August 2020
Krishna's life demonstrates his philosophy that it is not necessary to flee the responsibilities of material life. The problem can be solved by bringing God here where He has placed us. No matter what our environment may be, into the mind where God-communion reigns, Heaven must come.

Paramahansa Yogananda
The Yoga of the Bhagavad Gita , p. 13

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, the Managing Council has been working on a four-step plan to reopen the DC Center when we have a 70% consensus from the membership. We are currently in Phase I, in which we will be sending out a survey to our volunteers and regular attendees to get opinions about reopening the DC Center for meditations. So, watch your emails as this questionnaire will go out in August.

Convocation is free and online this year, but you still need to register. Registration is very quick and easy; you just need to log into your SRF account or create one if you have not done so already. Please see below for more details.

Thank you for all you are doing to support Paramahansa Yogananda’s work and the Washington DCCenter during this challenging time—not only through any financial gifts that you are able to make, but also through your sincere prayers and efforts to persevere in your daily spiritual efforts. Please know that through your sincerity in applying the SRF teachings in your lives, you are making a very real and tangible contribution in helping the world.

In Master’s Service,
Wayne T. Lavallee
2020 SRF Online Convocation: August 9 - 15

This year's Convocation will be completely online and free of charge. However, please note that registration is required. You can now register and see the week's schedule of events by going to: All events presented during Convocation week will continue to be available for viewing for several months afterwards.
Staying Connected

We encourage all to stay remotely connected to the worldwide SRF family:

Suggestion Box

Due to the fact we no longer are physically present at the DC Center we thought we would add a feature called the “Suggestion Box” in which we invite your suggestions or comments. Much like the suggestion box at the DC Center, if you have a constructive idea or suggestion for our Center please send it by replying to this email. We can then review them monthly at our Council meetings. Someone will reply to each suggestion after each monthly Council meeting.
Caring Friends Team

The Caring Friends Team provides support and outreach to members who are experiencing illness, hardships, and personal crisis. For more information please contact Stacey Hawkins at 301-395-9541.
Online Donations Now Available

You can now make online donations to the Washington DC Center of SRF by clicking on the yellow Donate button below. You will have the option of designating whether the donation is for the General Fund or the Building Fund. Please note that donations made using this button are not tax deductible.

While services are suspended, you can also make donations to the Center by check, mailed to: Washington DC Center, 4911 Niagara Road, College Park, MD 20740. If you wish your donation to go toward the Building Fund, please note this in the memo field.

Tax deductible Building Fund donations may be made online here, or by making the check payable to Self-Realization Fellowship, noting Washington DC Building Fund in the memo field, and mailing it to the Center. Full details concerning donations are explained on the Center's website Donate page .
Donations made using the above yellow Donate button are not tax deductible. For other donation options use the Donate Website button below, including tax deductible building fund donations.
Washington DC Center of Self-Realization Fellowship
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