Volume 65, Issue 8 | August 2020  
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August 2020 Community Center Calendar

Public meetings are cancelled until further notice due to the 
shelter-at-home order.
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11 | HVLT Board | 
18 | Firewise Committee |
25  | Sanitary District Board |

1st/3rd Wed. | Tam Design Review Board |
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Community Center Updates
Homestead Valley Pool Renovation Update

By Ashley MacDonald

While it seems as if so many things have been put on hold, we have been able to successfully continue working on the Homestead Valley pool renovation project. In very exciting news, both our financing plan and construction plans have been approved by the Marin County Board of Supervisors and our project is now out for bid! We are working closely with the Marin County Parks Department on this project and bids are due back to the County by August 18. HVCA will continue work with our volunteers and the County team to approve a contractor with the goal of starting construction in September 2020. The project is expected to take approximately five months with the hope that we will be able to fully open by Spring 2021.

As many residents may remember, in 2013/14 HVCA renovated the Community Center (with the help of Marin County Parks). At that time, there was an awareness that the aging pool and facilities would require attention and work. An assessment completed in 2016 identified a multitude of deficiencies, including a deteriorating pool infrastructure as well as inefficient and inadequate mechanical and piping systems. The pool facility did not meet current industry standards. This assessment was followed by the development of design concepts to address these issues. This set the stage for a renovation project once funding could be secured.

In June 2019, working with Marin County Parks, Goring & Straja Architects (the same architects that designed the community center remodel) worked to prepare construction documents. With funds secured, HVCA can now modernize and expand the existing facility to meet current codes to better serve the community. The new design will utilize the existing pool shell with a reconfigured footprint to include a new shallow area for all ages, while retaining space for lap swimming and families. Additional examples of improvement are new changing rooms, decking, fencing and sanitation/filtration system.

This project has been made possible through the efforts of the HVCA Board, many dedicated volunteers and the contributions of a number of private donors.
2020 Homestead Valley Music Festival Cancelled

Under the continuing health guidance of the County of Marin, the Homestead Valley Music Festival will not take place as scheduled this August. This is not the end of summer that any of us hoped to face, but our main focus remains the well-being of our community, artists, staff, partners and everyone involved in the festival.

A year without the Music Festival is hard for us to comprehend, but we have every intention of returning in a great way in 2021. As of now, the Homestead Valley Music Festival will take place Saturday, August 28, 2021.  We look forward to sharing our new lineups and more information. We can't wait to be together again with our friends and neighbors in the meadow when it is safe.
Land Trust Notes
August Wind

Above Cowboy Rock on a mid-summer day the gone-wild pincushions were like jeweled tiaras in the whitened oat grass. Down below the Himalaya blackberries hung ripe and gleaming.

The view from the rock was a landscape in flux. The wind raced over the ridge, whipping around everything flexible in its path. Tamalpais Park and Stolte Grove were breezy; the well-trod Eagle Trail through the Land Trust's Weedon Redwoods was calm. But as I rounded a rise I heard noises.

The bay trees were clacking and rattling. Buckeyes rocked and creaked where convoluted branches touched. Live oaks bowed and clunked each other. The wind thrashed through all the leaves. Madrone leaves sailed along, the just vacated branch trembling. Leaning on a tree, I felt the wind's pulse. All around was the sound of wind rushing, the sight of plants flexing and swinging.

In the tempest I walked silently. My dog, too, passed without sound. Two voiced creatures, moving without a peep, while all around the speechless trees gave voice to that time and place.

September 1987

These timeless articles are reprinted from "On Foot in Homestead A Hiker's Journal of a Coastal Valley," by Matthew Davis, 1988. Matthew Davis (1935-2015), a former HVLT Board member, wrote articles which appeared in the Homestead Headlines beginning in 1984. In 1988 Matthew compiled his columns into a book "On Foot in Homestead - A Hiker's Journal of a Coastal Valley," published by the HVLT.
Homestead Valley Vignettes by Chuck Oldenburg
Homestead Owns Mill Valley Streets

The Tamalpais Land & Water Co. (TL&WC) was chartered as a 100-year corporation in 1889. To go out of business in 1988 it quitclaimed its properties to the Homestead Valley Land Trust (HVLT). HVLT hoped that accepting the quitclaim deed might result in acquisition of more access to the open space it had bought in 1974. Surprise. HVLT had acquired streets and lanes in Homestead, Almonte and Mill Valley . In 1998, the county accepted HVLT's quitclaim deed for streets in Homestead and Almonte. In 2009, the city of Mill Valley accepted HVLT's quitclaim deed for 40 Steps Lanes and Paths. But the city has yet to accept a quitclaim deed for 60 streets in Mill Valley although HVLT has made numerous requests to do so. The city is responsible for use of these streets, but HVLT owns them. Bizarre. A few examples: Throckmorton, Lovell, Molino, Summit, Corte Madera. HVLT also owns paper streets in Mill Valley open space land such as Cypress Trail. 20 years ago the then current city manager opined that this ridiculous situation would be corrected, but he warned, "these things take time."
Homestead Valley & COVID-19 
We hope this finds all our friends and neighbors healthy, happy and safe at home in these continuing turbulent times. As of this writing, the shelter-at-home order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues. All public meetings and gatherings are cancelled indefinitely.

" Now is the time...to care selflessly about one another."
- Dr. Anthony Fauci

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Individuals may contact Marin Health and Human Services with non-medical questions about the coronavirus by calling (415) 473-7191 (Monday - Friday, 9:30 AM to 12 Noon and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM) or emailing COVID-19@marincounty.org.
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