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Rabbi's Message

Jerry Cutler

As a part of humanity, as a citizen of this great country, as a member of the Jewish community, whatever deed I perform is important to me, my family and has a direct bearing on our community.

There is a Rabbinic parable about the Roman Emperor Hadrian who is riding through the countryside in the land of Israel. He found an old man planting a fruit tree. He stopped and asked, "Old man, what sense is there in you doing this? It will take years until fruit appears." The old man answered, "If I am found worthy, I shall eat of it. If not, just as my ancestors toiled for me, so I am laboring for my children."

A few years later when Hadrian passed that way again, he found the old man and his family sitting under the tree enjoying its fruit.

My message today is clear and important. Let us work for peace for all who inhabit the earth, let us cultivate the teachings of morality and let  us plant the seeds of good deeds in our daily life.

Rabbi Jerry Ram Cutler

Our Next Shabbat Service

7:30 pm on Friday, 
August 2, 2019 
Why?  Tradition!

Going west on Wilshire as you approach Warner Blvd., one long block west of Beverly Glen, turn into the driveway that has the sign "Church Parking" and park on levels P2 or P3. Take the elevator up to P1 (which is also the lobby). Services are in the Town Hall room directly across from the elevator.

Arne's Corner

I was just pondering................

If Socialism is so good and Capitalism is so bad. Then why
isn't the caravan heading to Venezuela?
If the Palestinians wanted peace, there would be peace. If
Israel wanted war, the Palestinians would no longer exist.
If the Russians are so evil, how come no investigation has ever
been started on the Uranium sell-out (20% of American's Uranium supply)  to the Russians? 

  We have become an arrogant nation that signals we can change  the Universe, when in reality we can't even run an awards ceremony, fix  potholes, build a road or stop our inner-city youth from murdering one  another.
Fixing our problems begin with you, me, us, and we.

Arnold Charitan

We are gearing up for our High Holidays 2019/5780!
It is time to make your reservations.  Call the Temple office at 
818-855-1301 to become a member or to reserve your seats.

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Monthly Events
Services, Dinners, High Holidays 
( Dates are subject to change)


Friday - August 2, @ 7:30 pm
Shabbat Services 
Belmont Village - Town Hall
10475 Wilshire Blvd

Friday - September 6, @ 7:30 pm
Shabbat Services 
Belmont Village - Town Hall
10475 Wilshire Blvd

Sunday- September 29, @ 8:00 pm
Rosh Hashanah Services 
Westwood United Methodist Church
10497 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Parking at Belmont Village starting at P2

Monday - September 30, @ 10:00 am
Rosh Hashanah Services 
Westwood United Methodist Church
10497 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Parking at Belmont Village starting at P2

Tuesday - October 1, @ 11:00 am
Tashlich By The Sea
Whiskey Red's
13813 Fiji Way
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Reservations Must Be Made for Brunch
RSVP: Temple office 1-818-855-1301

Tuesday - October 8, @ 8:00 pm
Kol Nidre Services 
Westwood United Methodist Church
10497 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Parking at Belmont Village starting at P2

Wednesday - October 9, @ 10:00 am
Yom Kippur Services
Westwood United Methodist Church
10497 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Parking at Belmont Village starting at P2
Yizkor: 1:00 pm
Ne'elah: 5:00 pm

Friday - November 1, @ 7:30 pm
Shabbat Services 
Belmont Village - Town Hall
10475 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Parking at Belmont Village starting at P2

Friday - December 6, @ 7:30 pm
Shabbat Services 
Belmont Village - Town Hall
10475 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Parking at Belmont Village starting at P2

131 S. Rodeo Drive  Suite 100
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Cell 310-995-0340
Bus 310-248-6440

I will be with you every step of the way. That is my promise, that is my commitment. 

Also, a FREE mezuzah hanging on your new home from our esteemed Rabbi. 


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Review From the Pew
Rabbi Jerry Ram Cutler

Trailer: The Play That Goes Wrong
Trailer: The Play That Goes Wrong

The Play That Goes Wrong.

