August 2020 Chapter Newsletter
M Moser Associates Living Lab (New York, NY)

M Moser is a united, cohesive company that works seamlessly through technological advancements and practices to solve global companies' most pressing people issues. The new Moser workspace in New York represents an agile, future-proofed “living lab” for ongoing adaptation and change. Strategy and design teams created a workplace that reflects transformation and addresses individual needs through new digital strategies, space planning, flexible furniture and technology to achieve a high-performing workplace. The office serves as a co-working space and enables M Moser to test and develop a broad range of workplace strategies to ensure the best results for clients.
The Design Challenge
The vision for the new M Moser workspace was an agile, future-proofed “living lab” for ongoing adaption and change.
The Design Solution 
  • Dynamic work environment where the staff simultaneously owns every space and yet owns none of it. The team is empowered to choose how and where they need to work each day.
  • Mobility enabled with mobile battery power packs, rolling desks, large mobile screens and green walls on wheels allow the team to be more agile.
  • WELL Design (Platinum Certification level) allows for the team to leave work healthier than when they came in a Landmark building.
  • Technology equipped to create a future-focused approach to creativity, including a VR Lab, 3D printer, Innovation Lab and upgrades such as high speed, trading-level Wi-Fi, a fully cloud-based network, a U-Rack server and a biometric fingerprint reader entrance.
  • Living Lab workspace that embodies the spirit of freedom and experimentation, empowering people to adapt and innovate.

  • With circadian lighting and Naava walls included in the space, M Moser observed that people were able to stay longer and work longer hours within the office due to comfortability and healthy surroundings.
  • Due to the air quality and health-consciousness of the office, M Moser has seen a marked decrease (50%) in sick days within the year of moving into the new office.
  • The office can accommodate nearly 75 (with desks and seating available), but with additional furniture designs M Moser may be able to extend and encompass alternate working points.
  • After the move to the new office, M Moser saw a 75% increase in client visits to the office and 75% increased win-rate on projects.

  • Design: June 2017
  • Construction/Approval: April 2018
  • Project Completion: July 2018

  • Design & Strategy: M Moser Associates
All Areas: Friday August 7 - First Fridays Live Virtual Event
All Areas: Wednesday August 12 - Live Virtual Event
The 2020 ANDYZ Awards Presentation Virtual Event
The ANDYZ Awards are produced in partnership with
Las Vegas Design Center & American Society of Interior Designers, CA Central / NV

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Las Vegas: August 30 - September 3 - Las Vegas Market

Las Vegas Market - August 30 - September 3
Moving forward to help you get back to business, reinvigorate our industry and our communities. 
Las Vegas Market will run as scheduled, but will be staged as showroom-only buying opportunities – with no tradeshow component.

Participating showrooms and buyers are highly encouraged to set appointments to allow for social distancing and more effective traffic density and showroom capacity management. 

To facilitate a safer environment, pre-registration is required for Las Vegas Market this summer. Detailed and thorough cross-department protocols for buyer and showroom personnel arrival, registration and departure will include temperature screening, contactless registration, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
Face masks are required for your safety.

Pre-registration for Market is required to minimize physical contact.

Buyers may register for one of two sessions this summer:
Session A: Aug 30 – Sept 1
Session B: Sept 1 – Sept 3
Las Vegas: August 30 - September 3 - ANDYZ Awards Winner's Showcase
If you'll be at Las Vegas Market this summer, we hope you'll take the time to visit the showcase honoring our 2020 ANDYZ Awards winners and their winning designs!

The Showcase is Open to all Market Attendees.
All Nevada: Monday November 16 - Thursday November 19th - Live Virtual Event

The NSBAIDRD Seminars for Annual Registration Renewal -
Now a Virtual Event!

 (originally scheduled for Thurs., July 16th)

Get the credits you need to maintain your license in Nevada!

These Seminars are usually just one day done twice a year; once in Reno and once in Las Vegas. Because of the uncertainty regarding nonessential travel, large group gatherings and social distancing this summer and into the fall, NSBAIDRD made the decision to change this year's seminar to a virtual event. Four separate classes will be held over four days, instead of in just one day. Attendees can register for any or all of the sessions.

