AUGUST - 2020
Our goal is to rescue stray dogs of any breed off the streets of Detroit that are injured, sick or that are in imminent danger and need immediate medical attention.


We have had another very busy and expensive month here at Detroit Pit Crew. We rescued a number of dogs with extensive medical issues that required expensive medical treatment. Two of the pups rescued this month, now named Pebbles and Bam Bam, were found running the streets of Detroit and both tested positive for parvo. We believe that whoever had these pups previously must have known they were sick and dumped them off near a park in the City. It is heartbreaking for us to think about what would have happened to these little ones if they hadn’t been found in time.

Pebbles and Bam Bam had to be hospitalized at an emergency vet due to the seriousness of their condition. Yesterday Pebbles was well enough to be moved to a foster home but unfortunately Bam Bam is still very sick and remains in care at Advanced Animal Emergency. Bam Bam’s condition at this point is very serious so we are hoping and praying that he will be able to pull through. A special thank you for all of our donor heroes who help us make miracles happen for the voiceless dogs that need us the most. You are all very much appreciated.

With sincere gratitude,

 Theresa Sumpter
Executive Director, Detroit Pit Crew
Parvovirus-The Need To Knows

We have seen too many cases in the ER of canine parvovirus, “parvo”, so let’s prepare ourselves as furbaby owners for this disease. As the name says it is a virus and highly contagious to any dog but mostly puppies and those who have not been vaccinated for it. This is a hardy virus and can survive in the environment well. It is transmitted or passed by contact with contaminated feces so that means grass, sidewalks even we can step in it and carry it home! This virus attacks the gastrointestinal tract and most owners will notice their puppy having diarrhea, not eating, vomiting and lethargic.

If you notice your puppy coming down with these signs the sooner you seek treatment the better; however this still has a 50:50 chance of recovery. If your puppy becomes sick please do not wait to get care! Until your puppy has its full set of vaccines from their veterinarian do not take them around other dogs and keep their environment clean. We love our furbaby’s so let’s keep them safe and get them vaccinated!

Kayla Stomack, DVM
Sweet girl Penny is turning 5 years old on August 28th. In honor of her birthday, her awesome parents have decided to MATCH ALL DONATIONS UP TO $5,000! Your donation will not only help Detroit Pit Crew provide care and support to countless dogs in need, but will also help Penny celebrate her special day! This special matching fundraiser continue until August 31st!
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