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Greetings from the NRC    Aug 2019 15
We're shaking things up again this month as we head into the busy fall season. While I always have the pleasure of researching, writing, editing and reading our monthly newsletter, this is my first opportunity to get to say hello to you all directly. I hope these warm summer months find you all relaxed and enjoying some of the great outdoor or indoor activities and courses at your Osher Institute.

Reading our article contributions this month, I am reminded how I am continually impressed by the generosity of OLLI volunteers that I am privileged to witness through all of the stories shared with us. The idea that we can all give back in ways both large and small, tangible and intangible, makes me proud of the community and culture that has been created through Osher Institutes.
This month, you'll read a few stories about giving back in a variety of ways. First, a volunteer for the OLLI at University of Oregon donated her time and energy so that a large group of talented individuals could be recognized and remembered through their Silver Showcase. Next, you'll read about members donation of photography talents as a way to build community in northern Virginia. Lastly, you'll see how one man is generously giving back through the donation of his time to share the personal story of his great grandfather, W.E.B. DuBois, in an effort to bring energy to a movement endeavoring to improve lives in this country and at OLLI at University of Denver.

It is an honor to be a part of the Osher Institute Network and to have a role in working with so many of you to give back to others, to our communities, and to the greater world. 

Cheers to enjoying these final days of summer,


Stacey Rivera, Manager of Operations

OLLI at University of Oregon
Honoring the 25th Anniversary of the Osher Institute at the University of Oregon also served to highlight the creativity of its members. One facet was a book featuring the insights and imagery of OLLI authors and artists. This anthology was dubbed the Silver Showcase. A unique opportunity for members to see their work in print, this volume also serves as a time capsule, a living document featuring thoughts and talents.
As one quickly learns in a volunteer-driven organization, someone expressing enthusiasm for a project will likely end up in charge. That's doubly true if the venture happens to match an area of expertise. As it did for Olivia Taylor-Young, who became Managing Editor.
Olivia's stewardship of the Creative Writing Group came in handy in putting together an Editorial Board. She chose OLLI members who would be discerning voices as editorial policies and submission specifications were developed. The same was true for doing the hands-on work of editing. Most importantly, no one on board (including Taylor-Young's husband, Kirk, who transformed accepted submissions into digital press-ready copy) was discouraged when the amount of work became greater than imagined.
It was anticipated the anthology would draw between thirty-five to fifty submissions. However, more than three times that poured in.  Childhood memories ranged from happy family outings to a five-year-old's harrowing escape from Nazi Germany. Memoirs featured a broad array of lifestyles and legends. Travelogues covered the world. Non-fiction entries covered every subject imaginable, and writers of fiction told every type of tale. Poets voiced concerns and despair at the shape of today's world even as they praised its natural beauty. Not surprising from OLLI members, there were stories and images of deepest personal pain and deep, abiding love. 
The Silver Showcase captured many aspects of life through a variety of stories and styles. Plus, it was a self-sustaining, self-financed project. Working in partnership with OLLI staff, all books were pre-paid and sold through pre-order to cover costs before it went to press. The Silver Showcase is a permanent celebration of the Osher Institute at the University of Oregon and a lasting tribute to the diverse, creative talents among its membership.
Submitted by : OLLI at the University of Oregon

OLLI at George Mason University
Giving Back by Taking Photos
The following are excerpts from the RSVP-Northern Virginia Blog.
The OLLI at George Mason University photo club recently received the 2019 Adult Volunteer Group Award during the 2019 Fairfax County Volunteer Service Awards breakfast.
The Photography Club at the OLLI at George Mason University provides free services to nonprofit community organizations and events in need of professional quality photography. The club, a group of retirees with a passion and talent for visual excellence, has donated thousands of hours of photographic services to benefit wounded servicemen, Fairfax County, George Mason University, Volunteer Fairfax, The Northern Virginia Senior Olympics (NVSO), RSVP-Northern Virginia and several other worthy causes.
"The work that the OLLI volunteer photographers do in in our community is simply astounding," says Rob Paine, RSVP's outreach specialist who first worked with the club during the 2018 NVSO. "During the NVSO, 17 of the club's members, led by club member and OLLI photo instructor Dan Feighery, provided an unparalleled depth of coverage of the games," Rob says. "We have always been lucky to have our great volunteer photographer Ron Staley cover the NVSO but one person can only be in one place at a time. The addition of the OLLI photographers made a big difference in coverage and freed up Ron and all of our photographers to concentrate on their favorite events." The OLLI photographers also provided great coverage of RSVP's, Volunteer Fairfax and Volunteer Arlington's MLK Day events.
"Photography is such a powerful medium. The volunteer photographers from OLLI do such a great job of documenting so many important and meaningful community events and projects as well as covering the volunteers that make these projects work," Rob says.  "This group is a true community asset."
Submitted by : Jennifer Disano, Executive Director, OLLI at George Mason University

