August 9, 2020
Message from Our President

Hi Ladies,

It was great seeing Members and Community Partners last month in our Zoom meeting!

I want to thank you for completing the survey and giving us feedback about our potential August luncheon. At this time,the board has decided to meet again on Zoom in August due to the uncertainty of the Pandemic. Please join us on Zoom on August 20th from 11 am to 12 pm. We will have some travel trivia, a sponsor, and hear from one of our Community Partners. We will also recognize all of our Community Partners with one of their donation checks, something we had typically done at Smart Women's Day Out.

Also, in this newsletter there will be a link to nominate our Community Partners for 2021. If you are a member of WIP and would like to nominate a non-profit organization please read the details in the link to see if they qualify. Our deadline for our applications will be September 17th.

Please stay safe and healthy, and I will see you on August 20th on Zoom.  

Thank You,
Julie Taylor
August 20, 2020, Virtual Meeting Information
We all have probably missed it this year - but let's enjoy some memories and more! Sandy Hughes will facilitate this meeting, and surely we will all be entertained!
Yes, again we will meet via Zoom. Those who attended in July enjoyed the hour, even though it was not nearly as nice as our normal meetings. This month, as Julie said, we will have some travel trivia. If you get a chance before the meeting, you can fill out these forms on line, or print them and fill them in.

More importantly, if you plan to join us on August 20th from 11-12, let us know by completing this form. Your response will let us know who to invite to the Zoom meeting.

(The links to the travel form and meeting form have been corrected - 8/9/2020)

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Not a member? Attend your first meeting free of charge. Return guests pay $10 at the door. Annual membership dues of $60 cover your cost of all meetings and as well as low cost or no cost entry into some of our special events. Find more information and join our organization online at

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It is that time of the year again! We will be choosing our 2021 Community Partners in October, and your nominations must be submitted by September 17th! There are two documents you will need:
You will also find these forms on our website at
News from Lise Naccari

CBIB, Compassionate Burials for Indigent Babies, is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2007 to provide dignified burials for abandoned or indigent babies in our area. Our dedicated team assists in the funerals and burials of the babies, bringing comfort and closure to their families. We have buried almost 200 babies - our most recent burial was a victim of Covid-19. As we all know, funerals can be expensive. Even a small donation would be appreciated so we can continue our mission. Please check out our website: for additional information. 
News From: Staci Schwittay <>
James and Arrow is a social enterprise of James Samaritan that sells fun and positive clothing (t-shirts) for kids, adults, and men. 100% of our profits help support and empower children and families in the Louisiana foster care system. We also provide employment opportunities for single moms, youth transitioning out of foster care, and at-risk parents.

What is a Social Enterprise?
At the most basic level, a social enterprise is an entrepreneurial endeavor that helps a non-profit achieve their funding needs without total reliance on donations. It allows an organization to be self-sustaining when charitable donations are unavailable or come with too much red tape.

Why is there a need for a Social Enterprise focused on Foster Care?
 A lack of sufficient funds is one of the largest problems in the foster system. The state foster care system invests less than half of what an average family spends on a child. This lack of investment results in young people in the foster care system having the worst outcomes of any at-risk population. The cost of under-investing in our young people results in $1 million in societal costs for every youth we fail, and the tragedy of never fulfilling their potential. Children remain in foster care for an average of 20.1 months. That’s over 443,000 children that spend almost 2 years or more in a system that invests less than half of what an average family would, and outcomes prove it. Tragically, young people aging out of the foster care system have the worst outcomes of any population in the United States.

Why is James Samaritan starting a Social Enterprise Company?
Quite simply, James Samaritan needs a reliable stream of funding without being completely dependent on donations. We will be better able to address the physical and relational needs of foster children, foster parents, bio parents at risk of not keeping their children, and caregivers. James Samaritan will never accept any government funds to accomplish its mission, and this results in our total reliance on the generosity of donors, foundations, and the community. This results in the constant need to hold fundraisers, writing and reporting for grants, and competing with other non-profits for community donor dollars. The more time we spend trying to compete for donations, the less time we have to directly help children in the foster care system. In addition, The COVID 19 crisis also points to the urgency of finding alternative funding options as the economy suffers.

James Samaritan is also gearing up for our Fashion 4 Foster event that is happening September 24 & 25 at the Southern Hotel. We are in need of volunteers to help us organize, tag, and sort through the clothing. If anyone is interested in helping out, we will be meeting at 834 N Columbia St from 9 am-3 pm June 30, July 9, July 14, July 23, July 29, August 4, and August 13. Feel free to come to any of those dates at any time. For any questions email

Source: Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, Covington Contact Erica Kelt

Please check the calendar at for the latest updates on FREE community screenings.

Patient Care Boxes
Many patients are facing challenges related to food insecurity as well as acquiring necessary toiletry and hygiene items. Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Covington is addressing this need by providing Patient Care Boxes to those who qualify for assistance.

Food Care Boxes – contains staple food items such as canned and boxed goods, rice and flour as well as perishable items such as produce and dairy

Hygiene and toiletry Boxes – contains essential toiletry items such as soaps, deodorant, lotion, shampoo, and toilet paper as well as sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, and face masks.
A gift of just $40 will provide one of these boxes to a patient in need. To donate and support Patient Care Packages, please contact Erica Kelt at

For the latest information, please see: 
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