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Learn how to keep your suitcase as  highly organized as a filing cabinet!


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I Didn't
Know That!

Here are some interesting pieces of information I picked up from various travel news posts.


When you're booking your hotel room, do you know the difference between an "ocean-view" room and an "oceanfront" room?

According to Business Insider, "ocean-view" can mean totally different things to different hotels. 

While one hotel may consider an ocean view room as one that comes with sweeping panoramic views of the sea, another may dupe you into paying more for just a tiny piece of blue off in the distance.

"An "ocean-view" simply means you get at least a sliver of a view from somewhere in the room," Jeff Russell, an entertainment travel consultant at Aspen Travel, explained to  Business Insider

"An "oceanfront" room actually faces the ocean," Russell said. 

"If a hotel lists both an oceanfront room and an ocean-view room, know for a fact that the ocean-view will not be looking right out on the ocean."

Be cautious of language like "partial" ocean view. Also, Russell said, make sure to pay close attention to the price. Ocean view rooms tend to be at least $50-$100 more than other rooms. 

The other thing you can do to ensure an ocean view is to simply call the front desk and ask. 

hotel concierge should be able to point you in the right direction of which room to book, and may even be able to help you score a good deal in the process.


You might want to invest in that fancy, reusable water bottle if you're planning to travel through San Francisco soon.

According to the  San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco International Airport will become the first airport in the U.S. to ban plastic, single-use water bottles.

Starting on August 20, 2019, restaurants, cafes, and vending machines will be a water-bottle free zone.

Oddly enough, the ban does not apply to sodas, juices or flavored water.  Passengers will still be able to purchase those single-use bottles throughout the airport. 

If you are in need of regular, plain H2O, the San Francisco International Airport has over 100 "hydration stations," which are made for refilling reusable water bottles with clean, filtered water - they're also completely free.

Liquid restrictions by the TSA are still in effect, so all water bottles, regardless of their containers, must be empty while traveling through the security line.


The Spanish Steps in Rome are no longer a place for sitting.

Implementing an ordinance that came into effect a month ago, police officers are now working to tell seated Italians and tourists to get up from one of the Eternal City's most famous and photographed spots.

The June 6 ordinance stipulated that sitting, eating or drinking on the UNESCO protected steps can result in fines up to 400 euros (US$450.) 

The ordinance also applies to other protected places like the Trevi Fountain.

Travel Tips 

Did you know that the date your passport expires is not always the date you can travel up to? 

A lot of people don't realize that many countries require three months, six months and sometimes even longer validity on a passport after their return date.

You can always check online, or check with your travel agent, to  find out for how long your passport needs to be valid.


Always double-check foreign document requirements.

Some countries - like Chile, Kenya, and India, require a visa for entry; others, like South Africa, won't allow entrance unless a traveler's passport contains at least two blank, unstamped pages. 

You need to be aware of such requirements before you make your flight reservations or you could get stuck


Make it a point to avoid other travelers from time to time and start conversations with local people. 

Basic English is spoken widely all over the world, so it's easier to communicate than you might think, especially when you combine hand gestures and body language.

Learn from those who live in the country you're visiting.
 People enrich your travels more than sights do.


Write down emergency information.

If disaster strikes, you might not have time to search for numbers for local police or ambulance services, or directions to the nearest embassy for your country.

You may also be too stressed and panicky to think straight, so d on't put yourself in that position. 

Instead, record that information in advance, and create an "Emergency Plan" for you to follow if things go badly. 

Save it on your phone somewhere or  write it down on a small card or sheet of paper, get it laminated to protect it from moisture, and keep it in your wallet or purse.

That way, if something goes wrong out there, you'll always know exactly who to call and where to go for help.


Always have cash on you!

This is a must - not all cities in every country have ATM machine and sometimes you may have to cross international borders, where no one accepts your credit or debit cards. 

Being out of cash can be a big hassle, unless you're travelling with someone who can lend you money.

And, if you're going to an all-inclusive resort, it's a great idea to bring $1.00 and $5.00 bills to use as tips. 

Just make sure you check to see what currency you should be using - n ot all resorts accept US dollars.


Watch Out
For These Scams

Internet Scams   

How it works: 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a warning to consumers about potential scams from people acting as airline representatives.

