictions, and the Spirit to lead us toward healing and reconciliation. One of the foundation stones of authentic community is listening. We can encourage our children and each other to listen before judging and seek connection before pointing fingers. 
The Christian Faith offers so much to those of us who truly want peace and joy for all in our nation and our world!
I hope you're enjoying the summer warmth and opportunities to rest and travel.
See you when you're in town and in church,
Rev. Dr. Peter Allen
Senior Pastor, 
Hingham Congregational Church,
United Church of Christ 
Email: Cell:  203-522-3685
Church Office: 
Christian Education                                       August 2019
HCC family and friends,
On Friday, August 2nd, we wrapped up an absolutely wonderful week of Vacation Bible School. So many of you supported this outstanding effort and we want to thank anyone who offered time, supplies or financial support. This is a great ministry we offer all of the Hingham community.
As the summer is winding down, preparation for the upcoming church school year is about to really ramp up. I'll be away for the second week in August but besides that, all systems are go for Christian Education matters.
While I am away in August, I'll be on sections of the Appalachian Trail in rural Maine. If you want to read more about my trail experiences as a Queer Theologian Hiker, feel free to follow my blog at https://qthiker.org/
If you have any questions for me or would like to meet, please do inquire. I'm always happy to chat via phone or meet in person. Email is great too!
As we are in the church year's Ordinary Time, we have the opportunity to truly settle into faithful routine as the heat might slow our minds and hearts. As always, we can consider what the church season is bringing us with regard to faith. Maybe this ordinary time of the church year has been extraordinary. Perhaps God's transcendence and immanence have been seen in new ways and our faithful journey is taking new turns. Whatever the case is for you, please remember HCC is here to support your spiritual journey; there is no need to go at it alone. Reach out to another congregant or pastor to reflect; let's lean into one another's love.
As summer slowly but surely enters its 'last leg,' I want to encourage folks to consider checking out our community / church-wide reads. I will lead us in exploring these two books this fall: https://hccucc.com/summer-reads/
I have attempted to reach out to guardians of rising 8th graders in regard to the 2019-2020 confirmation year. Pete and I have heard from about 3-4 families and will be sending more emails and making phone calls though feel free to reach out to Pete or me with questions about this year's upcoming program. We have a great curriculum and our orientation will be scheduled for September!
I want to thank anyone who sent me notes of support or prayed for my family as my dad celebrated his retirement from ministry at the end of July. It was so nice to be in North Carolina to make sure he knows how much his faith (and my mom's) has/have impacted my journey. Thanks for all the support you all give me and my family!
Finally, we are seeking church school staff over the summer so if you have any leads or are interested in a position yourself do let me know. The positions are fun and meaningful! Starting pay is $25/hour for a few hours each week. Here is the Craigslist post: https://boston.craigslist.org/sob/edu/d/hingham-progressive-christian-church/6931573947.html 
Please let us know of any questions you may have!
Peace of Christ,
Coming up:
August 11th, Sun, 9:00 am - We'll consider the theme 'Living into the Promise' as we look at the twelfth chapter of Luke and hear about how we might be watchful.
August 21st, Wed, 6:00 pm - Sara 'open office hours' at Brewed Awakenings
August 24th, Sat, 6:15 pm - HCC & friends to see New England Revolution - Evite here:  http://evite.me/kzGKXTcKsr Feel free to invite non-HCCers!
August 29th, Thurs, 11:00 am - Sara 'open office hours' at Brewed Awakenings
Save the date:
Sept 8th, 11:30 am / 12 pm - Homecoming picnic at Haley Field
Sept 22nd, 3 pm (meet and greet at 2:15 pm) - Sara M. Holland ordination service; reception to follow 

My thanks to all those involved in Jr. Choir this past year, starting with Mrs. England, who provides us with wonderful accompaniments as well as fills in for me when I am unable to lead rehearsals. The children who were most involved this past year include the following: Callie & Connor Cease, Meghan and Ryan Sloan, Fern Gilfoy, Eamon and Phoenix Pint, Lily Whitner, Claire Rathke, Louisa & Jacob Rizzo, and Alia Litchfield. Also joining us from time to time were Morgan, Riley & Luca Childs, Emily Sebestyen, Jessica Scipione and Evelyn Hollander. The photo is our group in early December.  See you in September! 
book club

Two reads for this summer: 
Evicted: Poverty and Profit in The American City ;  author is Matthew Desmond. Learn more about Desmond's book here:   http://evictedbook.com/videos. 
Beautiful Boy and the author is David Sheff ;  Learn more about Sheff's book here:   https://www.davidsheff.com/beautiful-boy
Both books will be the topic of Book Decisions in the fall.

