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Contact  Susan Collins, TTN Executive Director, about possible financial assistance.
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The Philadelphia Chapter  Steering Committee members are busy looking forward to start planning for 2020. In this year's first 6 months, we've had over 38 events in several areas:  Museum tours, Fitness, Smart Phone Photography, Resiliency and more. 

We also saw remarkable growth in the number of Special Interest Groups and growth in the Peer Groups numbers. 

Our Volunteers in children literacy projects are making an impact and looking to kick off another year. Read about their efforts in this newsletter.  Many other Volunteer activities, too many to list here are offered in several areas.

Our Giving Circle is working to increase their grant and beat last year's goal. 

All this work is managed and deployed by the Chapter leaders who volunteer their time and efforts to give us all the rewarding experiences we enjoy. 

Please make August the month you reach out to all who help our chapter succeed and thank them for all their help, you can find their names in the Committees page.

  • Reminder: Volunteers needed to help plan multiple events and marketing campaign to showcase our organization for the 20th Anniversary of TTN.
If you are interested in joining the National planning committees and becoming part of this significant milestone, please contact me.
  • Come hear author Joy Loverde speak on Active Aging.
  • Check the Events page for the upcoming Mingle in September for a great opportunity to reconnect and get to share your summer adventures.
  • If you have not completed the Philadelphia Chapter Survey, please do so.
Key Initiatives:

  The Philadelphia Chapter Steering Committee annual Planning Retreat is scheduled for September 25th.

Hope to see you at our events and Mingles.

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Chair, TTN Philadelphia  
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5 Great Reasons to Attend "What's In Your Active Aging Toolkit" Special Event!
We've created two options for you to attend!   See the information at end of article.

This unique gathering on September 10th is about straight talk, being authentic and getting real about who you want to be over the next 20-30 years. While many transitions lie ahead and no one has this all figured out, this is a life-changing conversation we all need to hear.

Here's why you should attend:
1. Be together with like-minded women in a safe space.  The next 20 years will be nothing like the last 20 years. Let's have real conversations about dealing with life's many transitions.  Social time and a nosh included. 
2.  This program is different . This is not about financial planning, estate planning or health care directives. No matter how much planning you've done, our lives will change dramatically.  Learn life lessons on how we can resiliently manage transitions as we age. 

3. T hrough interactive exercises and real conversations, we'll change our perspective on aging, open the door to new opportunities, strengthen support networks, and take ownership of our future selves.
4.  O ur keynote speaker is Joy Loverde, a TTN member from Chicago.  She's spent decades accumulating relevant insights she shares in engaging and effective ways. Joy has been on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CBS Early Show, NPR, ABC News and SiriusXM, and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Family Circle, TIME, Money, USA TODAY and other media outlets. The real deal. Rave reviews!

5.  You'll leave with way more knowledge and resources than you started.  Described as a "life-changing experience" by former participants. 

We have created two options to attend:
  1. Click HERE to Register and include a signed copy of Joy's book "Who Will Take Care of Me When I'm Old".
    Members: $45; Guests: $55.
  2. Click HERE to Register without the book
    Members $30; Guests: $40.
Don't miss this opportunity to get real about the wild ride we're all on over the next 30 years.  "Joy Loverde is like a bridge for people who are on a journey to the future."

Sign up now and bring a friend!

For more information, contact Marsha Yankelev at
Volunteer Opportunities for Members Who Love Kids
Members who want to help elementary school children learn to read have found two terrific opportunities through TTN Philadelphia. Both will have openings this fall for new members.
Achieve Now uses a step-by-step, phonetically based program to ensure that youngsters really do learn to read. Two tutors work with each child on different days, so volunteers who are not available every week can still participate. A first grade class from the Russell Byers Elementary School walks to a law firm at 1701 Market Street in Philadelphia each Tuesday morning from 9:30 to 10:30 for tutoring. This year, ten TTN members joined the law firm employees for this endeavor, and almost all will enthusiastically be tutoring again come September.
Those who prefer working in a school can join a smaller group of TTN volunteers at the Historic Fairhill Tutoring Program at the Julia de Burgos School Elementary School located at 401 West Lehigh Avenue in Philadelphia. Reading buddies tutor for one morning a week in the same classroom.   Each child comes to the tutoring session with a book to read and notes indicating the skills they are learning.
No prior teaching experience is necessary and training is provided for both programs.
Interested? Contact Mary Klein ( ) for more information about Achieve Now or Jean Warrington ( ) about tutoring at Julia de Burgos.

