August 28th, 2019
Tips to Maximize your Results with Respen-A TM
Welcome to our Respen-A newsletter, a way for us to share tips on how to maximize the benefits of the Respen-A , to feature upcoming events, and to introduce you to some of the people whose lives have been changed due to this Homeopathic Treatment! Please read on, and share...

Feature Article:

I n our June newsletter we shared how to test your microwave to make sure it isn't leaking radiation, which renders the frequencies of homeopathy non-viable. We've had feedback from a mom who did just that, and discovered that her microwave was destroying the Respen-A™ disc that her son was wearing! Here is the story of her microwave adventure:
We began using Respen-A™ for our then 9-year-old son in April 2018. After just a day, I noticed increased awareness. I continued to notice positive changes and eventually was able to expand his diet to include gluten, dairy, and all kinds of foods that he couldn’t tolerate before.

However, beginning in September, we started to struggle with the discs, no longer getting consistently good results. We tried adding back in some supplements, and tweaking his doses of calcium and magnesium, but nothing seemed to enable us to reach a steady state. Some days it seemed as though the disc was not working at all, while other days it seemed to work at least somewhat well.
Recently, while reading the Respen-A™ newsletter, I re-read the announcement about owning a microwave that leaks radiation. I hadn’t thought the problem applied to us since we store our discs about 6 or 7 feet away from the microwave. Regardless, I decided to test our microwave using my cell phone, and discovered that it was definitely leaking radiation!

We quickly purchased and installed a new microwave, and also ordered new discs. It became obvious that these discs worked better – our son has been calmer, less agitated and has had more focus since we began them. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but we are hopeful that he will continue to make strides with Respen-A™ now that the discs aren’t exposed to microwave radiation!
Charmaine, Ohio
son Simon in photo

To test your microwave to see if the seal is leaking radiation: place your cell phone in the microwave and close the door. Call that cellphone from a different number. If the cell phone in the microwave rings, you need a new microwave! Otherwise, radiation is leaking into your home and will destroy the Respen-A if it is placed too close to the microwave, and even while your child is wearing the disc!
Feedback From a Parent Regarding Article on Curing Lyme, etc.:

Our June Newsletter featured an article about curing Lyme Disease, etc., with complex homeopathy that doesn't negate Respen-A ™, while recovering your child from autism (link ). The following testimony is from a mother, Robbie Aldridge, who followed through with the recommendation to see Dr. Nader Soliman of Rockville, MD, in search of results for her son who has been using Respen-A™ since June of 2018:

My son’s journey across the autism spectrum has been a long road. We began treating him biomedically when he was 4, and he just turned 16 this past May. He has a litany of medical diagnoses obtained through blood and urine specimens as well as clinical observations. Like so many others, we would treat for an issue, and he would make improvement. However, these gains were not sustainable. It seems as though I’ve seen every section of this road multiple times. This circular pattern has by far been the most frustrating part of this entire process. 

Like every other parent of a kid on the spectrum, I’ve never stopped searching for answers, and most of those answers have come completely by surprise. In June of 2018, I came across a blog of a parent who had used Respen-A™ for their child. I talked to our doctor, and while he had never heard about Respen, he thought it was worth a try. We immediately began treatment and have seen great gains this last year. However, Respen-A™ was only taking my son so far, and old symptoms became problems once again. We tried everything to get the neurotransmitters in balance, and it just wasn’t making a difference. I knew that we needed to address his ongoing medical issues as this is a big part, not all, of his problems. 
I first heard about Dr. Soliman and his practice in February of 2019 from Kerri McCormick. I thought about making an appointment, but life was not at a point where I thought we could make the trip from Atlanta to Maryland. It wasn’t until I read the article in the June newsletter about Dr. Soliman that I really felt compelled that it was time to make the trip. I actually called their office the next day and scheduled an appointment for my son and myself. They were able to schedule the appointment only 3 weeks away- they are very accommodating out of town patients. 
Dr. Soliman was very nice, and extremely knowledgeable. He listened intently and asked pointed questions. His testing revealed that, even though we have been treating our son for 12+ years, the same old problems were still there. He has extreme heavy metal toxicity (though we’ve done many rounds of chelation). His Lyme disease is severe (those were Dr. Soliman’s words). Parasites are still a problem despite having been treated by one of the top parasite doctors in the nation, and his brain is inundated with a host of other bacteria and viruses. 
These revelations were not new to us, nor did they take us by surprise, as we'd already had conventional testing tell us the same thing. But the long term solution does not rest in simply going after the toxins or pathogens. My son’s own immune system is his worst enemy right now. We knew that he had very high levels of Strep antibodies giving him a PANDAs diagnosis, but Dr. Soliman found that he has a myriad of other antibodies as well. Our son could be diagnosed with several autoimmune conditions!

