August 2020
Although this summer is different than years past, we are having lots of fun doing all different activities with the children! I hope you enjoy seeing our weekly photos.

We are looking forward to our Carnival event on Friday, August 21st. We are hoping for good weather!

Please be sure to read the following topics regarding the new school year carefully and be sure to let me know if you have any questions!

Appreciation Week
As a thank you to the parents who supported us in the month of April 2020, we will stay open for the last week of August (24th-28th), a week typically reserved for vacation.

If you would like to add this week, please send me an email to arrange it.
September Return
We are gearing up for the start of the school year and need to make sure all children have their class assignments. Whether or not your child is currently attending TLC, I need to know if they will return in September in order to make sure we are prepared. If you haven't done so already, please  send me an email  letting me know if your child will be in attendance this September.

If you plan on sending your child and they are NOT currently attending TLC, in order to hold their spot,  I will require a deposit for half of September which will be due on August 5th.
Tuition Rates
Unfortunately we have to raise our rates effective September 1st in order to maintain the quality of care we provide. Please click the button below for a full list of rates.
Class Assignments and Transition Letters
By August 15th, a letter will be sent home letting you know your child's class assignment. Please be sure to contact me if you feel your child is not in the appropriate class (they need more time in a younger classroom or they are ready for an older room). The classes are as follows:
  • Infant 1 and 2: up to 12 months old
  • Twaddlers: 12-19 months old
  • Toddler 1: 20-26 months old
  • Toddler 2: 26 months old to 3 years old
  • Nursery: 3 year olds
  • Pre-k: 4 year olds
Information Packets for the New School Year
Teachers will be handing out packets with more information describing the classroom, curriculum, a supply list, and any information they want to keep in your child’s file. If you need more information or would like to speak with your child's teacher (whether in person or on the phone), we can set up a time that is convenient.

This year, we are going to keep each child's supplies in their own box to help decrease the spread of germs. In the past we would have the children share supplies.
Birthdays this Month
August 4th- Michael H. and Nicholas
August 5th- Hayden S. and Ryan G.
August 6th- Clayton and Camryn
August 9th- Jay
August 21st- Jack
August 22nd- Owen W.
August 23rd- Noelle
August 28th- Isabella M.
August 29th- Violet and Jaclyn
 Updated forms are needed at the following dates: 3-6-9-12-18 months &
2-3-4-5 years.

You will be reminded as your child's birthday or medical expires.
Please use TLC's form every time.
Medications can be administered with proper doctor's permission and medication that matches. For example: we cannot administer Tylenol if your doctor specified Motrin. It is VERY specific.

All medication must be provided in its original packaging including the cup/syringe. This will ensure proper dispensing of the dose.

If you want medication to be given to your child to manage pain, or if your child has allergies and they require medication, please speak to an MAT trained teacher to check in your forms/medicines.

MAT Trained
This Month's Menu
The latest menus can be found on our website.

Please bring in an alternative if your child does not eat what is on the menu. For children under 18 months, please continue to bring in yogurt, fruits/vegetables, and infant snacks. Some of the snacks are not appropriate for their age group and we don’t always have alternatives.


As a reminder, if you would like your child to be fed breakfast, please arrive before 8:45am.
You are receiving this email as the parent of in the class at . If this information has changed, please send us an email to let us know.