My one and only appearance in a legit play was many years ago in Denver, Colorado. The play, "Fiddler On the Roof," was performed by professional and amateur actors to offset the cost of an full-equity play.
The performance presented as originally written by Sholom Aleichem, without music.

At the time, I was Youth Activities Director of a Temple. Everyone thought I would be good as Motl one of the suitors for Tevya's daughter.

I accepted gladly as I felt my time had come for me to break out and finally be discovered. We rehearsed for weeks and I aced my part at each run through.

Finally, the night of the performance. The actor who portrayed Tevya  was terrific. Finally, the time came for me to make my appearance. Without flinching and full of confidence I walked on stage and was greeted with applause from the audience. I turned to acknowledge my entrance and saw a packed theatre. I started to tremble. I froze! All those people were staring at was Tevya who asked again as I didn't answer the first time, "Who are you and where do you come from?" My answer, had I the ability to utter a sound or syllable would have been, "I'm Motl Kamzoil from Anatevka."
I looked at him like a deer caught in headlights. Tevye looked at me pitifully, and said, "You must be Motl Kamzoil from Anatevka."

All I could do was nod my head in affirmation.
The good news is, the audience thought that, throughout the play I was a mute.  The bad news is that my dream of being discovered, never came to fruition.

All of the above passed through my mind as I saw the opening of "The Play That Goes Wrong" at the Ahmanson Theatre.

The name of the play is a foreshadow of things to come as everything does go wrong during its performance. And, when it does, laughter rebounds from the hallowed walls of The Ahmanson. The actors collect themselves for a moment, continue, and then something else goes awry. More laughter!  

Before the play begins the 'stage hands' busy themselves with last minute touches. However, everything they touch either breaks, or falls off the walls, or is missing... Nothing goes right except for the things that continue to go wrong even when the play opens.  That's when the real fun begins.

I would have loved to be in the room when Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields conceived of a play that goes terribly wrong and started to write each hilarious mishap that can possibly happen when it does. The actors appearing in "The Murder At Haversham Manor" absolutely kill this play within a play much to the delight of the audience and each other. At times, there seems to be a disconnect between the cast and its everyone for him or herself. However, it isn't that way at all and falls into place with the craziness jelling into a fun-filled evening.

Director Matt DiCarlo's direction is impeccable and the cast is solid. "The Play That Goes Wrong" doesn't, and is an homage to perfect timing. Go and enjoy, soon. It closes August 11
3 Bagels out of 4

Who Says Jews Can't Play Sports?
A Very Interesting Video On 
That Very Subject.

Genesis Prize Foundation presents
Genesis Prize Foundation presents "Jews in Sports"

If you have a joke, an article or a video you would like to share, please send it to [email protected]

Local Jewish Organizations Prepare for Earthquakes
Published by the Jewish Journal   

Following Southern California's 6.4 magnitude earthquake on July 4 and a 7.1 earthquake on July 5, Jewish schools, synagogues and organizations around Los Angeles are taking extra precautions to prepare for additional temblors and other natural disasters.  

American Red Cross Los Angeles Region Emergency Preparedness Educator and Public Information Officer Naomi Goldman told the Journal, "We can't predict or prevent all these natural disasters, but there are things people can do to make them better prepared to survive a disaster."  

The Red Cross proposes three simple steps to prepare for emergency disasters:  
1. Put together a kit containing supplies for at least three days, including a gallon of water per person per day, nonperishable food, a flashlight and extra batteries, a first aid kit, medications and copies of important documents, such as identification papers, bank account records and insurance policies.  
2. Make a plan in case you're separated from your family and propose what to do if you need to evacuate.  
3. Be informed about possible disasters and emergencies that may occur depending on where you live and work, and take first aid, CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) courses to be prepared if help is delayed.  
"We are overdue for a large earthquake and we have no real meaningful predictor to know when it's going to happen," Goldman said. "All I can say is use the time you have now [to prepare]."
The Journal also spoke with a number of local Jewish organizations to see what steps they have undertaken in preparation for the "big one."  
The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles
"This federation and our building on Wilshire Boulevard were devastated in the [1994 Northridge] earthquake," Federation President and CEO Jay Sanderson said. "The building, when it was rebuilt, was seismically retrofitted and [it's] as safe as any building could be in the city during an earthquake. Over seven years ago, our federation created the Community Security Initiative (CSI), which is designed to keep the Jewish community safe from all kinds of threats, and as part of that initiative, we created an early-warning system and a communications system. Earthquake preparedness is unique because it's connected to the structure in which you work. [It's] something that you have to build in."  

