AUGUST 2020 Edition
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ZOOM here! ZOOM there!
You can ZOOM anywhere!
This year, the Bermuda Zoological Society (BZS) is turning their annual Zoom Around the Sound race into a virtual challenge! Although participants will be unable to partake in the traditional Zoom Around the Sound morning event, the BZS is imploring you to continue your support of this annual fundraiser.
Starting on Saturday, 5th September, participants can complete the traditional Zoom course or 7.2 miles anytime and anywhere until 30th September. We are asking YOU to get out and move, in any way that you want, in any place that you want and whenever you want! By taking the event virtual, you are not limited to a time or place you can Zoom.

Take and post photos of yourself Zooming Around the Sound, or at your chosen location, and either tag the BAMZ social media pages or use the hashtag #BZSZoomChallenge for a chance to win prizes! Winners will be announced on October 1st and contacted via email.
Proceeds from this event will support education and conservation at the Bermuda Zoological Society.

BZS Volunteering has gone Virtual!
Summertime is normally a busy time for Bermuda Zoological Society (BZS) volunteers at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (BAMZ). However, the Coronavirus pandemic meant that normal volunteering at the facility was not possible. Determined to provide an opportunity for summer students, BZS Volunteer Officer, Joanne Chisnall, made volunteering possible for by gathering a group of students to take part in a newly created virtual programme, where as volunteers they could make a difference from anywhere with an Internet connection.
The 7 week programme required the virtual volunteers to meet on Zoom each Monday for an introduction, participate in a group field trip, complete a topic-related project and finally meeting on Friday using Zoom to share what they had learnt through the week. Over the course of the 7 weeks, the virtual volunteers completed public service announcements, online crafts, natural history pieces, animal enrichment toys and information videos.

“The virtual programme was designed to supplement our existing volunteer programme,” said Mrs. Chisnall. “We wanted to demonstrate the importance of BZS and BAMZ working together as a team and prepare the students for future in-person opportunities within each organisation.”

The 9 participating included a Bermudian living in England, students from BHS, Berkley Institute, Saltus and Cedarbridge Academy, and even a Police Cadet. Duke of Edinburgh students were also able to use elements of the programme to complete the service portion of the award scheme.

The volunteers first week involved a discussion about how animal enrichment is a major part of keeping the animal collections at BAMZ physically and mentally healthy. After a visit to Dolphin Quest to learn about enrichment activities for the resident dolphins, they were then instructed to conduct independent research on animal enrichment, learn how it is done within zoos and finally to practice using their own pets.

“Our virtual volunteer programme this summer was a real success,” said Mrs. Chisnall. “Who would have thought you could engage young adults virtually and get them to volunteer for a cause online.”
To see a video of some of the virtual volunteer's work this summer,
please visit our Facebook page.