Officials from the BBB said they've been encountering reports of scammers acting like representatives from top airlines in the United States, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines.

The BBB said the scheme could be used to represent any airline as part of the scam.

The bureau is looking to help travelers avoid the scam by showcasing the types of emails to avoid, including unsolicited messages from airlines, surveys about recent flights, flight change notifications, ticket downloads and more.

Travelers should be aware the scammers are replicating company logos and adding small details to the text, which makes the emails feel authentic.

In reality, the links sent in the fake messages hide malware that can access your computer and steal sensitive personal information.

What you can do:
Some tips to avoid the scams include never clicking links from unknown emails, ignoring most unsolicited messages, hovering on links to see their destination and calling customer service to confirm the validity of the message.


Free Henna Tattoo

Marrakech and India

How it works:

There's some scams they have out in Marrakech for free Henna tattoos - but no way are they free! 


Also, the Henna most of the women use is not the real stuff and can cause reactions. 



So, if in Marrakech, have your wits about you and don't let anyone suddenly grab your hand.


In India there are also a lot of scams for "Free" or reduced price Henna too! 



People will walk around and trick you into sitting down and letting them henna you, and then halfway through they will tell you the price, which is something ridiculous, or that the "free" only applied to certain designs. 


What you can do:
Remember - when travelling, free seldom really means free!

The Pipestone Patter
August 2019

Welcome Back Loyal Readers!

Welcome back everyone.  
Holey, moley.  We are already half-way through the month of August!

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer so far.

We've had some good weather and some bad weather - but let's face it - even bad weather in the summer is better than any weather in the winter!

I know, I know - we're going to get letters for that!  

Sorry to all of you out there who love the winter weather.  

All of you who love to bundle up in multiple layers of clothing in order to slide down a hill with your feet attached to two boards.  

All of you who love to strap blades to your boots so you can  slip and slide around on frozen water.  

All of you who say things like "crisp" and "bracing" and "invigorating" when describing the winter weather.

It's not that I hate winter weather - it's just that I like the heat better.  Much, much better!  And for all of you out there who feel differently - well, let's just agree to disagree.

So for me, I'm going to relish the next few months.  I'm going to bask in the heat while it's here, and dance in the rain when it's wet.

Then, when winter gets here, I'm going to do my best to stay warm, while staying inside.

For me, the best thing about winter is the opportunity to leave the cold and travel somewhere warm for my winter vacation.

But hey, if you love the winter weather - more power to you.  I respect that.

I just can't get on board with you.  Or, on two boards, as the case may be!

Spotlight On ...  

Royal Robbins


If you're looking for comfortable, fashionable travel clothing for your next vacation - or maybe just for every day - you're going to want to check out our newest shipment of Royal Robbins!

Featherweight Tee

Put our new Featherweight Tee in your bag and feel the joy of pulling it back out again. 

As it's name suggests, it's breathable and lightweight, making it easy on your body and when the airline weighs your bag. 

It features soft ruching at the front shoulder, cap sleeves and a high-low hem for great coverage in the back. 

The festive jersey print will put you in a tropical state of mind and the tee is enzyme washed for extra softness.

  • Breathable and lightweight construction for easy packing
  • Enzyme washed for an extra soft hand
  • Cap sleeve length
  • High-low hem for more rear coverage

Colour:     Shell

Sizes:        Small - XL



Discovery III Capri

The Discovery III Capri is a technical hiking capri that converts into a knicker with a snap. 

Lots of secure pockets let you stash your trail bar and phone, and keep your focus on the road ahead of you. 

Discovery stretch nylon gives you 50+ UPF protection, wrinkle resistance and provides all the lightweight durability you'll need.

  • Lightweight technical hiking capri that converts into a knicker
  • Eco-friendly bluesign® approved fabric
  • Brushed interior waistband for ultra soft wicking comfort
  • Center front snap closure with secure button fly
  • Multiple pockets: front hand pockets, thigh zipper pocket, back snap drop-in pockets
  • Adjustable leg roll up system
  • Mesh pocket bags for ventilation
  • Inseam: 22", size medium

Colours:     Falcon, Sandstone

Sizes:         4 - 20 



Expedition 3/4 Sleeve Shirt

A go-to travel shirt offering cool comfort, sun protection and casual style. 

