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August 7

One Day
Antiques Fair

Manchester, NH

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August 17 - 18

Tax Holiday

Details of our big August Sale
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to be announced
on August 13

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August 2019 Newsletter
August already? We hope that you've been enjoying summer as much as we have. At last, two and a half years after the tornado upset all routines, we're finishing the work of moving into our new space. Sometimes it feels like Christmas morning, as we rediscover things we haven't seen since they were plucked from the wreckage and packed hurriedly into boxes. Little by little, we're moving them into new spaces, where we'll be able to find them when needed.

Thankfully, our online business has been steady, and we've had several opportunities to purchase new stock from local and European sources. This will take a lot of pressure off when we're in England in the fall.

This month we'll be staying close to home, except for showing at BarnStar's Midweek One-Day Antiques Fair in tax-free Manchester, NH. This will be our first show during New Hampshire Antiques Week for many years, and we believe that the new one-day format of MidWeek will be very successful. We're looking forward to what promises to be a fine show.

Here in Massachusetts, we'll be tax free on the weekend of August 17 and 18, and we're planning a very special event to overlap with the Tax Holiday Weekend. We'll announce the details in a mailing that will go out shortly after MidWeek.

Because of our tax holiday event, there are no new listings this month, but there is another story from the past, this one about a very special Dutch spice chest we sold a decade ago.

We're currently open on Sundays from 10:00 until 4:00, but happy to receive visitors at any time.  

Our next show
BarnStar's MidWeek One Day
Antiques Fair  
Wednesday, August 7
1:00 - 7:00 p.m. 
A few of the things we plan to bring.
Click the picture for important details about the new format.

A Look Back

An exceptional Dutch spice chest, purchased in England more than a decade ago and sold in a heartbeat. But not all meets the eye. Click on the picture to explore with us.

Pippin's Page  

During the recent heat wave, while the rest of us huddled together in air-conditioned spaces, our snow leopard sought the warmest spots in the house to enjoy life "as it was meant to be." Jan captured a moment of thermal bliss, which you can share by clicking the picture.

The Back Page 
Last month we decided to take a day off to visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, one of our favorites. But this story isn't about the Gardner; it's about how we got there. It was an eye opener for us, and we'd like to share it. Click the picture to learn all about it.
Thanks for being a newsletter reader. We'd love to see you in Conway this summer if you're around.
John and Jan