Dear Friends,

We just completed our busiest July ever! We are grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with so many members of our community. Thank you for responding to our call to engage with us in new and familiar ways.

Throughout our July campaign, we welcomed so many people from different walks of life. Being able to witness the connection and community-building at each of our events was inspiring! 

St. Ignatius was a believer of creating unity within diversity. It’s been noted that his first companions were from culturally diverse backgrounds and brought personal experiences and gifts that forged a rich collaboration. Diversity allowed for the grace of flexibility and strengthened the group’s universal vision to serve God and each other.

My prayer is that we ask God for a greater grace to move outside of what is confining us and loosen our grip to the familiar. Releasing it all to God’s will for our lives truly gives us the opportunity to find something to celebrate in our differences. As we move forward into the new year, let’s keep the words of St. Ignatius in mind…

Try to keep your soul always in peace and quiet, always ready for whatever our Lord may wish to work in you. It is certainly a higher virtue of the soul, and a greater grace, to be able to enjoy the Lord in different times and different places than in only one.
―  Saint Ignatius of Loyola

We are taking some time to reflect and respond to all we've learned while also gearing up for classes starting this Fall. We hope to see you again soon!

Lori Stanley
Executive Director