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August 2020
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       We've buttoned up the American Eagle at her berth for the year. Winter 
cover is back on, systems have been attended to, and she's chained, anchored, and secure for whatever comes; all in record time with a smaller than usual crew who returned for the process.

       Anyone who has sailed or signed up and had to cancel qualifies for the 5% discount on future cruises.  We have twenty three trips on the schedule for 2021; five of them are still open for charter now.  We'd be happy to hold a spot for you without deposit until the end of the year!

The dream team for fall layup
25 years of schooner time between them
Tyler, Christa, and Asher

   not all work and no play

       From here, Tyler's engineer on the schooner Roseway out of Boston for a shakedown trip, Christa is winter mate on the Roseway going south, and Asher's working on his license and sailing on the Timberwind in Portland. And I'm helping build a barn at home while being the ship keeper, a crew of one.

Crews News

                 One should never overlook the food served on our adventures!
                        We have never had a food budget in 34 seasons.

Fresh strawberries from Beth's Farm, at their peak in July 

                    Strawberry shortcake on gingerbread tastes better than it sounds

Shortcake with a warm biscuit and 
a touch of sugar in the whipped cream

August is blueberry season here and not from far away

Blueberry pie is king until Maine apples ripen in September

Andy the cook never scrimped on berries in a pie

 Cruise News


Sailing Along by Dick Loehr

              Sailing at ten knots or so, moving 290,000 pounds through the water, equivalent to about 275 horsepower. Excellent fuel consumption... we only burned ten sticks of firewood for the galley stove to make dinner for an afternoon's travel.

Roque Island 2010 by Ralph Smith  
We sail with you to remote beautiful places other schooners never see.

Skip Brown 22
Eric takes Gerard and Brad for a sail in Cappy

Wood Stove by Greg Gettens
Where the magic happens from morning to night

Early Season Trip
                                                    It's all downwind from here!

Postcards and Notes From Away

The American Eagle was the centerfold in Down East Magazine
(Clicking on the link will give you a copy with readable text.)

The original Queen of the North Atlantic Fleet

building site of the Lewis R French

The tanker business across our cove has added to their fleet.

     Ship's Store

We may not be sailing this season but here's a way to show the flag 
while the weather is warm.  Limited sizes and quantities

Embroidered T-shirts in extra large only. 
khaki, green, or blue   $15

Silk screen garment dyed T shirts in red or spruce green   $ 20
in medium, large, and extra large

Small logo on the front, large logo on the back

Embroidered ball caps in light blue, burgundy, tan,
rose, spruce green, charcoal, or blue    $ 20

Call us if you see something you'd like....    800-648-4544

Humpback whales; next summer for sure

 John and the crew

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