ODFL August 2019 Newsletter
Can middle and high school students change the world?  They can! Since our last newsletter, in May, ODFL has completed 11 projects in six developing world countries. They dramatically improve life chances for some of the poorest people in the world. And they’ve all been funded by American students giving one dollar. It is truly inspiring, and empowering.  
Los Altos Hills Magazine Puts ODFL on Front Cover!

ODFL’s founder was featured on the front cover of the July issue of the prestigious Los Altos Hills magazine. That’s him with the short hair. Click on the photo to read the story. It tells about ODFL’s origins, its current work, and its vision
Setidevi Library, Nepal

In June, 13 teenage girls traveled to Nepal to help build a library at the Setidevi School in Pharping. The students paid their own way. ODFL funded the materials, working with its local partner, Little Sister’s Fund.  
Last year, ODFL funded a science lab at the same school. The two projects have improved educational opportunities for the school’s 205 students. 

This project was funded by students at California High School in San Ramon, CA and Stockdale High School in Bakersfield. THANK YOU!
Ngungu Secondary School, Kenya

This summer, ODFL completed construction of a classroom at the Ngungu school in Kirinyaga. What a difference it will make in the education of thousands of African students!  
In addition to the classroom proper, we also installed a water catchment system, so the students don’t have to walk a mile to bring water, and a set of 30 desks.  

This project was entirely funded by students at Del Norte High School in San Diego, Burlingame High School in Burlingame, Los Altos High School in Los Altos, and Public Safety Academy in San Bernardino. THANK YOU STUDENTS! The world is a better place because of you.  
El Paraiso Classroom, Nicaragua

The El Paraiso school in Matagalpa, Nicaragua had 75 students but only 2 classrooms. The preschool students were being taught in the kitchen, so no meals could be prepared. 
Now, the students all have classrooms, and the kitchen is used to make breakfasts and lunches for the students. This has dramatically improved life for all of the students at the school. 

Special thanks to students and staff at Gahr High School in Cerritos and Jefferson High School in Daly City for their funding of this project.
What Impact Can a Dollar Make?

We recently completed a study asking just that. Some of the findings: 

  • By purchasing milk cows, we are providing daily protein to African orphans at a cost of $1.35 per child per year.

  • A new water well in Malawi has helped double the calories available to villagers at a cost of $.25 (twenty five cents) per person per year.

  • Our Birthing Centers in Nepal are reducing the number of mothers and babies dying in childbirth by more than 90%.

To download a PDF copy of the report, click here .  
What We’ve Done This Year

So far in 2019, ODFL has completed 15 projects in 6 different developing world countries. These include a new classroom in Kenya, a Learning Resource Center in Nicaragua, a Water Project in Ecuador, and more.

These projects dramatically improve life chances for some of the poorest people in the world.  Click here to see all of these projects.

And to see thumbnails of all 120 of the projects ODFL has completed since it started, click here . It is SO beautiful!  
Final Word
ODFL is based on two simple ideas: We are bigger when we help others; and if we will all do the smallest bit, the effect is enormous. 

With those two ideas, we have built 120 small-scale infrastructure projects in the developing world. Classrooms. Medical clinics. Computer labs. Libraries, and more. They are literally changing the world, both “out there,” and here at home. How? 

When students see tangible proof of what they can do, they get 10 feet tall right in front of your eyes. And the effect is two-fold: look what I did; and look what we did. 

They will remember both effects for the rest of their lives. That is the real change ODFL aims for: making bigger people here at home. It’s working. 

If your school or ASB or Leadership class would like a presentation on how high school students are changing the world, write to robertf@odfl.org . There is no obligation whatsoever to do an ODFL fundraiser. Our goal is to inspire young people to collective action, however they decide to do that.  

Yours in a Better World,

One Dollar For Life