Every summer when August 1st rolls around, I experience a small "midsummer crisis." The end of summer is suddenly in sight, and that mental list of "to dos" I made in the beginning is still long. This summer's list included things like cleaning out gardens and my kitchen cabinets, organizing the kids' bedrooms, and finally putting the winter coats away (and a whole lot more!). While lists are helpful, I marvel at the fact they rarely include the most important parts of life.
Of course these jobs always need to get done! We are blessed to have many church members who keep HCC on their "to do" list, even through the summer. Among other things, a number of members spent time visiting the church through all hours of the night, when our bell malfunctioned and rang continuously, much to the displeasure of neighbors. Others continue to visit with, and provide meals to fellow members, and guests at Pine Street Inn. Some members took the time to share their musical talents during worship. Others focus on children, filling backpacks for back to school, or diligently planning for VBS, and upcoming fall events. We are a church of giving members and we are fortunate that keeping the church healthy is on their "to do" list.
Sometimes our "to do" list feels so overwhelming, it is impossible to see past it! And sometimes we just need a break from everything. I've learned these are the times it is most important to stop and reconnect with my church community. We can show our appreciation to those who are keeping things at HCC running smoothly just by showing up, just through the act of being present for one and other and ourselves. Sometimes that is the most important "to do" of all.
Lynn Mayo 
Plastic disposable cutlery and straws are among the worst plastic pollution culprits. Get in the habit of carrying your own cutlery and re\usable straw with you and leave a set in the car. And remember to refuse a straw in a restaurant whenever you can.
For more tips, go to:
                       HOT & HUMID DAYS ARE HERE!
Like this heat wave we've been experiencing? Did you know that PEAK ELECTRICITY DEMAND is between 5 & 8pm on "demand days?" This results in the use of dirty, expensive power plants (that otherwise sit idle) to provide needed power. Help fight dirty energy usage on peak days by reducing your electricity usage during peak hours. For "Peak Alerts" sign up at the website below 
so you'll know when to limit your use of A/C, lights, & appliances. 

Call for Summer Music Volunteers!
Thank you to all those who shared their talents! 
We had very Special Music Every Sunday this Summer 
8/11 Eileen Hutchins, piano 
8/18 Kate Kallis, piano 
8/25 Tracy and Pete Allen 
9/1 Steve Waynen
As many of you may know, BJ Gorczya had surgery earlier this summer because of a recurrence of cancer. The surgery was successful but BJ needs follow up treatment. In anticipation of BJ starting her treatment  on August 5, we have joined forces with folks outside our church community, a group of BJ's friends plus folks from other areas of her family life, to provide meals and other services they need. This will be a prolonged time of providing support, as BJ will not be returning to work until October, so there is strength in numbers.
The 'Lotsa Helping Hands' website is being used to organize support for the Gorczya family. 
Lynn Mayo and Nicole Merhill are the coordinators for the site. 
A link is provided below. If you can, please sign up and become a part of BJ's community.
You will receive a message in return, accepting your request to join and you will have access to the site. Thank you.
Pine Street Meal - think dessert, dessert, dessert! 
Next Pine Street Inn Meal: Monday, August 19, 2019
Kitchen help is needed on Monday morning, August 19  at 8:00 AM in the HCC kitchen.  
Dessert ALERT !   Please drop off desserts, labelled Pine Street Inn, on Sunday, August 18, or Monday morning before 9:00 AM.
If you have any questions, please contact Ruth Whitner, rgilbertwhitner@verizon.net).

HCC & friends to see New England Revolution -  

Evite here:   http://evite.me/kzGKXTcKsr 
Feel free to invite non-HCCers! 
August 24th, Sat, 6:15 pm -

BACKPACKS FOR Interfaith Social Services!
T he Board of Outreach is happy to report that HCC provided 30 backpacks to Interfaith Social Services in Quincy for their annual back to school backpack drive.  The total includes eleven backpacks donated by the families participating in VBS. Our continued support of this important mission is recognized and greatly appreciated by ISS and executive director Rick Doane. ISS is on its way to collecting 750 backpacks. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.

