August 2020 Newsletter
President's Message
Dr. Sheila Ross
Upcoming Webinar: 

Intersectional Identities and how this Influences Black Women’s Success in STEM fields

August 13
2 pm Eastern

Upcoming Webinar: 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: How Nonverbals Impact Your Personal Brand

August 20
12 pm Eastern

Registration Open!
January 24 - 27, 2021
I am honored to be able to serve as WEPAN President for 2020-2021. To say that these are challenging times is an understatement. More than ever, we need to energize WEPAN’s virtual community to support one another. Issues of equity are at the forefront of today’s policy discussions and we need to keep it that way. The WEPAN community holds a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the best practices to achieve equity and continually pushes the boundaries of our current understanding with innovative research. We are charged with the task of advocacy and implementation of these best practices in our institutions, while at the same time, budgets are being cut and we must do more with less. It is more important than ever that we work together, including with other organizations that share our goals.  
My goals for this year are to bring our community closer despite our physical distance, and to make our organization stronger as a result of taking on the challenges of today’s environment. I believe we can accomplish the following in the year to come:
  • Build a virtual community that is vibrant, supportive, and interactive
  • Provide frequent learning opportunities that keep our community continually engaged, inspired, and empowered with knowledge of the latest research
  • Actively collaborate with other equity-focused organizations on initiatives and events
  • Strengthen the WEPAN organization through effective leadership and stewardship
  • Identify new resources, financial and otherwise, that will support us in expanding our reach and meeting our goal of 50/50 by 2050.
Our most valuable resource is our membership. Only with the active participation of our members can we hope to meet these goals. We have many opportunities for members to actively move the organization forward, from quick actions to full leadership roles on key committees. Please read our call for volunteers in this newsletter and consider how you could play a role in making change happen. 
Thank you for all that you do to increase the number and advance the prominence of diverse communities of women in engineering. Together, we can change the system and ensure that all groups participate in and benefit from engineering innovation.
Opportunity to Drive Change
Volunteer with WEPAN

Institutions need WEPAN to be a force for positive change and foster the workplace diversity that is so essential for innovation. WEPAN needs you to play an active role in making this change happen. Here are some of our most urgent needs for volunteers:
  • Communications
  • Help with newsletter, social media posting, website 
  • Liaison to other equity organizations
  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Committee leader
  • Professional Development
  • Reach out to potential webinar speakers, coordinate webinars
  • Identify/plan other professional development (workshops, meetings, etc)
  • Committee leader 
  • Membership
  • Email campaigns, manage membership records
  • Messaging, work with other committees on adding value
  • Knowledge Center
  • Update and organize knowledge center
  • Identify and link to other collections
  • Great leadership opportunity for engineering ed grad student
  • CoNECD Conference
  • Help during January 2021 conference
  • Planning September 2022 conference

To volunteer for any of these positions or to find out more, contact Sheila Ross at
Welcome Board Members
Please join us in welcoming three new board members to serve for the next 2 years! Thank you for contributing your time and talent to WEPAN over the next few years!
  • Dr. Jacqueline El-Sayed - Chief Academic Officer for the American Society for Engineering Education
  • Beth Anne Johnson - Associate Director for the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Science at Clemson University
  • Dr. Jamie Huber Ward - Associate Director of Extension Services and a social scientist with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) at the University of Colorado Boulder

Register Today

Webinar: Intersectional Identities and how this Influences Black Women’s Success in STEM fields

August 13, 2020
2:00 - 3:00 PM EDT

This webinar will be presented by ASME Senior Manager of Engineering Education Dr. Ashley Huderson and AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow Dr. Brandy Huderson.

Despite the growing number of women and minorities in STEM occupations, underrepresentation of Black women in the STEM workforce persists as they hold only 2.4% and 2% of science and engineering jobs, respectively, though they make up 6.4% of the total population. Despite these numbers, the African American women who are in STEM fields have been shown to excel at exceptional rates. The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the findings published in the authors' 2019 book chapter “Societal Factors and Workplace Perceptions - Understanding Social Determinants of Professional STEM achievement and persistence for Black Women,” which examined existing data, strategies, and models that addressed social determinants of professional STEM attainment for Black women.

Webinar: Actions Speak Louder Than Words: How Nonverbals Impact Your Personal Brand

August 20, 2020
12:00 - 1:00 PM EDT

We’ve all heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words,” but what do our nonverbal cues really communicate? This session will bring awareness to the nonverbals you may be using and explain the importance of nonverbal cues. We’ll also address ways to combat and counteract the nonverbal cues we give.

CoNECD Workshop:
Speaking Up: How Bystanders
can Change the Conversation in STEMM

Sunday, 24 January 2021
2 - 5:00 PM
Location: Washington, DC

Have you ever witnessed social bias — a stereotype,
a prejudice or discrimination, and wondered,
“Why didn’t I say something?”

Deciding whether and how to respond to bias is complicated. Understanding what motivates us to speak up, the challenges we face when doing so, and strategies for effectively responding to bias can help bystanders better evaluate their options.
Looking to connect with WEPAN members about what's going right, what's going, well going, or have an opportunity to share? We've got an app for that!

WEPAN is launching a Slack channel to drive engagement and communication across our membership.

While the WEPAN listserv has a long history, searching it is another matter. Slack makes it easy to participate and view conversations.

Please join us to drive that connectivity across our membership during a critical time for connection.

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