See our Volunteer Opportunities page for more ways to help our community!
Giving Circle Presents Panel Discussion on Child Advocacy
Each year our grants committee makes site visits to the ten finalists among our applicants. The experience of meeting with their leaders and learning about their work is one of the most rewarding aspects of our process. In addition to our current grantee, the Kinship Care program of the PA SeniorLAW Center, over the years we have met with many of the leading advocates for children's legal rights in Philadelphia.
The Giving Circle's mission is twofold: to make an impact on women and children in Philadelphia through grants to nonprofit organizations; and to increase TTN members' awareness of the issues addressed by our grantees. 

On Tuesday September 24th we are gathering Philadelphia's leading child advocates together for a panel discussion on the state of child advocacy in Philadelphia. You do not want to miss this program! Our panelists will discuss the challenges they face as well as the progress they've made in protecting the rights of our most vulnerable citizens, children. We will learn about their impact on our community and how we can help them meet their goals.
Our distinguished panelists will be:
Marsha Levick, Chief Legal Officer, Juvenile Law Center
Frank Cervone, Executive Director, Support Center for Child Advocates
Maura McInerney, Legal Director, Education Law Center
Karen Buck, Executive Director, PA SeniorLAW Center
Click here f or details and to register for this exciting program. 

For more information about the Giving Circle, visit  the TTN Philadelphia Chapter Giving Circle  or contact Carol Cunningham ( .
Special Interest Groups:  Did You Know...?
Did You Know...

That new SIGS are forming all the time?
To see what's new, check out the SIG Webpage. The very first category is Newly Forming SIGs. These groups are not yet operative but are looking for interested members. Once there are enough people that would like to be involved, an organizational meeting is held to set up the parameters of the group going forward. 

Newly Forming SIGs are a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Currently, there are 2 travel groups, 2 movie groups and 1 book group that are Newly Forming. Check out the Newly Forming section often to be in the know.       
Did You Know...
That there are 44 Existing SIGs in addition to the 5 Newly Forming?
While many of our established SIGs are At Capacity, 20 of the Existing SIGs are still open to new members. There is at least one open SIG (Existing or Newly Forming) in every genre. Here's the rundown:
Active Life
Schuylkill Walkers

Modern Dance Series
Point of View (Photography)
Writing for Our Lives
Book Groups
The Art of the Book Group
Fiction Plus
Murder by the Book
Murder, Ink
Suburban Readers
A World of Words
Restaurant Groups
Lunch on Tuesday

Crafts and Games
A Stitch in Time
Bridge Babes
Why Knot Needlepoint?
Movie Groups
Matinee at the County
Movies in Montco
Documentary Watchers, Too
Cookbook Cuisine
Food for Thought
Pot Luck Suppers
A Suburban Supper
Travel Groups
Travel Close to Home
Travel Afar

To join any of these open SIGs, send an email to the person listed on the website for each SIG. They will be happy to have you join them!

Did you know....
That ALL of the SIGs were started based on the idea of a member?
Our members are our best resource for new SIG ideas. One person suggested a restaurant group and there are now 3 of them! You could see your idea turn into a wildly popular SIG that spawns clones. All you have to do is let SIG Chairperson, Joanne Bowes ( know your idea and she will guide you from there.
Highlighting Our Events Committee Tours
The  Philadelphia Chapter Events Committee sponsors many different events each month.  These are some of the tours held in July.

Mütter Museum:  Philadelphia Chapter members enjoyed a  tour of the Mütter Museum,  America's finest museum of medical history, that displays its beautifully preserved collections of anatomical specimens, models, and medical instruments in a 19th-century "cabinet museum" setting. 

FitnessAn intrepid troupe of TTNers assembled at the Sporting Club. We weren't certain about what to expect, but we were an adventurous lot and willing to try anything - well, almost anything in the realm of exercise. We were pleasantly surprised to find that not only is exercise good for us, it's fun, too. Nancy Roth, the Sporting Club trainer, gently and persuasively guided us through an hour of riding stationary bikes to great music and using our own body weight (I knew it was good for something) for strengthening, balance and flexibility by suspending on special straps. Nancy also answered all our questions about exercise - she even affirmed the minimalist query that any exercise is better than none! We all were ready for the nourishing and tasty snacks provided by the club and enjoyed our tour of the facilities at the event finale. by Jean Brubaker.

Do you have ideas for events for our chapter? Contact Marion Blow ( and let her know.