From the Desk of the Community Lay Director: 

I wonder each day how I can better serve God; am I doing all I can do. Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Think about what you can do to better serve in our Emmaus Community. What can you do to make the walks successful so that others can receive the blessing that you received on your walk? We need to answer the call to serve God and spread the glory that He so truly deserves. If you are asked to serve, please follow that calling and help to bless the pilgrims on the September walks.

The following is a devotional from Billy Graham’s Website:

The Purpose of God for you
Everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his power, and everything is for his glory. To him be glory evermore.
—Romans 11:36 (TLB)

Have you ever wondered why God placed us on this planet? What our purpose is in being here? It is because God is love. There may be life on other planets, but I believe man is unique in the sense that he was created in the image of God. God created on this planet as it were “little gods” whom He could love and who would return love to Him. Reverently speaking, God was lonely. He wanted someone to love and who would return love to Him. That sounds incredible, but the Bible tells us that God loved, and so He created and put us on this planet.

Prayer for the day...
Freely I love You, divine God, who daily brings joy to my soul.


Dave DuBois

SEPTEMBER 12-15, 2019

SEPTEMBER 19-22, 2019


2nd Meeting August 10th
Kingsland Baptist Church
295 E Chester Street
Kingsland, GA 31548

3rd Meeting August 24th
  A Little Help on Sponsorship - Letters
Ok Sponsors, it will soon be the time to start requesting letters for your Pilgrim. One of the hardest things for a sponsor to do is request letters from family and close friends who have not been on the walk. You're not always sure what to tell/explain to them what you need.  Below is a sample letter you can e-mail, text, use as a talking point if you call, or even snail mail. Hope it helps!
Dear Family and Friends of (Pilgrim's Name), 
(Pilgrim Name) will be attending the “Walk to Emmaus” on (Date) The Emmaus Walk is a spiritual weekend of renewal filled with many beautiful gifts and surprises. One such surprise is the mail that persons attending receive from their loved ones and friends.
As sponsors, we are responsible for contacting family and close friends and asking them to send a note or letter to (Pilgrim Name) so s/he will receive it during this weekend. This letter is an opportunity for you to express your appreciation of what your relationship with him/her has meant and still means to you. You might want to recall some humorous event or some happening that has been special to the two of you. This is a letter of love (agape) and WILL BE READ BY THE PERSON TO WHOM YOU WRITE.
Would you help make (Pilgrim Name)'s “Walk to Emmaus special by doing the following:
  • Write a letter to or get a card and sign it.
  • Put it in an envelope and seal it.
  • Write his/her name, but NOT YOURS, on the envelope where you would normally place the sending address
  • Write in the return address (upper left corner) either “family” or “friend”, but not your name.
  • Put the envelope in a larger envelope and mail it to me by (Date) or hand deliver it to me by (Date) so I can get it to the proper place in time.
This should be a COMPLETE SURPRISE to (Pilgrim Name), so please help make it special by keeping this a secret until it's all over.
With Thanks!
Sponsor Name
Sponsor Address
Sponsor Phone Number
(Of course, this is just a guideline, so if you want to “tweak” it some, feel free to.)
Below is a paragraph taken from the Handbook on Emmaus which helps answer a frequent question about requesting letters:
Sponsors sometimes ask, “Doesn't asking people who have not been through Emmaus to write letters  spoil the surprise of the letters for them if and when they attend Emmaus?” This certainly has not proven to be the case. In fact, for many, the opposite has been true. The request for letters introduced them to Emmaus in a positive and interesting way because it gave them an opportunity to do something special for a friend or loved one. Most people who write letters do not understand the letters' purpose on the Walk; and when they go to Emmaus, they forgot about the letters by Sunday afternoon. Even the pilgrim who anticipates the Sunday afternoon delivery of the letters is neither prepared for the content of the letters nor their impact. Awareness of the letters is not an obstacle to receiving the love they represent.
I hope this helps. 
Cindy Jones, Sponsorship Training 


Have you ever wondered how to fill an entire hour with prayer during the Prayer Vigil?

Here are suggestions from some other Emmaus Communities that they provide their members.

Each button below will take you to the other Emmaus communities and their ideas.

It’s Agape Time!!
Agape gifts are given to participants by Community members over the course of a Walk weekend as a sign of God’s loving presence.

There are three main types of Agape:
* Community Agape
* Table & Pillow Agape
* Letter Agape

It’s time to start thinking about all that Table & Pillow Agape!
Table & pillow agape are the little gifts that appear on the conference room tables, or on beds, starting on Friday evening.  Table & Pillow Agape must be provided for everyone on the weekend (60 pieces max for each weekend.) Start making them now so they will be ready in time for the walks, they will be here before we know it. Deliver your items in a labeled bag so the team can return any extras!

Contact Angela Dunn (912-617-1509) if you have any questions on Agape Items.

If you are interested in sharing your musical gifts at Community Gatherings or Walks, please contact Jim Hitt , the Music Board Rep, at: (912) 614-4701. Currently we have raised $1,770 to replace the $3,000 that we spent for the new equipment. That leaves $1,230 to still be raised to cover the cost of the new equipment. Please contact Jim Hitt on how to make a donation! Your donations ARE tax deductible!
Upcoming Events
Community Gatherings:     

Friday, August 2nd--7:00 p.m.
Kingsland Baptist Church
295 E Chester Street
Kingsland, GA 31548

There will be no Gathering in September due to the Walks.

Friday, October 4th--7pm Pio Party & Sponsorship Training
First United Methodist Church
1400 Norwich Street
Brunswick, GA 31520

Friday, November 1st--7pm

Friday, December 6th--7pm
Wesley United Methodist Church
6520 Frederica Road
St. Simons Island, GA 31522

I f you would like to offer your church to host a Gathering in the future, or would be interested in sharing a Fourth Day testimony, please contact Matt Beckham (912-275-3898) for more information regarding what is required of a host church.
Reflections from the Heart
  You have probably often seen the quote “if you can read this, thank a teacher.” Reading has been an important part of my life ever since I can remember. Reading provides the opportunity to visit lands your feet will never really touch.

For many of my growing up years, my family didn’t have television. Instead of gathering to watch a TV show, we would gather to take turns reading from a book. I can remember reading through the Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings in this way. These stories sparked my imagination, and I still find comfort in re-reading them from time to time.

Reading also provides an avenue to information. The local newspaper may be going out of vogue, but it is still the most reliable source of local news. You are reading this newsletter now to gain insight and learn of upcoming events!

Reading is foundational to education. As school starts back up, let’s pray for the students and teachers. For the administrators and custodians. For the nurses and police officers. For the bus drivers and clerical staff. Even if you don’t currently have a student in school, find ways to support education. In the words of Henry Peter Brougham in The Present State of Law, 1828. From the series Great Ideas of Western Man., “Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.”

It is in our nation’s best interest to be well educated. In this way we can       
 ‘Do all the good we can,
By all the means we can,
In all the ways we can,
In all the places we can,
At all the times we can,
To all the people we can,
As long as ever we can.’
– Author Unknown

  De Colores!

Trisa Chancey – Golden Isles Walk to Emmaus #2 – Table of Mary
Golden Isles Walk to Emmaus Board Meeting

The next GIWTE Board Meeting will be held on August 17th at 9am

E mmaus community members are always welcome at Golden Isles Emmaus Board Meetings, which are normally held the third Saturday of each month in the Open Door Classroom at
Brunswick First United Methodist Church
1400 Norwich Street
Brunswick, GA 31520. 
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