The Consignment Center Shares its Bounty
While the Consignment Center is currently closed for the summer months, we are actively seeking additional staff for fall. The growth in business volume and shop hours will require a larger corps of workers to maintain consistent operations in the coming season. For as little as three hours a week (our minimum requirements for scheduling purposes), you can join our mission. If you want to learn more or have questions about how your skills and time could be utilized, contact Marcia Sinclair ( marbensin@gmail.com), Gail shields ( gpsshields@yahoo.com) or Sarah England ( England-sarah@verizon.net). Training for the new season will be held on Thursday, September 5.

Prayer requests...
  • Lynn Wellings, Erin Childs' mother
  • BJ Gorczycka 
  • Don Giessow, David's brother
  • Betty and Tom Hulbert
  • Vic Soldat, Nancie Mooney's brother
  • Friends and family of Sydney Monfries
  • Neil Boylan, Cheryl Pinarchick's, father

  • St. John's UCC, Brighton, IL
  • Suzy Burba, Sara M. Holland, Bill Ketchum, and Winston Janusz, Members in Discernment
  • All those affected by violence in the world; our prayer is for love, justice, and peace.
August 2
Vacation Bible School Ends
August 4
 9:00 am
Sunday Worship, Communion Service welcome to all, Rev. Dr. Peter Allen preaching
August 6
 7:15 pm
Board of Deacons Meeting
August 11
 9:00 am
Sunday Worship, Pastor Sara Holland, preaching
August 18
 9:00 am
Sunday Worship, Rev. Dr. Pete Allen, preaching
August 19
 8:00 am
Pine Street Inn Meal Prep
August 21
 6:00 pm
Sara 'Open Office Hours' at Brewed Awakenings

 7:30 pm
Executive Council Meeting
August 24
6:15 pm
HCC & Freinds to see New England Revolution
August 25
  9:00 am
Sunday Worship, Rev. Dr. Pete Allen, preaching
10:20 am
Fall Festival Meeting
August 28
11:00 am
Sara 'Open Office Hours' at Brewed Awakenings
Looking ahead...

September 1
10:00 am
Sunday Worship, Communion Sunday, Worship services times change back to 10 am
September 8
11:30 am
Home Coming Picnic- Haley Field
September 22
 2:15 pm
Meet and Greet

  3:00 pm
Sara M. Holland, Ordination- Reception to follow
Oct. 1
 7:30 pm
Suzy Burba's Ecclesiastical Council
Oct. 20
11:20 am
Fun Fall Fundraiser Activities during coffee hour!
Oct. 27
11:20 am
Fun Fall Fundraiser Activities during coffee hour!
Nov 2
 6:00 pm
Off Broadway Gala Fun-Raiser!
Nov 3
11:20 am
Fun Fall Fundraiser Activities during coffee hour!
Please contact the church office if you have any questions or  
changes to the above,churchoffice@hccucc.com  
Wishing a happy August birthday to our HCC family:
Ethan Mayo 
Marilyn Shuler
Addison Sibley
Dana Cease 
James Ryan Sloan
Paul Fogel
T.R. Schib 
Lauren Walker
Christina Fogel
Cora Hall   
Emily Sebestyen
Deborah Redmond
Katrina Dettman 
Allison Ross
Linda Carpenter
Nancy Berube 
Drew Hussar
Jamie Schweer
Liam Warshaw 
Anne Larson
Olivia Burr
Gracie Peterson 
Janet Cappers
Barbara Clarke
David Ricketts
Marco Boer
Jack Harlow
Joanne Carpenter
Amy Ricketts
Megan Ross
Harold Clark
Charles Lalond
Macklin McGuirk
Brett Anderson
Mark Krumm
Ann Burnaby
Debra Walker
Julia Buczynski
Ian Smith
Callie Cease
Wishing a happy August anniversary to:  
Steve & Lynn Muller Waynen 
T.R. & Sherry Schilb - 27 Years
Raymond & Erin Childs 
Thomas & Linda Ricciardelli - 30 years
Avi & Patricia Lev 
Marco & Laura Boer - 20 years