The airy, quick-dry fabric feels great and body temp activated TempraTech™ helps regulate temperature.

  • Super lightweight polyester wicks moisture, dries quickly and resists wrinkles
  • Mesh back yoke with TempraTech™ body temp activated thermoregulation technology
  • Provides sun protection and breathable comfort in humid climates
  • Hidden zip pocket at side secures small essentials
  • Sleeves roll up and secure with tab
  • Shirt length: 26" (size M)

Colour:     White

Sizes:        XSmall - 3XL



Expedition Print 3/4 Sleeve Shirt

Protects from high heat, humidity and sun exposure.

  • TempraTech™ mesh on back yoke has ultra-wicking fibers enhanced with heat-activated thermoregulation technology to keep you dry
  • Eco-friendly bluesign® approved fabric
  • Concealed pocket with zipper on right hip
  • Roll-up sleeves with secure tabs for adjustable fit
  • Shirt length: 26" (size M)

Colour:     Frost

Sizes:        Small - 2XL



Discovery III Pant

The Discovery III Pant is a full length pant that will take you from trail head, to windy summit and back to dinner in town. 

This pant has slim lines, tons of useful pockets and will convert into a capri with a simple snap system. 

The pant is made from Discovery stretch nylon, which gives you 50+ UPF protection, wrinkle resistance and the lightweight durability you need to get you to the top.

  • Lightweight technical hiking pant that converts into a capri
  • Eco-friendly bluesign® approved fabric
  • Brushed interior waistband for ultra soft wicking comfort
  • Center front snap closure with secure button fly
  • Multiple pockets: front hand pockets, thigh zipper pocket, back snap drop-in pockets
  • Adjustable leg roll up system
  • Mesh pocket bags for ventilation

Colour:     Black, Sandstone 

Sizes:        2 - 20


Oakham Waterproof Trench Coat

Fully waterproof and breathable 10k/10k, 2.5 layer seam-sealed rain trench coat.

  • Features eco-friendly, non-fluoronated Ec-0 DWR™
  • Packs into right zipper hand pocket (two zipper hand pockets)
  • Hood features bonded visor and drawstrings to adjust hood fit
  • Interior waist cinch for optimal fit
  • Features reflective logo for safety on left cuff
  • Jacket length: 32.5" front, 35.5" back (size M)
Colours:     Black

Sizes:         Small - 2XL



And no, we didn't forget about you men out there.

We have lots of great Royal Robbins gear for you too!

Not to mention Ex-Officio and more!


Vista Dry Short Sleeve Shirt

The Vista Dry Short Sleeve is another travel great that will help you face heat and humidity with style. 

Breathable Vista Dobby fabric, 50+ UPF protection and TempraTech™ thermoregulation mesh helps this shirt look great in the hottest settings, while functioning like a piece of technical gear.

In addition to the dual chest button pockets, there is a hidden zippered passport/document pocket to help you keep all your valuables safe. 

Plus, the ECOYA® yarn makes this shirt especially eco-friendly.

  • Breathable, great for high heat and humidity
  • TempraTech™ thermoregulation mesh on ventilated back yoke that keeps you dry, cool, and comfortable all day long.
  • Eco-friendly bluesign® approved fabric
  • Made with eco-friendly ECOYA® yarns
  • Multiple pockets: chest button-secured pockets, chest hidden zipper pocket

Colours:     Loden, Smoke Blue

Sizes:         Small - 2XL  


~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Great news everyone!

Some of you out there already know, love and own a pair of RiverWalk pants or capris.

Some of you out there haven't yet had the pleasure.

Well, for all of you out there - get ready to get excited, because right now, RiverWalk pants and capris are available at a discount of 

The classic Capris can be worn anywhere.

Perfect when sitting for long periods of time, or for when you're constantly on the go.

The side slits at the hem line makes these Capris not just functional, but fashionable too.

The straight leg Pants can also be worn everywhere.

From Amsterdam to Africa (at least, that's where I wore mine), these pants fit any itinerary.

Both RiverWalk pieces are made the same fabric - nylon (96%) for durability with a touch of spandex (4%) for stretch.

