School Bus
….And so school starts again this month
For most, summer vacations are over and it is time to get back to the daily routine. And every day that goes by now, the days are getting shorter by one or two minutes. It will not be long before we 'fall back' and daylight savings time will be gone for another few months. So, enjoy the last days of a long evening and the remainder of the summer.
Houston Ground Angels
Management Review
August 2019
Tony Castiglie, Vice President and Treasurer
Following news media reports around mid-July about the heat wave gripping the Northeast, Midwest and Central U.S., my first reaction was a bit of a chuckle. What those folks experienced for a few days was a typical Houston summer that lasts almost five months. But once I realized a lot of the homes and small businesses in that part of the country are not air conditioned, it did not seem so funny. Thus far, our summer has been tolerable, and we received a nice respite when that rare “cold front” came through Houston for a few days. Now, we enter into August, usually the hottest month of the year. Even though heat and humidity are uncomfortable, there is no need to shovel it the way you do snow in winter.
The Stats
July was another successful month; the 343 missions ran was by far the best July ever and far exceeding the previous record of 270 back in 2015. This year’s daily average is 10, something we had never before achieved. Sixty-two volunteers stepped up to make this happen with Uber helping us fulfill the difficult missions, e.g. rush hour traffic, late evening runs or short notice requests. As a result, our forecast for 2019 now is up to 3,600 missions, the most ever.
The Archangels
Thus far, we have run 2,114 missions, 49 percent of which are run by the Archangels, our top 10 volunteers. They are:
Top 10 Volunteers – 2019
Dick Stabell 249
Charles Whitworth 190
Sandra Begalke 177
David LaFargue 91
Tony LaRosa 89
Jacko Garrett 59
Edie Cantu 52
Derek King 51
Bo Hunter 45
Charles Gibson 31
We are deeply appreciative for the dedication of all our volunteers, but take special note of Dick Stabell. Through July, there are 212 days meaning Dick has averaged more than one mission a day. Really special!
The real success of this organization has always been those select few who run lots of missions, some who have been with us for many years and have chalked up big numbers. Beginning this month, their accumulative contributions will be acknowledged.
All Time and Still Active
Charles Whitworth 1,651
Sandra Begalke 1,076
Charles Gibson 814
Dick Stabell 615
Thus far, Uber is still working out well. In 2018, we had 599 unfulfilled missions; thus far in 2019, the number is 26 and just two in the past five months. The intent is to use Uber only as a last resort when a mission was not chosen by a volunteer. Remember, Mission Coordinator Mary Hutto does not contact Uber until the night before a mission is to be run so it is best for the volunteers to avoid waiting until the last minute to check out “Open Missions.” Volunteers are certainly more preferable than Uber. 
Thus far in 2019, Uber has satisfied 759 missions, about 36 percent of the total missions that would have gone unfilled. The huge number is due primarily to the increase in patient requests for our services. The feedback from patients has been highly favorable; many of them impressed that we are covering the Uber cost when a volunteer is unavailable. However, the downside is the cost. While the organization has applied for quite a few grants, they will not be awarded until later in the year.
Mission Management System
We are also working on some improvements to our Mission Management System. The fellow who originally designed and maintained the system passed away several years ago and it left us in a difficult position. A group from Insperity has recently volunteered their services and we hope to get on top of it again. The volunteers will be kept abreast of the project’s status.
New Volunteers
July was an excellent month for recruiting; we had seven new volunteers join us. Eryka Matias (Spring), Ashley Fulton (Cypress), Gerry Rein (Medical Center), Ronald Matson (Katy), Carmen Eggleston (Bellaire), Bridgit Pfister (Spring) and Betsy Gillis (Kingwood). Welcome aboard and thank you for joining. You will find this a very rewarding experience.
As always, to every volunteer who steps up, thanks for your contribution, 2019 is looking good!

You are cordially invited to our
Christmas/Holiday annual
appreciation celebration!

Join us Saturday, the 7th of December
Noon- 3:00 p.m.
The Starline Theater
at 1940 Air Terminal Museum
at Hobby Airport
8325 Travelair Street, Houston 77061

Holiday Lunch Buffet Will be Served
Beer & Wine, Soft Drinks, Tea, etc.
Door Prizes and Much More!
This event is complimentary for our volunteers
and their plus one.

Please RSVP by: November 15, 2019 to:


Do Patients Give Or Try to Give You Money
for a Mission?

If patients try to give you money after a mission, please do one of the following:

1) Politely refuse all funds or

2) Receive the funds graciously and mail the $$ to the
HGA Office at 1306 Briar Bayou Drive, Houston, Texas 77077-2002
and provide the patients a receipt.

Patients making a donation to HGA will
receive a thank you note from the board treasurer.

If you would like to have some receipts to give out to patients,
please email me at and
I will send some to you.

Our Mission Statements says Houston Ground Angels provides complimentary transportation ….

And so we do not want patients to think any type of
payment is required or necessary. If patients thought payment was necessary it could create a host of problems for the organization.



The Wonders of Potassium

Every cell in your body needs potassium, yet 98 percent of folks are deficient. Potassium regulates so many cellular functions in our bodies that a deficiency can cause tiredness, muscle aches, heart papitations, skin problems, constipation, and so, so much more. Potassium also prevents the formation of kidnesy stones. We simply do not eat enough plants, the most concentrated source we have.

Foods Rich in Potassium:
Avocados, cooked Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, and cooked Broccoli.
Also bananas, oranges, cantaloupe, honeydew, apricots, grapefruit, peas cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, pumpkins, leafy greens, tomato juice, prune juice and certain dairy products such as milk and yogurt are high in potassium (low fat or fat-free is best).

Also note : salt intake depletes potassium, so go light on salt.
Also, if you drink a lot of water every day, you could be washing away
needed minerals and vitamins like potassium.

HGA Website

Remember the HGA website
has a lot of great information on it,
from a check-list for volunteers for missions, resources for patients, and so much more!

Also, please be sure to check the website to see if there is a mission that fits your schedule.

So please visit:

and click on Volunteer and Patient

Thank you
to all of our volunteers,
for all you do for our patients!
We appreciate all of our volunteers and cannot say
thank you enough for all you do!


Hope to see you at the Holiday/Christmas Party !

School Bus