Every treatment we have tried in the past helped in the short term because the supplements/drugs were able to “catch” what was in my son's bloodstream. However, nothing could enter on the cellular level, because his immune system was not functioning properly. This leaves him susceptible to everything he encounters, while allowing those things already in his body to proliferate. The homeopathics we’ve used in the past could not have full benefit because they work by talking to the immune system, and his immune system has not been able to listen because of its hyperactive state. Due to this, as a homeopathic, even the Respen-A™ cannot function fully in our son’s body because of his immune system overload. 
The first step for our son’s treatment is to give him a good foundation, and correct his immune imbalances. Hopefully this will have happened by our next visit. Only then can we begin to treat all of the pathogens. By addressing the immune dysfunction first, Dr. Soliman assures us that this will actually minimize the Herx, or healing crisis. This is good news because we’ve been through many healing crises in the past without ever getting to full healing. Incidentally, Dr. Soliman told us that there is nothing in the pharmacopeia, and no supplements/other homeopathics, that can heal the immune system- except what he has developed. He is a genius, literally. 

Dr. Soliman is a recognized authority on "Auricular Medicine" a unique, complex, and highly advanced form of ear acupuncture, which is practiced by just a few in the USA. In addition to using complex homeopathy, he is also treating my son for gluten and dairy allergies through a process called auricular acupuncture. I am being treated as well for mold, gluten, and an allergy to my contacts. Who knew a person could develop such a thing? After only 1 week on the homeopathic sprays, I am already seeing good things in my son as well as myself. I had developed a severe mold allergy and fungal infection last fall which caused severe asthma attacks- I was using a rescue inhaler round the clock. My symptoms have all vastly improved, and I am now only needing my rescue inhaler minimally. I am confident that both my son and I will fully recover from our allergies. 

While Dr. Soliman is very optimistic, he is also realistic, which I appreciate. Too many times we have been promised that this -you fill in the blank- is the magic bullet. However, for those individuals with complex medical histories, that is usually not the case. Dr. Soliman iterated that even if we remove every toxin and pathogen that has been assaulting our son’s brain today, it takes time for his body and brain to heal. It will happen, we just don’t know the exact time frame.

For every parent who is still searching for healing for their child or themselves, DON’T GIVE UP! DON’T GET DISCOURAGED! Find a qualified, competent professional such as Dr. Soliman who can pinpoint the problem and help the body heal itself. After all, that’s is how we were designed to function. 

I fully recommend Dr. Nader Soliman without hesitation. I am happy to speak with anyone who would like more details about the process. You may also view the links below that explain more about his testing method and auricular medicine.

  Robbie Aldridge
Atlanta, GA

Searching for any of the following will also give you a wealth of information:

Dr. Nogier
Vascular Autonomic Signal
Auricular Acupuncture 

(Submitted by Kerri McCormick)

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Webinars Time Change!

In order to reach stay at home parents, and people living in other countries, webinars will now begin at 1:00 p.m. PST!

To help parents achieve maximum results with Respen-A , Elaine is hosting webinars on the last Monday of each month, at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Invitations will be emailed on Wednesday mornings, with reminders to non-openers sent the following Sunday. Space is limited to the first 50 participants.

Because we have people worldwide and in many different time zones who are using Respen-A , webinars will be recorded and made accessible at the website.

New topics will be covered each month, with 30 minutes following topic available for questions/answers. We look forward to your joining us!

