MSSC Value Proposition for State Agencies Aug1
As states finalize their plans for the use of federal funds under the latest Congressional update ("Perkins V") of the Carl D. Perkins bill implemented by the CTE Division of the U.S. Department of Education, MSSC wants to ensure that all state agencies are aware of MSSC's heightened value as a solution provider in the advanced manufacturing and transportation-distribution-logistics career pathways. For that purpose, MSSC has prepared a "MSSC Value Paper" that lists 12 recent MSSC initiatives to ensure that agencies are kept up to date:
  • Expanded Apprenticeships
  • Now "Hands-on"
  • New Volume Discounts
  • Enhanced Quality Assurance  
  • Update of Standards to Industry "4.0" Level as Enhanced Foundation for State Standards
  • Expansion of MSSC Logistics Certifications
  • Expanded Industry Engagement
  • Enhancement of Nationwide Delivery Infrastructure
  • Addition of CPT to Programs for Military
  • Now in 76 Correctional Institutions
  • Documented Benefits for Students and Workers
  • Documented ROI for Companies 
Follow this link  for a  c opy of the paper with more details on each of these topic areas.
MSSC Chair to Address World Manufacturing Forum Aug2
The WMF has invited Leo Reddy, MSSC Chair, President and Founder, to address their annual conference in Lake Como, Italy on Sept. 26. It will be attended by several hundred policymakers from 50 countries.      
Community News
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota & PGT Innovations- Certifying the workforce of Florida for in demand manufacturing careers! Aug3

Amazing testimonial from MSSC Center, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota, sharing their experience of how they partner with industry and also hear the heartwarming success story of CPT certificant,  Lazaro Acosta Nunez:

"MSSC Center, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota has provided the MSSC certification program to over 200 team members over the past 4 years to the Venice campus of PGT Innovations, the nation's leading manufacturer of impact-resistant windows and doors.
Of team members who have completed the program, the company's average retention rate is 84%; this is 18% higher than the company average. All team members who have earned a certificate have also received pay increases and 45% of all participants have received promotions.

While there are many success stories, one that stands out is Lazaro Acosta Nunez. Lazaro joined the PGT Innovations team five years ago as a technician and did not speak a word of English. He taught himself the language and progressed quickly through the ranks to the level of Line Specialist. When he started the MSSC classes, his eyes opened wide as he was handed his books. He confessed that he had never read a book in English. 

Lazaro worked harder than anyone we have ever known and passed the exams with better scores than most of his classmates. Since completing the course, he has moved into the role of Team Leader. The leadership team at PGT Innovations fully expects this amazing growth to continue throughout his career."

Thank you to the team at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota, for all of your dedicated work and sharing your story!
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College- Connecting veterans to opportunities with local industry through MSSC Certifications Aug4

In our community new sections we have covered stories from the sunshine state of Florida, to the fields of Indiana, and now we are taking our next stop to the mountains of North Carolina...beautiful Asheville to be exact! A-B Tech Community College is nestled right in this growing city. Here you will find many employers who are eager to hire entry level technicians with the technical skills to start an exciting career in manufacturing. For A-B Tech it was their focus on working with veterans that the CPT program has really seen success. Kevin Kimrey, Director, Economic & Workforce Development at A-B Tech shared:
"We are seeing starting wages go up in our area lately. Something around $16-$19/hour is typical. As far as our CPT program goes, there is a major manufacturer that employs over 500 people and will hire our CPT students part-time at $14.40/hour. As soon as they start the class they work four hours/day and go to class four hours/day. Even these part-timers have benefits. After they finish the class and pass the exam, they go full-time at $1 more per hour with benefits, or more than that depending on the job classification."
We are excited to see the future developments of this program!
Policy & Trends
Important Announcement!

Business Roundtable Embraces Enhancing Investment in Workforce Training and EducationAug5

On August 19th, The Business Roundtable, America's most influential group of corporate leaders, publicly released a new Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation signed by 181 CEOs who "commit to lead their companies for their benefit of all stakeholders - customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders." The statement includes a new list of 5 principles that will guide that commitment.

Of high importance for the MSSC Community, the second principle strongly supports further investment in the worker including, "supporting them through training and education that helps develop new skills for a rapidly changing world." MSSC is a leading nationwide solution provider for precisely that purpose.

For the full text of the Business Roundtable statement, follow this link.
White House Pledges to Train and Reskill Workers Aug6
On the one-year anniversary of establishing the National Council for the American Worker, the President and Ivanka Trump, Special Advisor to the President, signed a Pledge to American Workers. The White House has asked companies and trade groups to commit to expand programs that educate, train and reskill American workers. The National Association of Manufacturers signed the pledge and instituted a member-driven campaign to raise at least $10 million to drive and promote careers in modern manufacturing.
Generational Differences in Preparedness for WorkAug7
According to a recent survey, Gen Z students feel less prepared than their millennial and Gen X counterparts. Wakefield Research surveyed both students and hiring managers. To learn more about student and employer perceptions,  including generational differences and implications for higher education institutions click here.
Report Highlights Strategies Used by The Best Run Factories in North America Aug8

Prepared from a database populated with information supplied by the manufacturing plants applying to be selected as an IndustryWeek Best Plants winner, this report presents a composite picture of the Best Plants winners and finalists for the last five years, from 2014 to 2018. Access the report via this link.
Engaging Youth In Summer Jobs To Build Essential Skills Aug9
Summer jobs help to build some intangible skills like teamwork, leadership, and responsibility. However, businesses are having trouble filling jobs with teenagers. Jim Cowen writes in Forbes that perhaps industry and communities should take more steps to fill that young worker shortage. He outlines several ideas to engage more youth in summer jobs. His thoughts can be found via this link.
House Holds Hearing on International Apprenticeship Models Aug10

On July 16, the House Higher Education and Workforce Investment Subcommittee held a hearing on " Scaling Up Apprenticeships: Building on the Success of International Apprenticeship Models ." In their opening remarks, both Subcommittee, Chair Susan Davis (D-CA) and Ranking Member, Lloyd Smucker (R-PA) discussed the need for innovative apprenticeship models that provide students with academic skills and work-based learning experience. Witnesses shared apprenticeship models in Australia, Germany and Switzerland. See findings here.
Grant Funding Resources
Smart Manufacturing Institute Announces $18,750 Million Available aug11
Key themes for the project are:
  1. Common challenges faced by manufacturers in improving productivity, precision and performance of their manufacturing processes.
  2. Technical gaps that need to be resolved in sensing, control, modeling, analytics and platform technologies to overcome the above challenges, as well as emerging technologies that will impact information flow between them.
  3. Smart Manufacturing solutions for common cross-industry energy intensive processes such as thermal processing.
The project's first wave of funding will focus on research and development, with a second wave of funding to be requested in August 2019 for platform capability and workforce, and a final wave of funding to be requested in September 2019 for innovation projects, profiles and apps.

Information can be found via their website.  
DOL Apprenticeship Grants Announced Aug12
The Department has also announced the availability of an additional $100 million for efforts to expand apprenticeships and close the skills gap.  
Funding Opportunity Number: FOA-ETA-19-09
Funding Opportunity Title: Apprenticeships: Closing the Skills Gap

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