photo courtesy of Ralph Smith

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August  2019
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I'm working on the 2020 schedule as cooler weather begins to show up. Lots of  ocean sunfish are in the bay here and small flurries of mackerel and menhaden keep the seals entertained both in harbors and open waters.

Flag hoist from our cruise to New Brunswick
Top to bottom: Canada,  Province of New Brunswick, Micmac Nation, 
Acadian flag in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of French arrival
 in New Brunswick/Maine in 1604.

courtesy of Ralph Smith

Our fastest and wettest day this season so far,
 as recorded on the schooner's daily chalkboard.

courtesy of Christa Miller-Shelley

There's been a noted shortage of fog this season but I'm not complaining.

courtesy of Ralph Smith

Coffee in Eastport before an early departure

 Cruise News

Ralph Smith is a consistent creator of memorable images summarizing the experience of a summer cruise on the American Eagle. Here are a few of his shots from this year's Canada cruise.

Crew confer putting lobster in the pot

The Eastport express... Jim Blankman's touring woody

Richard Gaito and his miniature guitar

Matthew's rolled omelette

Sarah's choice of delightful lime cookies,  a recipe Eleanor Roosevelt liked. According to her cookbook 
she never baked a cookie in her life.

The happy meeting of blueberries and raspberries in a cake


Osprey on Pulpit  Rock

Bald eagle on Campobello

Thank you Ralph!

 Postcard From Away

Christa the mate got away for a few days.. to Chamonix

Found under a bunk on board recently. Anyone lose a ladybug?

courtesy of Pat Barbour

Off to Gloucester in the morning for another try for the Esperanto Cup in
 the Mayor's Race.   In thirty attempts we have prevailed eleven times. 
This year it's a nine-night cruise.
  John and the crew

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