August 2020
Continuing our return to field work
As our gradual return to field work across Ontario continues, we are resuming interior inspections of non-residential properties. We continue to focus only on exterior inspections of residential properties, with property owner consent.

On-site property inspections are an important part of our work to capture new assessment and as of August 17, we have captured over $20.4 billion in new assessment this year, providing municipalities with vital new revenue.

We continue to work with municipalities to adapt our processes for gathering data, and over 150 municipalities are now using new functionality to submit digital building plans. Our new curbside pick-up program for obtaining building plans from municipalities that can’t submit them digitally is also well underway.

When conducting field work, MPAC employees will continue to follow strict health and safety protocols by conducting self-assessments each day, wearing personal protective equipment and maintaining physical distance. 
Welcoming new board members
The Minister of Finance recently appointed two new taxpayer representatives to our Board of Directors:

William Luke, a lawyer, entrepreneur and active community organizer with a passion for access to justice issues.

Andrew Gassmann, who brings more than 25 years of experience in the financial sector, combined with extensive background in community leadership and municipal government.

Learn more about our Board of Directors at
Watch our annual update at AMO
Facing a global pandemic and the postponement of our 2020 Assessment Update forced us to re-evaluate our value to our municipal partners in a world that is rapidly changing and will likely never be the same.
As part of our annual update to municipalities at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Conference this month, we shared how we are adapting and working differently to serve you better while managing costs, and why collaboration and conversations with municipal partners is more important than ever.
We also had an exhibit booth at the AMO Conference where we shared information about our work, how we support municipal partners and property owners, and had valuable discussions with our municipal partners. 
If you missed the conference, watch our update and Q&A period including the Ministry of Finance, and check out this resource for property owners from our virtual exhibitor booth.
Upcoming webinar: Planning Services
Overview of MPAC’s Planning Services - Fundamental to Assessing Properties in Areas of Growth

Having access to municipal planning and development information can play a critical role in informing our valuation processes, particularly when assessing properties in areas of growth.
Join subject matter experts Joe Regina, Director and Uzo Rossouw, Manager, with MPAC’s Research and Advisory Services Department, who will provide an overview of MPAC’s Planning Services team and its purpose. Joe and Uzo will explain how working together with your municipality is fundamental to ensuring consideration of important planning factors in our assessment of properties in your communities.

We will dedicate time to answering your questions throughout the webinar. 
Date: Wednesday, September 2
Time: 1 to 2 P.M. EDT
You can find a recording of last month’s webinar on WorkSight, along with all our monthly municipal webinars, on our YouTube channel. A schedule of upcoming webinars is also available on
Sessions at MFOA Conference
We’ll be taking part in two sessions at next month’s virtual Municipal Finance Officers’ Association Conference, and look forward to answering your questions live.
September 9
2 to 3 p.m.

Session will feature live Q&A and be available to conference delegates for playback at a later time

Valuing Ontario Together – an MPAC Update
The COVID-19 pandemic tested and strengthened MPAC’s partnership with municipalities and our commitment to supporting you. We are taking a future oriented approach to support, with a focus on new cost-effective ways to collect and share data while also meeting our service level standards. Join us to learn how we will come out of this crisis a more agile and resilient organization that impartially values over 5 million properties in Ontario.

Speakers: Carmelo Lipsi, Vice-President and COO and Mary Dawson-Cole, Acting Director, Municipal and Stakeholder Relations
September 23
8 to 11 a.m.

(15 minute update)
Continuing to enhance the User Experience with MPAC’s Municipal Connect
Speakers: Rebecca Webb, Regional Manager, Municipal and Stakeholder Relations and Janet Rombis, Product Specialist, Municipal and Stakeholder Relations
When the City of Thunder Bay’s local Account Manager called in mid-August with an offer to arrange for MPAC to retrieve paper building plans through a new curbside pick-up program, the city jumped on the opportunity. In just four days, MPAC and the City worked together to facilitate the first curbside pick-up of plans that were stored for months in a closed municipal office.
“We understand how important building plans are to MPAC’s ability to assign accurate values to new construction and additions/renovations,” says Penny Kok, Director Building Services for the City of Thunder Bay. “We had quite a stockpile of plans in our office and were more than happy to work with MPAC on what turned out to be a really fast and easy way to provide them.”
In only a few days, the City identified a staff member with access to their office who could retrieve the plans, and the Account Manager arranged for valuation staff to pick them up. Both the City and MPAC already had protocols in place to ensure staff health and safety, including PPE and physical distancing requirements, so the process was smooth.
“We’ve heard that the first set of building plans MPAC picked up are already being processed, and we are going to continue to use the new process for the foreseeable future,” Kok says.

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