August edition of the Polk Trails Newsletter
July Trails Meeting Summary

We held our trials meeting at Saluda Outfitters on July 22. The meeting began with a presentation from the Saluda Community Land Trust and their new Youth Partnership Challenge. The challenge is similar to Conserving Carolina's summer hiking challenge and other related challenges and is geared to get children and their parents/guardians outside to enjoy the wonders and beauty found right in their own backyards. More information regarding the challenge can be found on SCLT's website or by using the link found on our own trails website. There were no major updates regarding Little White Oak Mountain and the Green River. Work is ongoing on both projects however. Trails in the area are in good shape overall but poison ivy and vines are overgrown in some areas, so watch your step! The second community hike was held the week prior to the meeting and was enjoyed by a small party. We hope you can make the next one!
We now have an archive of our meeting minutes on our webpage!
We will not be having a Trails Meeting this month. Join us in September for the next one!
  • Saturday, August 24, Polk Recreation Complex from 9 AM to 12 PM

  • Thursday, August 29, Polk Recreation Complex from 9 AM to 12 PM
Second Community Hike!

The Polk County Recreation Dept. offered a challenging hike on Sat., July 20th. This hike followed the same trail from Buffalo Creek Park toward Eagle Rock with the intention of doing an out-and-back hike, 5 miles up and 5 back down whereas the Eagle Rock hike started at the top and descended to the Buffalo Creek parking lot.
   Travis, an AmeriCorps member who works with the Rec. Dept. drove the van and led the hike. The other hardy folks were Lisa, Neal and Dan.
   The trail is nicely graded so that you hardly know you're gaining some 1000'+ as you march toward Wildcat Mt., our destination. The hike was during that heat wave of mid July which presented another challenge. But the scenery was gorgeous, periodic, panoramic views of Lake Lure well below us in the distance and our own camaraderie helped the miles go by. We took frequent breaks to hydrate ourselves as we were soon soaking wet in the 90+ heat.
    When 2 1/2 hours had elapsed Lisa and Dan decided that was probably half of the ten promised miles. They continued a little further to reach a sign confirming that they had come half way. Travis and Neal had gone on ahead to scout our lunch overlook. They too decided we'd done enough and returned to find a lunch spot close to our present position.
    After lunch we headed on down taking turns leading so each of us would have a chance to establish the pace. We stopped beside a couple of streams to throw water on our heads to cool off. Only one mountain bike rider passed us but we saw several groups of folks heading up as we came down.
    Arriving back at the van, Travis cranked up the A/C and we headed for Ingles in Lake Lure where we had carpooled from. We all felt like we had accomplished something special.

Thank you Dan for the wonderful synopsis and we look forward to seeing you, and everyone else, on the next one!
Trails Update!

The town and our volunteers have worked wonders on a lot of our trails. Some damage still remains and we will continue to work down the list.

  • Little Bradley Falls has some poison ivy growing over the trail. Watch your step.

  • Alexander's Ford had the Youth Conservation Corps out earlier last month clearing up the drive in to the parking lot; it looks wonderful now. They also did some work on a flagged side trail that is still under construction.

  • Norman Wilder Forest is officially open to the public once more.

If you have noticed any damage on our trails, please contact us at so we can clear it up!
AmeriCorps Update!
Our current Trails Coordinator, Travis Cherry, will have successfully completed his year of service at the end of this month. He joined us late October eager to learn, teach and help out in the community for our trails. He will miss the mountains as he returns to the beaches of Charleston and wherever else the wind takes him. No matter what, Travis will keep Columbus and Polk County dear in his heart for showing him the beauty of the mountains and our wonderful community we have here!

A new AmeriCorps member, Ryan Marble, will be starting in September. More to come on Ryan once he gets started.
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