August 2019
Our mission at Shadow Husky Rescue, Inc., is to rescue huskies that are displaced, unwanted, abused, lost, abandoned or scheduled for euthanasia and provide them with a second chance at life by finding them permanent homes.
Toby's Rescue
Toby was labeled a wolf hybrid at the Carson Shelter so Shadow Husky Rescue had to call out for help to save his life! Wolf Mountain Sanctuary's Danna Cruzan stepped up and helped us pull Toby out of the shelter so he could go home to our amazing foster for him, Elaine!! Toby is doing so well living with Elaine and her husband and their two other dogs! He got all of the love, treats, and food he could want on his first day over there! He is sweet as can be and getting to live his life to the fullest!


Kairo and Mocha
These are some of our available huskies looking for forever homes. They are all unique and deserve the best home possible for them. If you or anyone you know are interested in adopting one or more of these beautiful huskies please fill out our adoption application and email it over to us at You can also come to our Adoption Events every Sunday from 12-3pm at PetSmart in Menifee, CA to meet some of the adoptable huskies!
He is in between three and four and 77 pounds. He loves children but is very skittish of adults because he was abused by one as a puppy. He also loves other dogs and doesn't seem to mind cats. Bruce has to go to a family that has children and another dog. It takes him time to warm up to the adults but eventually he does. He will be skittish around adults even after he warms up. Bruce is a runner. He has bolted from our house a couple of times and the kids are the only ones that can wrangle him back. He is fast. Your fencing must be at least 6 feet high. If you or your children run he would love to go with you.
Sunny is a 3 yr old male husky mix looking for his forever home. He is good with adults and would be best in a home without kids. He could be good with large breed dogs that are not dominant but he would be best as the only dog or with really calm other dogs.
Juno is a 2 year old male all white husky looking for his forever home. Juno is good with other large dogs, will not be good with cats or smaller dogs. Loves people and kids!
Ways you can Support Shadow Husky Rescue...
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Shadow Husky Rescue Adoption Events
Sundays, 12pm - 3pm PetSmart Menifee

Shadow Husky Rescue is at PetSmart in Menifee, CA from 12pm-3pm every * Sunday trying to find forever homes for our rescues and surrender dogs! Come out, say hi, and maybe even bring home a new family member!
*weather and volunteers permitting
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