To protect the 300 people who work in the building on any given day, Sanderson ensures staff participate in periodic training and "we have taken all the steps that we could when we built this [new] building to make it as safe as possible."

Westside Jewish Community Center (JCC) 
"We worked hard on establishing an emergency response procedure that includes earthquakes ... and [we do] trainings with students, children and staff on what the procedure is, how to prepare, what to do in case of an earthquake," Westside JCC Executive Director Brian Greene said. "It's part of being in school; it's very natural for them."  

In case of emergency, the JCC has established multiple advanced security measures, such as "a building-wide public address system, a communications system to be able to reach parents - it's a web-based system, so we can get to it from anywhere - and an emergency texting system to all of our staff," Greene said.   "You can't live in Southern California and not put a high priority on earthquake preparedness."  

Temple Beth Am
To protect the 500 people in its building throughout the day, Senior Rabbi Adam Kligfeld said, "We have an active safety and security team ... and they are thinking about the entire campus and its readiness for all sorts of emergencies. While living in California, you're always nervous about potential earthquakes. It hasn't been on the radar so much in the last few years, yet the last set of earthquakes has raised our attention to it and it's going to be a focus moving forward - listening to best practices out there for securing a building and also specifically what to do when the building is most full. We're at the cusp of beginning to explore that."  

B'nai David-Judea 
"After this recent [earthquake], we notified the congregants via email of the authority guidelines that are out there in multiple documents - stop, drop and cover - and we made them applicable to our facility," Security Committee Chairman Lawrence Handman said. "We have professional security guards, numerous physicians [in our congregation], first aid kits around the building, and [volunteers who will] notify what's happening, assess the circumstances and lead [evacuations if necessary].
"We have mobile phones in strategic locations in the building. We're an Orthodox synagogue so many people don't carry their phones. And we do have evacuation drills from time to time."  

Milken Community Schools
"We continuously maintain and monitor our emergency preparedness supplies and the structural integrity of our facilities," Director of Operations and Safety Nathan Humphreys said in an email. Humphreys added that it's crucial to "[solidify] a communications and emergency response plan in order to swiftly and deliberately respond in an emergency. Having emergency supplies on hand to sustain students, staff, faculty and the campus in a disaster is paramount. Periodic inspections of these supplies are conducted as items expire."  
With a total of 950 people in the building per day, Milken ensures that preparedness drills are conducted on a consistent basis to engage students and faculty in the safety of the school, but "we will be increasing the frequency [of] our education efforts regarding earthquake preparedness," Humphreys said.  

Shalhevet High School
"We undertook a project to make sure we have enough emergency supplies in the event of an earthquake for [the 280] students and faculty who could be on campus during such an event," Chief Operating Officer Sarah Emerson said in an email. The supplies, which include emergency lighting, food, water, hygiene and comfort supplies, "are kept in accessible areas and are monitored for expiration," Emerson added. In the new Shalhevet building, earthquake, fire and lockdown drills are conducted regularly. "In light of the most recent earthquakes, we plan to include earthquake education in our faculty orientation programming," Emerson said. "[We] are constantly looking for ways to improve our security in consultation with experts."  

YULA Boys High School 
"In response to the two earthquakes that recently took place, we're thankful that no one was hurt here, and our leadership team is revisiting our emergency protocol to make sure that everything is up to date," Head of School Rabbi Arye Sufrin said. "We're increasing our emergency supplies and making sure that [they] have not expired. This year at orientation, there will be a focal point on making sure that everyone is up to date on our emergency procedures. ... The ideal plan is that we should only ever have to practice these drills."  

For more information from the Red Cross on how to build an emergency kit, visit the  website. 

Melissa Simon is a senior studying journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Jewish Journal summer intern.  

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