They are breathable, moisture wicking, fast drying and very easy to care for - both at home and on vacation.

Of course, they are sun protective as well.

Each of the styles has 2 zippered front slash pockets and 1 zippered side pocket.

Maybe the best feature?  The comfort grip waist.  When you tuck your shirt in - it will stay tucked in!

Colour:     Black

Sizes:       2 - 22 

Capri Sale Price:
(including 20% discount)


Pant Sale Price:
(including 20% discount)


Please note:  

We only have a very few pieces left in the taupe colour - the bulk of what we have is in the black colour.  

So, even though I've included the taupe colour in the photos, please know that a s of right now, we only have pants in size 16 and size 18 available in taupe.   

However, we have lots of the entire size range in the black colour.


Now, here's the fine print:
  • This offer is in effect until September 15 or while supplies last
  • All Sales are Final

Tales from the Road    
  Food for Thought
I don't watch a lot of television; in fact, right now I don't watch any television.

I've been away from home so much lately that the last time we went to the United States for several months, we decided to cancel our cable.  Why pay for TV if we're not even at home to watch it, right?

Then, when I got back home, I was only here for a few months, and I was off again for a little over a month.

When I returned home this last time - a little over a month and a half ago - I just never bothered to get the cable reconnected.

I had been without television for so long, that I didn't really miss it.
Now, don't get me wrong. 

It's not like I'm a complete purist.

I watch Netflix on my iPad.  I find that's sufficient to keep me entertained and offer me some "zone out" time.

When I did watch TV, and now, when I watch Netflix, I always like to watch the reality cooking shows.  I'm not crazy about the cooking demonstration shows like Rachel Ray and The Pioneer Women and the rest of those ones - I don't hate them,  they're just not my favourite.

My favourite shows are the cooking competitions.  "Hell's Kitchen" and "Top Chef" and "Cake Wars" and shows like that.

I love watching the Chefs - and home cooks - put together a meal on the spur of the moment - from some pretty outlandish ingredients.  I've also picked up some fairly good tips from some of these shows.  Does anyone out there use Panko?  Well, I had never heard of it until I saw it on "Chopped" - now it's a staple in my pantry!

Recently, Netflix recommended a program for me called "The Chef's Line" - an Australian reality competitive cooking show.

Handy Gadget 


Infinity Travel Scarves
For those of you out there who love to support small business - and love to buy Canadian - this is the product for you!

Ruby's daughter is an etsy shop out of Truro, Nova Scotia. 

If you have any travel plans or simply want to leave home without a purse you are going to love this fashionable and functional infinity scarf.

You can use it to stash your keys, cards, money, phone, lipstick, passport or even a pint, if the occasion calls for it. 

These are absolutely gorgeous infinity scarves complete with a hidden pocket  that is sewn so well the pocket is nearly invisible. There is a label sewn in just below the zipper so you know where it is but others won't.   

These scarves are a necessity when heading to a resort where you find yourself in a dress with no pockets and you aren't sure where to put your room key and cash.
All seams are double stitched for security, guaranteeing that your scarf will last as long as you want it to.

Made from 100% polyester, this fabric has a soft hand and fluid drape. The fabric is a light enough weight that it can easily be worn outside in warm climates or left on indoors. 

Dimensions are 30" by 60".

The security pocket has an 8" opening and is 8"deep.

This scarf is hand made in Canada and because of it's handmade nature there may be slight variation in the dimensions. 

Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle - Lay flat to dry - Iron on low if needed.

Colours:   Various colours and prints



  Ex-Officio Crossover Travel Bra
Join the thousands of people who have discovered the ExOfficio underwear revolution. 

Just toss your Give-N-Go® bra in the laundry or wash it in a sink. 

Within hours you will have a clean, dry bra. 

Breathable, lightweight, and long-wearing, you will toss it into your carry-on for every trip.

  • Breathable mesh fabric supplies airflow to keep you cool
  • Antimicrobial treatment reduces odor in fabric
  • Easy-care so you only need two for any trip

Colours:   Black, Nude

Sizes:       Small - XL




Well, we made it all the way to the end again.  Thanks for staying with me.

As always, you can send us stories or feedback by sending an e-mail to

See you next month!

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