Our relationship with Liberia began in 2005 when we were first paired with our sister church, Bethlehem Temple, located in the St. John’s River District of Liberia, West Africa. This pairing was part of the UMC Detroit Conference’s covenant relationship with this extremely impoverished war stricken African country. Just recently, at the 2019 Michigan Annual Conference there was unanimous support to continue a covenant relationship with Liberia. Rev. Mary plans to travel to Liberia in February 2020 with a Michigan delegation led by the Bishop to further define this renewed covenant and visit mission projects.

Bethlehem Temple- Our sister church is in a very remote bush area, difficult to get to, and often impossible to travel in and out of during the rainy season. We have supported the pastor and the people of the church in many ways throughout the years, but most significantly through the funding of their well in 2008.  They deeply value the prayers and assistance that we provide, and pray for us as well. We hope to continue to support our sister church through pastor salary support and school fees assistance for the children.

John Dean Town Health Project - The JDT Health Project started in 2014 and consists of Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) training, clean water wells, latrines, health education, and immunizations for 18 villages. Much progress was accomplished through this project and safe deliveries now occur there regularly. Our continued support of the project and clinic helps ongoing TBA training and meetings, medication for patients, and clinic staff salary.

Please keep our Liberian brothers and sisters in your prayers and prayerfully consider giving to the August Mission of the Month, Liberia.