CLICK HERE for more information and to register

This seminar provides registrants with all eight required CEUs for annual registration renewal in Nevada. Sessions will provide health, safety, and welfare related topics relevant to the professions of architecture, residential design, and registered interior design.
CEUs: 8 CE/HSW total (includes 4 building code related), and qualify for the 2 Code CE Requirements in the State of Nevada.

Registration Fee is $30 for each session, or the Special Price of $95.00 for all 4 sessions!

**Only those who are registered for the seminars and actually attend the seminars will receive their CE/HSWs

Monday, November 16th from 10:00am to 12:00pm
Scoping for Accessibility in New and Existing Buildings
Presented by Todd Snider, SE, CBO / Regional Manager WC3
This class will provide a brief overview of the accessibility requirements of the 2018 IBC. It will focus on which elements are required to comply with the accessibility provisions of ICC A117.1-09. The class will also discuss the requirements for accessibility upgrades required for modifications to existing buildings. It will talk about additions, alterations, change of use, historical buildings, and modifications to areas containing primary functions.

Tuesday, November 17th from 10:00am to 12:00pm
The Future of Design and Its Impact on the Health, Safety and Welfare of All Stakeholders
Presented by Jared Zurn Jared N. Zurn, AIA, NCARB, CAE, NCARB Vice President, Examination and
Andy McIntyre, NCARB Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Learn how technology is changing roles and responsibilities on and across project teams and the considerations design professionals must have for maintaining authority and responsibility.

Wednesday, November 18th from 10:00am to 12:00pm
I ntroduction to the IEBC
Presented by Todd Snider, SE, CBO / Regional Manager WC3
This course will provide a brief synopsis of the 2018 IEBC. It will provide an overview of how the IEBC is laid out and how it is to be applied to buildings. There will be some discussion as to the changes from Chapter 34 of the 2012 IBC for prescriptive requirements. It will also provide an overview of the scoping for the work-area method and performance methods also permitted by the IEBC.
2 CE/HSWs total and will qualify for the 2 Code CE Requirements
Thursday, November 19th from 10:00am to 12:00pm
Navigating Contract and Legal Issues facing Nevada Design Professionals in 2020
Presented by John Wendland, Esq. and Jeremy R. Kilber, Esq. from Weil and Drage, APC
Attorneys John T. Wendland, Esq. and Jeremy R. Kilber, Esq., the Nevada partners of Weil & Drage, APC, will present lessons learned from recent litigation involving Nevada design professionals, and a review of recent changes to Nevada law that will impact current and future projects. The attorneys will also address key contract provisions that should be included in all design contracts for Nevada projects.
As an ASID student member, you are part of a movement to promote the value of design. You will test your leadership abilities and play a proactive role in shaping your profession. Joining ASID as a student is the key to launching your design career.
Experience It
The  ASID Virtual Internship  provides the critical professional development opportunities undergraduate and graduate students need to prepare for a career in design. The program empowers students through an independent, immersive learning experience designed to keep them driven and motivated at this crucial time. With five areas of study, students create their own custom internship with on-demand, curated content. Live, interactive events with industry leaders and practitioners further diversify the experience and putting participants face-to-face with their future peers. 
The ASID Virtual Internship is available exclusively for  ASID Student Members
Do You Need Continuing Education Units? 
As a resource for you to continue to earn CEUs while ASID Chapter events are on hold, check out ASID's Online Academy , or Sherwin Williams and AEC Daily  for many free webinars,

Upcoming Dates and Events

All Areas:

August 7 - First Fridays Online Virtual Event

August 12 - ANDYZ Awards Presentation Online Virtual Event

November 16 -19 - Virtual NSBAIRD Registration Renewal CEU Seminars (For Nevada)

Las Vegas:

August 30 - September 3: Las Vegas Summer Market

August 30 - September 3: ANDYZ Awards Winner's Showcase at LV Market


November 4: Vendor Fair. Meet Jamie Stringham, Chapter President & Jessica Gahan, Chapter Communications Director. Plus Meet and Greet Event.

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