OLLI at University of Denver
W.E.B. DuBois
In April, members of OLLI at University of Denver, South enjoyed a catered lunch and a fascinating presentation by Arthur Edward McFarlane II. McFarlane proudly chronicled personal memories and historical features of his illustrious great-grandfather, W.E.B. DuBois.  This presentation highlighted DuBois's intellectual gifts: the first African-American PhD graduate of Harvard in 1895, writer, civil rights activist, founder of the NAACP, sociologist, and nuclear disarmament activist.  Additionally, McFarlane focused on two significant events in DuBois' life which proved to be the basis for a radicalizing turning point in his philosophy: the death of his 18-month old son of diphtheria because he was refused medical treatment due to his race, and the subsequent experience of DuBois seeing African-American body parts hanging in an Atlanta store window, vestiges of the previous night's lynching.
DuBois became progressively energized toward informing Americans about the African-American experience, winning First Prize at the 1900 Paris Exposition for his exhibits depicting the lives of African Americans since the Civil War. McFarlane noted that it was one of his great grandfather's best books, The Souls of Black Folk (1903), which crystallized the differences between DuBois and Booker T. Washington. Ultimately, DuBois became tired of African-American persecution in this country, joined the communist party and moved to Ghana in 1961 where he worked on an Encyclopedia Africana, which was left unfinished at the time of his death in 1963.
Asked by an audience member what he might anticipate for the future, McFarlane responded optimistically and passionately about his belief that movements ebb and flow and that various minority movements are now closer than they ever have been to the top of an arc, having a common enemy, common agenda and common direction. "I think we're going somewhere pretty doggone amazing," enthused McFarlane, opining that this "home of the free and the brave" has thus far "miserably failed Blacks, Latinos and immigrants." But, he warned, division and conquering are the death of a movement - "we have an opportunity to keep the coalition (united), synchronized."
Submitted by : Ellen Sloan, Volunteer Leader, OLLI at University of Denver

Osher NRC 2019 Webinar Series
Mark your calendar for the next NRC webinar on August 21, 2019 beginning at 2pm Eastern/1pm Central/noon Mountain/11am Pacific/10am in Alaska and 9am in Hawaii. Register for the webinar here.

OLLIs in the Media
Osher Institutes often use various forms of media to promote, inform, and relay content. Successful use and creation of media can be difficult; be it video, web, or audio. Osher Institutes use of media ranges from appearing in news segments, creating YouTube videos, to producing podcasts, and everything in between. In this webinar the presenters will review three Osher Institutes that have found success in their creation and use of media. Learn the ins-and-outs from conception to execution and the different media options available to Osher Institutes to assist in presenting an OLLI through the ever-changing media market.  
Presenters :
Jennifer L. Disano, Executive Director, George Mason University
Cate O'Hara, Program Director, University of Cincinnati
Jordan Williams, Communications Specialist, University of North Texas

If you have interest in being a presenter or have ideas for future webinars, please contact Kevin Connaughton (kevin.connaughton@northwestern.edu ). 

Spaces and Places of OLLI SpacesAndPlaces
Northwestern University
Since 2008, the Evanston home to OLLI at Northwestern University was a dingy rented 2,642 square foot office space off-campus that overlooked the Union Pacific North railway line. This was in contrast to the other location of the program on the downtown Chicago campus in historic and beautifully renovated Wieboldt Hall. While the Evanston space accommodated the basics of the program - and was a huge upgrade on previous facilities - it lacked social space, updated technology, a sufficient number of classrooms and a noise-free environment.
In June 2016, this was dramatically remedied with new space in a seventh-floor suite of classrooms, lounges, and offices. The inviting space has ample natural light and even boasts views of Lake Michigan. OLLI's Evanston home includes 5,500 square feet; four dedicated classrooms with modular/movable wall design to accommodate groups between 20 and 80 members; audio-visual technology with 90" video screens and live streaming capability to the Chicago campus and elsewhere; and, a Sennheiser audio system with speakers, handheld and lapel microphones, and listening assistance features enabled for direct hearing aid or headphone amplification. 

The café and lounge spaces are served by a large, open kitchen and most importantly by two Keurig coffee and tea service machines. The social and reception areas allow for ample gallery space for member's creative work. What has been the impact of this space on the OLLI program? Member enrollment has grown, from losing members to an increase of 15% per year, and this is expected to rise even further, as new retirees choose Evanston as their home. In addition, the space has provided greater flexibility in scheduling, including evening activities. Academic enrichment programming has also multiplied, with more lunchtime activities such as a diversity & inclusion lectures, and the "Emerging Scholars" lecture series, enabling Northwestern Ph.D. candidates to present their research. The most important impact of all? OLLI's Evanston Campus feels like a mini village, a community of learners where everyone knows one another.

Want to see your own distinctive "Space or Place" in this newsletter? Please send it to oshernrc@northwestern.edu.

