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Opiate Use & Your Drug Policy 
August 13
Cost: $19.99
Most opiates are legal and prescribed. What happens when an employee misuses or abuses a prescribed substance? Our webinar covers workplace solutions for handling this sensitive issue.

FREE Summer Heat Safety Webinar 
August 15
Cost: FREE
Are your employees working in the heat? Join our FREE seminar to make sure they remain safe. We'll cover the NIOSH Heat Index the importance of hydration and cooling how to recognize symptoms of heat-related prevention plans and safety responses This seminar is being offered for free in recognition of OSHA's SAFE + SOUND Week. (August 12-18).

Complying with the Personal Protective Equipment Standard 
August 22
Cost: $19.99
Protection of worker vision is a responsibility shared by both you and your employees. The employer can provide all the necessary safety precautions, but the employee has to take safety seriously and use the protections provided. This webinar is designed to educate employees/employers on wearing the right type of equipment at the right time under the right conditions. 

Getting High and Passing a Drug Test
September 10
Cost: $19.99
What do you do when you know that an employee's behavior and actions are off and you suspect they may be using drugs, but their drug screen comes up clean? How can you figure out what is going on? What can you do to protect your workplace?  In this webinar, we will cover potential causers for inaccurate drug test results, such as synthetics and expanded panels, and discuss solutions that fit your needs and provide peace of mind.
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Everything you need to know about setting up a hearing conservation program
September 26
Cost: $19.99
When do you need to establish a hearing conservation program? What is involved? Who needs to be covered?
This informative webinar will answer these questions and more.
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The need for a Safety Carve-Out
Renee Schofield
CEO TSS, Inc. 

With all the recent bill activity surrounding marijuana, it is important to take note of some unintended consequences of changes in legislation.

There are several bills in committees right now that could easily begin to hamper the Department of Transportation's (DOT) ability to screen for marijuana use.

Does it matter?
  • It does, if you care about your child's bus driver being high on the morning route.
  • It does, if you care whether the person flying your plane can react quickly in an emergency.
  • It does, if you care about the train conductor's ability to really focus on crossings.
If marijuana is removed from the DOT drug testing panel, you would no longer be able to rely on some basic expectations for safety.

DOT is mandated by federal law to follow the regulations of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding required testing. HHS can only prescribe testing for substances that are listed in Schedule I or II. Legislation that removes marijuana from Schedule I will force DOT to remove it from the list of five drug types - marijuana, cocaine, opiate, phencyclidine, amphetamines - that are included in the DOT drug screening protocol.  

In effect, this would make it LEGAL for the bus driver to transport your child to school, HIGH; LEGAL for your pilot to fly, HIGH; LEGAL for your conductor to run the rails, HIGH...that is, until law enforcement gets involved - often too late, after an accident has already occurred.

The National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association has been working diligently to educate Congress about the need to retain marijuana within the DOT testing protocols. One strategy is to establish Safety Carve-Outs  that would allow for the continuation of drug testing for marijuana whenever safety issues are of concern, no matter how the substance is classified under the law.

As a founding member of NDASA, I've participated in multiple discussions regarding this topic. Safety of the traveling public must remain the most important priority. Our laws need to ensure that those who are trusting that they will be safe on the highway, in the air, on the waterways and rails, are taken care of.

This situation is evolving daily. We at TSS, are keeping a close eye on it for our many customers who will be affected by any changes in drug legislation and screening policy. Stand by. We'll keep you posted. 
Celebrate Workplace Safety

Safe + Sound Week is a nationwide event to celebrate the successes of businesses that have implemented safety and health programs in the workplace.

Throughout the year, businesses show their commitment to safety by focusing on management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to finding and fixing hazards in workplaces. Each August, businesses are encouraged to celebrate their safety successes and efforts to be #SafeAndSoundAtWork.

Why Participate?
Safe workplaces are sound businesses. Successful safety and health programs can proactively identify and manage workplace hazards before they cause injury or illness, improving sustainability and the bottom line. Participating in Safe + Sound Week can help get your program started or energize an existing one.

Who Participates?
Organizations of any size or in any industry looking for an opportunity to celebrate their commitment to safety to workers, customers, the public, or supply chain partners should participate.

How to Participate?
Participating in Safe + Sound Week is easy. To get started, select the activities you would like to do at your workplace. You can host an event just for your workers or host a public event to engage your community. After you've completed your events, you can visit   to download a certificate and web badge to recognize your organization and your workers.

For more information email
In recognition of 
Safe + Sound Week...
TSS is offering its Summer Heat Safety
webinar for FREE! Join us on Thursday, August 15
at 10 a.m. AKT or 1 p.m. CST to learn about how to keep your workers safe during the dog days of summer.
Back to School Safety

With the start of the school year just around the corner, let's make sure that kids are safe as they board the bus, cross the road, walk to school and come home in the afternoons. 

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, since 1998, 1,564 people have died in school transportation-related crashes- an average of 142 fatalities per year. Most of the people who lost their lives in those crashes (about 80 percent) were occupants of the vehicles involved. Non-occupants (pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.) accounted for 20 percent of the deaths.  Since 1998,149 school-age pedestrians have died in school transportation-related crashes. Over two-thirds (69 percent) were killed by school buses, 24 percent by other vehicles involved in the crashes.  With these numbers in mind, we urge you to take special care on the roads in the coming weeks. 

Here we share recommendations from the National Safety Council that will help you make it a safe start to the school year. 
Save the Dates

The National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association is proud to announce three exclusive, regional
events in September and November to provide DOT and FMCSA Clearinghouse updates. 

Des Moines, IA - September 10th

Phoenix, AZ - November 6th

Orlando, FL - November 13th

These events will provide a special opportunity to:
  • Meet the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy Compliance (ODAPC) Director, that governs 49 CFR Part 40 and hear critical updates while gaining an understanding of the "big picture" of the DOT drug testing program.
  • Gain vital information about the soon-to-be-active Federal Motor Carriers Clearinghouse Database - how it will work, why it matters and how it applies to those who will use it. Q&A Session with an FMCSA Representative!
  • Learn about horizon issues that will affect safety-sensitive employees and workplace drug & alcohol testing programs.

Visit the for more details in the coming weeks. 

Let TSS Help You

Navigating the new  FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse is going to be a learning experience for everyone. 
We can make it easier
TSS's certified safety consultants have been studying the ins-and-outs of the Clearinghouse for months, and we are ready to assist you in getting started. 

Call us! 
We offer world-class education and screening services for workplace and community safety.
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