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Thursday, August 8 
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Fall Quarterly Event
Secrets to Finding Your Purpose and Passion
Explore with Lori Palm who you are, what you want, and how you want to give back.
Thursday, October 10, 
6:30-8:30 PM

Jill Goski
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Jill Goski
Cyndy Nelson
Peer Groups are small groups where TTN women connect - face to face - to explore what's next together.

Questions? Contact Barbara
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Contact Eleni SkevaEskevs@yahoo.com

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Suggestions for Mix & Mingle locations or volunteering to co-host please contact  JeNell Jacobson at jenell@jacobson.org

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August 2019
Message from the Leadership Team

Tell TTN What You Think in National Survey
By completing the TTN National Survey, distributed Monday, July 29, you will help ensure TTN is relevant to women over 50 looking for a meaningful future. TTN is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2020 and is undertaking an initiative to look at the organization's identity and what it stands for. The National Survey of members is part of this initiative. Please complete the survey by Sunday, August 4 to contribute your perspective.
Do You Have Suggestions for Venues?
You may have noticed that the number of meetings for our chapter has been increasing along with our membership numbers. Since our members are dispersed throughout the seven-county metro area, we like to rotate where we meet and welcome your ideas about possible venues for our programs and social events. Venues may include community centers, churches, restaurants, or other public or private buildings and spaces you are familiar with. TTN is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and qualifies for nonprofit rates when available
We are looking for venues that could accommodate the following types of activities:
  • Quarterly programs/events - Accommodate 50-75 people for presentation and/or breakout groups, networking or social gatherings
  • Mix and Mingle - Accommodate 10-20 people for informal discussion and networking
  • Picnics - Pavilion to provide shelter for summer picnics
  • SIGs and TPGs - 10-20 women gathered for discussion
For quarterly programs and social occasions, we usually target locations inside the I-494/I-694 perimeter except for special events or those hosted in member's homes. Cost is a consideration since we try to cover overhead costs through registration fees to attendees. For quarterly programs and social occasions, we typically charge a registration fee and, in an effort to keep fees low, would prefer to keep the venue cost less than $100 if possible.
Since SIGs, TPGs, Mix and Mingles and Picnics do not typically have registration fees, we typically seek no-cost meeting spaces for these types of events.
Please send your suggestions with information to Cyndy at   clnelson03@gmail.com
Developing Transition Peer Group Opportunities in MSP
TTN is in the process of planning informational meetings for this fall on expanding peer groups around the metro area. With the rapidly expanding membership of our Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter of TTN, joining a Transition Peer Group (TPG) is a great way to connect with other members. Transition peer groups are informal, shared leadership groups of 8-12 TTN members who meet on a regular schedule to discuss topics decided by the group. Meetings provide opportunities for exploration of ideas and for creating new friendships. Ideas and resources are shared in a safe and supportive environment. 
Currently there are two peer groups. "Life Animated" is a new TPG, started in December 2018 and is off to a great start. Life Animated meets in the morning, on the second Thursday of every month in St. Paul near the University of St. Thomas. Contact person is Eleni Skevas at  eskevs@yahoo.com
Living with Purpose TPG has been meeting for over 18 months. Meetings are held the fourth Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:00 PM at the Roseville Library. Contact person is Barbara O'Sullivan at  Barbara.osullivan@hotmail.com
If you think there is interest starting a peer group in your area, please contact me, Barbara O'Sullivan at  Barbara.osullivan@hotmail.com  so we can target your area for an informational meeting this fall. Thank you.
Tracey Baker, a member of the Writer's 1 SIG and a co-leader of the Art Appreciation SIG, submitted the following:
Piece by Piece
Searching for pieces of tile or glass, trying them out. Does this one fit? Do I like its color and intensity? How does it work with the rest of the composition?

Can I make it fit, trim it down, force it into place? Sometimes that works; other times not.
I've found that it helps to have a vision, an outline, at least the beginning of a plan and then
Let go a bit, see what fits, what emerges and inspires.
In the second half of life, like in creating mosaics, there's an opportunity to try new things, let go of old limitations make new friends. The freedom to play new sports badly, make embarrassingly poor art, find unexpected talents and interests.
It's no time to be ruled by fear and an obsessive need to please others. Mosaics is a very forgiving medium, one I keep being drawn back to after forays into other media.

Grab bold colors, please myself. Perhaps others will like it, too. That's okay, but not essential.
Time to please myself.
August at a Glance!

Upcoming Events...