An Advice Column for Osher Institute Staff and Volunteers
dearolliDear Olli
Dear Olli,
I am an OLLI volunteer and member. Recently, a friend and I were discussing methods of improving our Institute's relationship with our host university. This volunteer suggested I reach out to the NRC for additional information. However, I was unsure to what role the NRC has in relation to volunteer/member questions or issues.
~Member Wanting Answers
Dear Member,
The NRC was created to serve the Osher network, providing content, resources, and assistance. However, it is always best for volunteers to start with your local OLLI director for any assistance or issues. Your director is the primary point of contact and keeper of information that relates to your OLLI and in many cases they will be able to provide more information or context to a particular topic or issue. Additionally, when a member contacts the NRC, it is our protocol to contact the director to clarify the reason for contact. Similarly, the director usually is able (or better equipped) to assist with the request internally. If you are having an issue at your OLLI, it's important to remember that the NRC is not a governing body, each Institute functions independently. However, that isn't to say that we do not want to hear from you, the members. Of course, we are happy to help with assisting you within our capacity, but it's always best to start with your home OLLI.
Finally, good for you for looking at ways to improve your Institute's relationship with your host university! One of the best things an OLLI can do to ensure a "happy home" is to form positive, mutually beneficial connections with your newest alma matter!

Have a question for Olli? Please send it in care of Kevin Connaughton (kevin.connaughton@northwestern.edu). 

Educational Travel Ideas from the OLLI Network
The OLLI Traveler OlliTraveler
OLLI at California State University San Bernardino
LA Philharmonic at Walt Disney Concert Hall
Join us for this very special concert of the Los Angeles Philharmonic in the beautiful Walt Disney Concert Hall. Experience a dynamo playing the quintessential Romantic piano concerto. Danill Trifonov, a world renown pianist, has the reputation of taking a beloved classic like Tchaikovsky's popular Piano Concerto and imbuing it with fresh new life. LA favorite conductor Michael Tilson Thomas also leads Copland's Third Symphony, built on the composer's stirring Fanfare for the Common Man. Includes time for a no-host lunch at one of Disney Hall's several restaurants, along with a pre-concert lecture at Disney Concert Hall. Learn more about this trip to Los Angeles.
Date: December 15, 2019

OLLI at California State University Channel Islands
Wonders of Newfoundland
Stunning natural beauty, quaint villages, and deep cultural roots: get ready to explore the best of Newfoundland and Labrador. The tip of the Avalon Peninsula is your gateway to an unforgettable journey through the wonders of Newfoundland and Labrador. Start in the 500 years-young coastal city of St. John's, where contemporary elegance melds seamlessly with the charms of the old world. Search for puffins, whales, and other marine life on a cruise of Witless Bay Ecological Reserve. Explore dazzling Gros Morne National Park and the famous Tableland Mountains. Walk in the footsteps of a great explorer, visit Labrador's UNESCO-designated Red Bay, and take in sweeping views at Long Point Lighthouse, where you're likely to spot an iceberg or two. Get a taste for the region at a traditional Jiggs dinner and become an honorary Newfoundlander during a "Screech-In" ceremony. This trip is open to members of all OLLIs. Learn more about this trip to Newfoundland.
Dates: July 16 - 27, 2020

OLLI at University of Rhode Island
The Islands of New York City
Travel to the famed island of Manhattan to experience a moving tribute to the lives lost as we visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Later travel to Harrison, New Jersey where two nights are included at the Hampton Inn. We start day two at the Empty Sky Memorial in Liberty State Park, NJ and witness a memorial dedicated to the lives lost during the September 11, 2001 attack. Later take the ferry to Ellis Island which served as the processing point for over 12 million people from 1892 to 1954. Hear the moving stories of these immigrants that walked through these hallowed halls. Next visit Liberty Island to witness the Statue of Liberty one of the most iconic memorials to freedom in America. On day three you'll meet our local guide for a tour of Staten Island. Witness the beautiful 83-acre campus of Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Gardens. We will include a visit to the impressive Chinese Scholar's Gardens and view an amazing compilation of different gardens that gives a greater understanding of life in ancient China. You'll also see Fort Wadsworth, one of America's oldest military installations, and travel through historic neighborhoods, pass by many beautifully restored homes and learn how the island has changed over the years. Later, visit Roosevelt Island to view the beautiful park memorial to Franklin D. Roosevelt and enjoy the stunning views of the east side of Manhattan.   Learn more about this trip to New York City.
Dates: September 16-18, 2019

Quick Tips for Helping Operate an Osher Institute
didyouknowQuick Tip - Encourage Photo Sharing
Have you ever needed a photo to feature on your OLLI website or catalog? There are many sites offering photo storage solutions.  OLLI at the University of Connecticut has found that SmugMug works well for their purposes. OLLI members and staff can all upload photos from events, classes, etc., and everyone can see them and share in the fun! Research what might work best for your group given how you want to use the photos. And of course, it's always a good idea to maintain a backup copy offline.

  Career Openings in the OLLI Network
jobboardJob Board
Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Program Coordinator - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Office Specialist, Senior - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

OLLI Program Administrative Assistant

OLLI Staff Assistant

Is there a staff opening at your Osher Institute? Please send it to us at  oshernrc@northwestern.edu