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August 2020
2020|30: A disability rights timeline

2020-30 Disability Rights Timeline
At our celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act last month, we debuted our disability rights timeline video, titled 2020|30.

Timelines are not only about looking back, they also extend into the future. We encourage you to leave a comment on our website letting us know what you would like to see going forward in the disability rights movement.
People with disabilities are protesting for their rights all across the U.S.   
man being lifted from wheelchair to take a knee while protesting

There is civil unrest all across the country and people with disabilities are joining the fight. From life & death decisions during COVID-19 to election accessibility, to police brutality, people with disabilities are making their concerns known and fighting for their rights. Follow this link to read more about people with disabilities protesting.
Am I expendable during this pandemic?

Alice Wong with ventalator
In this article, disability rights advocate Alice Wong says that as medical rationing becomes a reality during COVID-19, "quality of life" measures threaten people with disabilities. In some states, disability rights groups have filed complaints charging that the states' triage recommendations discriminate against people with disabilities. Wong said, "The ethical framework for rationing often put people with disabilities at the bottom of the list."
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