August Potluck Picnic in the Park

Thursday, August 8
Tim e: 5:00-7:30 PM
Location:  Fern Hill Park Picnic Shelter
4421 28th St. West, St. Louis Park

Our August social event is a potluck picnic at Fern Hill Park in St. Louis Park. This neighborhood park is conveniently located just west of Bde Maka Ska (Lake Calhoun) and east of highway 100. We have reserved the picnic shelter which will keep us dry in case of light right.
Bring a dish to share and your own beverage. We plan to eat around 5:30.
Register at the link below so we know you are coming. Bring friend!

For more information:   Click Here!
Potluck Brunch Gathering on Golden Lake

Saturday September 7
Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: Debra's Home at Golden Lake
Members Only Event!
Registration Fee: $10.00

Join TTN Minneapolis/St. Paul Members for food and connection on Golden Lake in Circle Pines. We will socialize with good food and friends, old and new. We'll also talk about wellness. Bring your own ideas or just come prepared to find out what others are doing!
Please bring a dish to share. Beverages will be provided.

For more information:  Click Here!  

Online WELCOME Orientation for New Members

Friday, September 20
Registration Deadline: 
Wednesday, September 18th
Time:  11:00 AM-12:00 PM Central Time
Location: Online Webinar 

This webinar happens every month and is a great opportunity to "get to know TTN". You can always find the current offering of this webinar if you go to National (in the Chapters section) and click on the link for  National Chapter Events.

Contact: Jennifer Monahan at  info@thetransitionnetwork.org

For more information:  Click Here!

Mix and Mingle

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Tim e:  6:30 PM
Location:  Private Room at Perkins, 494 and France

We invite you to attend this casual gathering and enjoy connecting with other women. We have reserved a private room at Perkins. Arrive when you can and stay as long as you want. 

For more information:  Click Here!
July Social Events Recap

On Saturday, July 13, 19 women gathered at Terri's home in St. Michael for a Garden Party. It was a warm summer day and we sat in the shade of her backyard. Terri, Deb and Grace had organized a party with an Italian theme and everything planned matched the theme. This included the activities, the food, the online cooking demonstration, the decorations - even the wine and non-alcoholic beverages were from Italy. We appreciated the fun activities and the opportunity to connect with women we know and meet new women. It was a relaxing and delightful day. Thanks to Terri for opening her home and planning such a lovely event.
Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Transition Peer Groups(TPGs) (available with paid membership only)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are topic or activity-focused. There is no limit to the groups that can be created because they all originate with and are guided by members! If you have an idea for a new SIG and would like to find out if others are interested, please contact Eleni Skevas at  eskevs@yahoo.com.
Transition Peer Groups (TPGs) (TPGs) are small groups who meet to discuss topics from career transitions to changing family relationships to the benefits and challenges of aging. Each group selects its own topics and shares group facilitation and guidance. TTN provides resources to help these groups get started and flourish. There is always an opportunity for a formation of new peer groups in a different geographic location and/ or around specific topics. If you are interested in joining or starting a TPG, please contact Barbara O'Sullivan at 

Just a friendly reminder: We always welcome new women to check out our SIGs along with our many social occasions and programs. Please remember that non-members are welcome to attend SIGs & TPGs for a maximum of two times after which, per national policy, women are required to become a member of TTN to continue SIG/TPG participation.
Joining is easy and economical. Just go to the TTN website -  Click Here!

- s ubmitted by Sylvia Moen

Ten members of the Life Animated peer group met in July and discussed the topic of "decision making", led by Chris DiPietro. Several of us felt we were slower in making decisions, that it's harder now. When we were younger, it seemed easier to adapt and change. Multiple people continue to analyze information for decisions including evaluating pros and cons or looking at worst case. Even when one plans, stuff happens and one needs to adjust.
We also talked about decision making as related to what to do with our stuff and decisions related to family members - parents and/or children.
Next meeting:
August 8. Highland Park Library, Community Room. 10:15 AM-12:15 PM. Topic: Self-Care, led by Nancy. This topic includes self-care in all sorts of aspects: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, personal, space, financial, others. 

Please contact Eleni Skevas at eskevs@yahoo.com if you are interested in joining this group.

TRANSITION PEER GROUP - Living with Purpose  
- submitted by Barbara O'Sullivan

The Living with Purpose Transition Peer Group will not meet in August. Our next meeting will be Thursday, September 26, from 6:30-8:00 PM. The meeting will be at the Ramsey County Library in Maplewood (note different location due to room availability). At this meeting we will plan our focus and agendas for the upcoming months. Please join us and bring your ideas.
New members are always welcomed. For more information, please contact Barbara O'Sullivan at Barbara.osullivan@hotmail.com.  

DAYTIME BOOK GROUP SIG - New  - Submitted by Eleni Skevas

Our TTN Chapter is starting a new book club. In contrast to the current book club, this one will meet during the day rather than at night. There will be an organizational meeting on Thursday, August 15, at 10:30 AM at Spring Cafe in the Como Lake Pavilion in St. Paul. If the weather is good, we can sit outside in the Pavilion itself.

