Vol. 5, Issue 8
August 20 19

Jean-Luc Bredas to Join CBC
We are excited to announce that Professor Jean-Luc Bredas will join our department in January 2020.

Jacob Schwartz has Created a New Drug Treatment for Cancer
CBC's Jacob Schwartz's primary focus is Ewing's sarcoma, a childhood cancer that is driven by the proteins he and his students are investigating.

Former CBC Professor F. Raymond Salemme
It is with great sadness that we announce that former CBC Professor F. Raymond Salemme passed away on July 24, 2019.

Natasha Cornejo and John Jewett Awarded Gilliam Fellowship
Congratulations to CBC graduate student Natasha Cornejo and her research mentor Dr. John Jewett on receiving a 3-year Gilliam Fellowship funded through HHMI.

6th Annual Research Symposium Winners Announced
Congratulations to all the winners of this year's Research Symposium!

Wolfgang Peti Receives NIH R01 Grant
Congratulations to Wolfgang Peti on the funding of his grant Protein Phosphatase 1 Holoenzyme Formation and Subunit Exchange.

CBC Alumni Receive Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists & Engineers
We congratulate CBC alumni Christopher  Zarzana and Marilyne Stains on receiving this prestigious award.

Summer 2019 Students of the Month
We have 2 Summer 2019 Students of the month: John Huynh and Maddie Morrow!

Alumni News

Kellen Bortz ( BS in Biochemistry, 2019) 
Upon graduation I had an offer to work for Thermo Fisher Scientific. I am currently in a sales development program to then transition into a clinical diagnostic sales position. I actually learned about this position and got my first interview from the UA STEM career fair. I am currently training in LA and will be traveling for several months to complete several rotational projects during the program. 
Hiromi Fukuzaki (BS in Biochemistry/MCB, 2019) 
A wise mentor of mine told me that, "Oftentimes we are pressured to just do something, when what we really need is to take time for ourselves." So, that's what I'm currently doing: realigning my compass so to speak, and I am taking a gap year to focus on myself and travel a bit. I'm not at a prestigious job, or off saving the world (at least, not yet), and I think that's okay. Although I am unsure what the future holds, I'm sure it'll be fun. 
Heber Lara (BS in Biochemistry, 2019) 
My time at the UA has been some of my most formative years. Throughout the five years, I found a fitting career path and overcame unanticipated challenges. This fall I will attend UW in Seattle to begin a Ph.D. in Immunology.