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August 2019 Newsletter
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President's Message

Most of you know this incredible tune sung by Rascal Flats reminiscing about a forgotten time. This song comes to mind as we return from our summer away from all things political, or at least a little less political. While there was only a little of watching the clouds roll by for me, I still missed Mayberry - meaning each of you.

Looking around the country lately, it seems that many of our fellow Americans could use their own Mayberry. Of course, that sort of change for the better is always possible, but not without the right folks in elected government. For each of us, our task is to first show up and second to remember that the things we believe should be reflected in our words and deeds. When we fall short, let's pray that God is merciful and that He may bless us with another day to try again.

With that said, I hope to see you at the August meeting. We supply the front porch and you are welcome to bring an iced cold Cherry Coke. If not, just bring you - the most important part of Mayberry.

 Bonnie Jackson

Lunch is $25 by reservation only . Please bring cash or check.

Remember that we are a non-profit organization existing to promote Republicans and conservative causes. The RSVP deadline exists to provide final numbers to our caterer. If you find that you are unable to attend after the deadline, we are sorry to miss you but we expect that an RSVP will be honored. Please be courteous and send payment to reimburse us for your lunch. Not doing so hurts our bottom line. Remember, WE ARE REPUBLICANS AND THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A 'FREE LUNCH.'

To RSVP and for reservations, please use this link:

Please do NOT forward your Evite email to anyone or they will be registering under your email address and you will be responsible for payment of any reservation not honored.
Lunch will be Dominick's Salad with Grilled Chicken. Farm Fresh Strawberries, Candied Pecans, Craisins and Mandarin Oranges. Served on a Bed of Fresh Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette topped with Feta Cheese.

Lunch is catered by Dominick's Restaurant in Winter Springs. Check out their full menu here.

Featured Speaker
At this month's meeting Adianis Morales-Gerena will speak and conduct training for the Republican Party of Florida's Trump Victory Leadership Initiative (TVLI). Adianis is the Regional Field Director for RPOF and this initiative is designed to mobilize people to Register to Vote.
Highlights from the Summer Break
Encounter at Amway Center, 18 June 2019
by Ellie Warner

On the morning of the Trump 2020 campaign kick off at the Amyway Center, I ran into nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mike Gallagher who was preparing to broadcast from Harry Buffalo on Church Street. We struck up a conversation and he convinced me to speak with him on his radio show. We chatted about President Trump, the rally goers’ mood, the media (by the way, Mike was incensed by the Orlando Sentinel’s juvenile anti-Trump editorial that morning), and of course, Winter Park Republican Women! This gave our organization a big plug, resulting in a spike in ‘likes’ to our Facebook page, Political Peacock, from women across the United States. Some sent private messages mentioning the radio appearance. It was an exciting start for a great day in Orlando for President Trump! Keep America Great! Trump 2020!
Photos from Trump at Amway Center in Orlando
FFRW Nominating Committee

In March of this year, several board members from our club attended the 2019 Florida Federation of Republican Women Legislative Conference in Tallahassee. It was a fun three days of networking and meeting other Republican women from federated clubs all across this great state of Florida. We also had a chance to visit our state representatives and see first hand how bills are passed into law. If you have never experienced this, you should plan on joining us next year. For those who are new to our club, The Florida Federation of Republican Women (FFRW) was chartered in 1950 and has over 50 clubs throughout the state. They are affiliated with the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), one of the largest grassroots political organization in the country with tens of thousands of active members in local clubs across the nation. 

At the FFRW Convention, a nominating committee was elected to choose the next slate of officers for the FFRW Executive Committee in October, 2019.  I was nominated by our club President, Bonnie Jackson and was chosen as an alternate. This means that I would participate in the process, but I would not have a vote. Nevertheless, I am happy that I had this experience. 
Over the summer months, the committee met via video conferencing to discuss and plan for the extensive questions that would be asked on the applications and in the interviews with each candidate. Please stay tuned for information about the FFRW Biennial Convention that will take place right here in Orlando, FL on October 11-13, 2019 at the Royal Caribe Hotel.
I am grateful that I was able to experience the professionalism and dedication of the women on the nominating committee and the women who applied for a position on the FFRW Executive Committee. Professional women with careers and families who still find time to volunteer for this great organization. Thank you for setting a great example for our future leaders.

Shelley Sullivan
If you would like to see your name here, consider renewing your membership at the Patron, Angel or Saint level. We are incredibly grateful for all of our members' generosity and support!

Saints $150
Jeanette Carrier, Ann Chilton, Nancy Davis, Sandy Dwyer, Colleen Finwall,
Catherine Harvie, Bonnie Jackson, Amber Jade Johnson

Angels $100
Tabitha Miller, Julia Rankin, Shelley Sullivan, Ellie Warner, Shara White

Patrons $60
Patricia Bender, Susan Burrows, Jean Carrero, Judy Jobman, Sonya Levine, Janet Paladino, Barbara Russo, Pauline Weingarten

"Saints" receive a professional WPRWF name badge to wear at meetings or whenever you represent us in the community.
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