All interested women are welcome to attend. For those in the current book club, you can be in this one, too! For those who prefer to drive during the day and not at night, this will be perfect. We'll be discussing best times and locations and, of course, the types of books we like to read and talk about. Like most TTN SIGs, this will be member-led with women taking turns leading the monthly book discussion.

Contact Eleni Skevas at 
eskevs@yahoo.com  with questions or concerns. 

ADVENTURES IN FOOD SIG - New -Submitted by Kathleen Peterson

This fall, there is a plan to launch a new food-oriented SIG. If you love to eat, love to cook, don't love to cook, enjoy eating out, want to know more about other cuisines, food science, or food and health ------ the possibilities are endless. Stay tuned for details regarding an organizational meeting in October.
Contact Kathleen Peterson at   kathleenpeterson614@gmail.com  if you have ideas, questions or special skills to share. 

MOVIE SIG - New  - Submitted by Erin Campbell

Starting in September, the group will see a matinee on the second Monday of the month. We will travel to small theaters across the twin cities and each month will be a unique experience! The afternoon will start with a snack or lunch, we'll watch the movie and then discuss over a snack or beverage. Members can join for all or just part of the event. Announcements and communications will be done on a Facebook page. If you are interested in joining the Movie SIG please send an email to Erin Campbell at  ecingb@yahoo.com.

TRAVEL SIG - NEW - submitted by Julie Efta

Hope everyone is enjoying the delights of summer in Minnesota!
We have so many wonderful local events, music, patios, parks, and lakes to enjoy that Staycations are great! Please share some of your favorites with me for inclusion in future newsletters.
In the late fall, we also will be meeting inside for formal meetings to share memories of great past trips and for planning new adventures. Let me know what days of week and times work best for you.
Please also volunteer to host or plan a one-time event related to travel. Here are some ideas:
                        cabin visit
                        small town day trip
                        boat or bike ride
                        overnight regional trip
Friday, August 9, Franconia Sculpture Garden, 12:00-4:00 PM (tentative). Free. We will meet for carpooling in Shoreview. https://www.franconia.org . Rain date: Friday, August 16. Contact Chris DiPietro for more information and to RSVP for carpool at cmdjp2@gmail.com
Also, on Saturday, August 10 from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM is India Fest on the State Capitol Grounds.  This is not a formal TTN event but a great place to enjoy food, music and culture of India.
And of course, most of us will be attending the State Fair!
You do not need to be a member of the Travel SIG to attend events. BUT, if you want occasional updates via email please let me know and I will add you to the list.
Also, RSVP "YES" if attending an event so we can plan better.
Contact Julie Efta or Deb Dorgan with questions/comments/and offers of help at  teacherjulie.efta@gmail.com

FINANCIAL SIG  - submitted by Cyndy Nelson

On Tuesday, July 16, 8 women gathered in the party room at Liz Curran's for a discussion about financial goals. It was the first time attending this SIG for four of the women. Welcome to our new SIG members and thanks to Liz for hosting.
We recapped the great discussion we had about estate planning at the prior meeting and then focused on our topic of financial goals. Most attendees are focused on the goals of maintaining/improving lifestyle and avoid running out of money. The amount of money needed to accomplish this goal is directly related to what you want to do in retirement. We also had some discussion about housing since that is a very important topic as one considers her financial situation - we could have more discussion on that topic at a future meeting.
Our next meeting is on Thursday, August 20, 7:00-8:30 PM at the Ramsey County Library at 2180 North Hamline Ave, Roseville. We will be in the Community Room on the first floor near the main entrance. Our topic will be Asset Allocation. As usual, we will also have open discussion on financial topics.
The purpose of this group is to increase our personal financial literacy. The knowledge of members about financial topics varies from beginner to more experienced. Our topics will be selected based on what individual members are interested in. We are currently meeting on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM. New members are welcome. Come and give it a try.

Please email Cyndy at clnelson03@gmail.com if you are interested in joining us or have questions.

EVENING BOOK DISCUSSION SIG submitted by Grace Bartholet

On Tuesday, July 9, a group of thirteen TTN Book Club members met at Lisa Nabbefeld's home to discuss Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. It was a warm summer evening so we felt warm as we discussed "fires". Everyone had enjoyed the book and we had an interesting discussion about many of the characters in the book.
Join us on Tuesday, August 13 at 6:30 PM for a discussion of  Political Tribes - Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations by Amy Chua . Contact Grace for location.
Books for the upcoming months:
  • Here's a list of other books we are considering for future months:
    • Pachinko - Min Jin Lee
    • The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector's Story -Hyeanseo Lee
    • Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer
    • Killers of the Flower Moon -David Grann
    • Radical Forgiveness - Colin Tipping
    • Spirit Car:-Journey to a Dakota Past - Diane Wilson
    • The Book Shop - Penelope Fitzgerald
    • The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI - David Gran
    • The Alice Network - Kate Quinn
    • The Song Poet - Kao Kalia Yang
    • Where the Crawdads Sing -Delia Owens
    • Elinor Oliphant is Completely Fine - Gayle Honeyman
    • Your suggestion here!
Like to read? Enjoy participating in lively discussion? Come and join us! We meet in member's homes on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM.

