August 2019

Hi Everyone,

ThetaHealing benefits us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

ThetaHealing is taught throughout the world. In Arizona, there are classes in Flagstaff and Phoenix . Plus, you can find practitioners from Japan to Mexico to England to Australia and on and on.

Here is a case study of the changes that occurred for one woman who worked with me: In her first session, she resolved her grief about her parents and grandparent’s contentious relationship. Then resolved her career concerns in the next. By the next session, she had quit her job and went back to school for a certificate which led to a new job bringing her much more respect in the workplace.

ThetaHealing brings immediate change and opens the door to choose and create the life you always wished you could have.

Most of us have lived with a lot of discomfort and pain; I mean emotionally as much as physical. Most of you have heard my story of growing up with tragedy, trauma and then family dysfunction. Truly, no matter how rough it has been life can get better. I see that in my own life (my book Living Hope - Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind tells the story) and I see it get better in the lives of the people I work with and the ones I teach.

As I said classes and ThetaHealing is offered all around the world. I’m in Phoenix but we can also do distance healing over the phone.

I hope you’ll join me at one of the upcoming events, for a ThetaHealing session or a seminar.

In November, I’m offering the Living an Awakened Life workshops followed by a retreat are based on the spiritual growth and internal changes that happen within Matityahu (Mathew) in my books the Journey with Matityahu series.

In the workshops and the retreat, we’ll go deep into meditation and self-exploration along with sharing our authentic selves which shifts us further into greater awareness of the truth of who we are. How much is possible for each of us?

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Love and Light, Lynne

I hope you'll join me for one of the following:

ThetaHealing Seminars

Become a practitioner, advance your skills as a healer and as an intuitive. In Phoenix, AZ. Visit  for seminar descriptions.

  • Rainbow Children                       August 15-16 and 20-22
  • Manifesting Abundance              Aug. 26-27 (prerq. Dig Deep)
  • Basic DNA ThetaHealing           Sept. 18-20
  • Advanced ThetaHealing            Oct. 29-31 (prerq. Basic)
  • Dip Deep ThetaHealing             Nov. 7-8 (prereq. Advanced)
  • Rhythm to a Perfect Weight       Nov. 15 (prerq. Dig Deep)
  • Manifesting Abundance             Nov. 20-21 (prerq. Dig Deep)

Come to Conscious Experts Live where I'll be speaking on stage about my journey as healer, teacher and business woman.

Plus I'll show you how we all can move from suffering, from emotional pain to inner peace and ease in life.
Please join me for the following:

Living an Awakened Life Workshops
November 5, 12, 19, 26 December 3 and 10

and the

An Awakened Life Retreat Dec. 13-14

in Scottsdale, AZ

Details will be added to my website asap.

To schedule a reading or a healing session

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We can work by phone, skype or zoom to build the life of your dreams.
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I am a counselor, intuitive consultant, instructor, dedicated to help spiritually-minded people release trauma and heal, to achieve freedom from limiting beliefs, to improve work and life conditions, to embrace inner peace and expand sense of self and possibility. I do all this in classes and in one-on-one sessions with nurturing and gentle guidance.
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