  1. In talking with parents, we have found that high doses of Vitamin D may decrease the effectiveness of the Respen-A™ Disc. Therefore, we suggest taking no more than 400 IU’s of Vitamin D a day, which is the amount that is in most multi-vitamins.
  2. MAO-A converts histamine into the neurotransmitter, H2 (Histamine2). H2 reduces the amount of histamine conversion into H1, which is the allergy histamine. You should see a reduction in allergies with the use of Respen-A™ because of this.
Feedback Corner

Dear Elaine,

I want to share some more information on how my son, Tybalt, is doing with the Respen-A™.

His speech has improved. With this comes reading, focus and comprehension. Before Respen-A™, his reading skills were low. Instead of separating out words, like 'can think', he would read one word, eg; 'canthink'. Now, at just two months on Respen-A™, he has advanced from a third grade reading level to fourth grade, and he separates the words.

His comprehension has increased- I can ask him questions about the book he's read and he can answer every one, whereas before, he couldn't tell me anything.

Prior to Respen-A™ my son's interest in others was lacking. He would rarely ask questions of others, and when he did they were at a 12 year-old level instead of the maturity of my now 20 year-old. He is now engaging in the lives of those around him, asking more personal and complex questions. For example, he will ask his sister "what are you watching"?

His vocal stimming has decreased markedly. In transitional situations- like going outside, or going to bed, it was a 10. Now, just a couple months on Respen-A™, it is less, and he will lower the noise when I ask. Even though he can’t stop it, yet, he stims for a shorter amount of time.

I have noticed a slight improvement with bowel problems, and the OCD has gone from a 10 to a 7. One of his OCD behaviors is collecting papers. Yesterday he had pulled old papers from a day calendar and put them on the coffee table in the living room. I said that I didn’t want them laying there. Before the Respen-A™ that wouldn’t have had an effect. Now he said, "I will take them to my room". "Okay", I said, "you can take 2 pieces". He went upstairs and collected a bag, and then took about 10 pieces (left the other 40 on the table) and brought them upstairs. He then reminded me that we had to throw the rest away, and I said, "Yes, can you bring them to the box for recycling"? He replied, "Yes", and picked them up and brought them to the box.

Tybalt's self help skills have also improved. Before, he could attend to his needs at about a 50% level. Now he has started shaving himself, and he brings his plate to the kitchen when he is finished eating. He has started brushing his own teeth, and shaving, and doesn’t want help with this any more. It’s as if puberty and maturity suddenly started with the Respen-A™! "I don’t need your help anymore", he says, even though he is not doing it perfectly, since he only wants to brush the lower teeth.

Oddly, he now has body odor from sweat, which is new. He's also less hungry in the afternoon. I can only assume that the Respen-A™ has improved his digestion- I've read it helps with digestive enzymes and gut issues.

Over all, my son seems to be older. Last week he dropped his shaving machine and the part that is used as a trimmer broke. I had asked him a few days earlier what he wanted for his birthday and he said, "I don’t know". The morning after dropping the shaving machine he suddenly said, “Mom, you can buy a new trimmer for my birthday”.

We are still seeing gains and look forward to more!

Thank you, Elaine!

Gaby Van den Berg
The Netherlands
Respen-A TM Campaign

MedDEV-OTC Inc. has launched a grassroots campaign to raise the necessary funds to have Respen-A manufactured and marketed as an over the counter treatment that is easily accessible to millions of children and families worldwide. Please watch our campaign video, above, and share!

100% of purchases and donations will go towards our Phase 1 Milestone campaign goal of $609,726 USD. As of 08/27/19 $68,374.08 has been raised through fundraising and purchases. That brings us more than halfway to item #1 of the first Milestone, which is for base documentation required to develop processes and validate chemical compounds with an emphasis on engineering and regulatory procedures. 

Question of the Month...From US to You!

Do you know that the following supplements will decrease the effectiveness of or negate the Respen-A™ Disc, because they inhibit MAO-A?

Turmeric (also called Curcumin)
Papain and Licorice Root (Anise), often in digestive enzyme supplements
Cat’s Claw
Lemon Balm
Milk Thistle
Anything high in polyphenols, such as Cistus Tea
Olive oils high in polyphenols, 

ALL of the above will lower the MAO-A, thus negating the Respen-A™.
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