For more information, contact Group Coordinator, Grace Bartholet at  gbartholet@gmail.com.

ART APPRECIATION SIGsubmitted by JeNell Jacobson

If you are interested in discovering more about the local art scene, join the ART APPRECIATION SIG. Together we will experience many types of creative expression: paintings, pottery, sculpture, textiles. We usually meet on weekday afternoons, occasionally an evening or Sat urday . Exhibits are FREE or low cost.
In July we had a good time creating art at Tracey's home! Tracey and Erin provided materials to make jewelry, drawings and small collages. The emphasis was on having fun! Thanks Tracey and Erin for this experience!
August 21st the White Bear Center of the Arts we will feature the Lake Country Pastel Society's Open Invitational Exhibition that will be juried by award-winning artist Kami Mendjik. Address is 4971 Long Ave, White Bear Lake. Meet at 1:00 PM. https://whitebeararts.org/
Sunday, September 8th, Northern Clay Center's Annual American Pottery Festival . Notable artists from around the United States will converge on the twin cities for this event. Last year's festival had an amazing variety of unique pottery so we can expect a great display. Meet at 1:00 PM. Address is 2424 Franklin Avenue East, Minneapolis. https://www.northernclaycenter.org/

If you are interested in participating contact Tracey Baker at   tracey.baker@gmail.com  or JeNell Jacobson at   jenell@jacobson.org         
THEATRE SIG   - submitted by Robin Getman

In July, five of us (that we know of) attended three separate performances of Glensheen at the History Theater and met up afterwards, on-line and/or in-person, to talk about this clever and creative murder-made-comedy musical! (P.S. Glensheen closes August 3, 2019.)
If you enjoy seeing and talking about live theater, please join the conversation on our private Facebook group:
1)  Search "TTN Theater MSP" on Facebook, or insert this link to access the private group page:
2)  Not a member of the private FB group yet? Simply request to join the group. The group administrator will receive notification of your request, accept your request, and, you're in!
3)  When you receive notification that your request has been accepted, jump in:
  • Read and post about what's hot and happening
  • Suggest an outing for August or September
  • Meet up with us at an outing or post-performance discussion
We look forward to your participation!

Got questions? Need help? Contact Robin Getman at 

WRITER's SIG 1 - submitted by Julie Efta

The Writing 1 SIG will meet two Fridays in August: 2 and 16 from 10:00 AM to noon. Our silent writing retreat dates have not been selected yet but we hope to schedule a few mornings in August. We are closed to new members since we have decided 5 members are ideal for our goals. 

Many members have expressed an interest in joining a second writing group. We hope someone steps forward by selecting a day, time and location for the new group to meet initially. And persists!  Our group members are available to answer any questions.  

Please contact Julie Efta for more information or assistance in creating additional groups in the metro area at  teacherjulie.efta@gmail.com

URBAN HIKING SIG -submitted by Cyndy Nelson

On the morning of July 18, three members of the Urban Hiking SIG walked around Lake Nokomis. We were concerned about the temperature as it was that really warm week, but our 9:30 start, a partly cloudy sky, and a gentle breeze resulted in a very comfortable walk. We have so many beautiful lakes in the Twin Cities. Thanks to Kathleen Peterson for planning this hike.
To accommodate women who are not available during the day, our August hike will be at 6:30 PM on Thursday, August 15. We will hike around Lake of the Isles. We will meet by the park benc h on the north end of the lake w here Franklin Ave hits Lake of the Isles. There is free on street parking nearby. Those interested can check out Sebastian Joe's for ice cream following the hike.
This SIG gives us the opportunity to explore and/or introduce others to new locations in the metro area. Our hikes last about 60-90 minutes and we walk at a moderately brisk and steady pace. All are welcome to join us as we walk and talk. We sometimes end our hikes with a stop at a local establishment for a coffee/drink/ice cream.
Please let Cyndy know if you want to attend and/or have ideas for location. If you are interested in participating in this group, please let Cyndy know if you prefer weekday day, weekday evening, or Saturday hikes. Cyndy can be contacted at clnelson03@gmail.com .
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