August 2020 Newsletter
August 1, 2020
Happening at the Club:

Zoom yoga available


Board of Directors
August 20 at 7:30 pm ZOOM remote meeting

Swim Committee
August 5 at noon ZOOM remote Meeting
Tennis Committee
August 27 at 7 pm ZOOM remote Meeting
In this issue:

*Board of Directors election
*Message to members
*Tennis update
*Swimming Update
*Basketball Court/Fitness Room
*Club Update/Contact the Board
*Club History
Nominees needed!

Interested in a position on the Board of Directors?

The Club will elect three new members to the Kona Kai Board of Directors for a two year term at our Annual General Membership Meeting in October. Before then we need to prepare a slate of nominees. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please write up a brief bio (which will be published in the September Newsletter) and submit it to the office by August 25. This is a great opportunity to contribute something back to the club. Typically the Board meets once a month and also participates in email discussions and decisions when needed. Our policy is that Board Members should have at least 5 years of experience as a member before running for the Board.
Board of Directors
Kona Kai membership will be voting in three Directors at our Annual General Meeting in October. A warm thank you to the three directors whose terms are up: Brian Getz, Weimin Huang, and Loraine Orozco. Thank you for your service!
Bios of Candidates Running for the
2020-2021 Board of Directors:
Greetings, fellow KK members,
Being on the board means working to serve and balance the various passionate interests at the club while maintaining a healthy financial position. As a member of the tennis committee, especially during this unprecedented time, I have had the chance to collaborate extensively with others, the office, and current board.
I attended local schools and have lived in this area for over 30 years. My wife, Yawen, and I, and our 2 boys have enjoyed the facility and people at KK for 7+ years. My older son is working part time, supporting the club this summer. I have been active in the community as school site council, science team advisor, charity drive advocate, and USTA captain.
I hope to bring to the board my business skills running a small company with my passion to make our special club better and safer for all. I appreciate your consideration and thank you for allowing me to give back.

Stephen Chen
A Message to Members

Dear wonderful KKC members,

It’s been awhile since I’ve sent a message. I hope you are well, staying safe and beginning to enjoy your club again.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you for allowing me to serve as your manager
for the past 14 years. In January 2020, I decreased my full time position to one day a
week, but will now retire completely.

It was always my goal to improve our club as finances allowed and build a sense of
club community and to bring more value to you, the member/owners. I want to thank
the many members who volunteered as directors, social organizers, project heads,
remodel planners, and various committee chairs. Also many thanks to my staff who
worked hard to make sure our club operated smoothly everyday.

I’ll take with me the many memories of friendships you’ve offered, of seeing your
families grow and of your caring and kind support throughout.

My wish and prayer is for your continued health and prosperity.
Kind regards and with a grateful heart,
Sharon Hirozawa
Don't forget to bring water/beverages with you when coming to the Club. Water fountains are currently not available.
All entry to the club continues to be through the Tennis gate. Say hello and identify yourself you our Club Monitors. If no one is there, please continue to the area of the club you have reserved. Thank you!
Doubles play is allowed once again regardless of household, as long as social distancing guidelines are followed. This includes members of different households as partners as long as they can stay at least 6 feet apart while entering and exiting, playing, and resting.

A reminder that guests are still not allowed at Kona Kai.  

Lessons. Niru's Tennis Academy is offering lessons once again. These are for members only, and can be private or semi private (up to 2 people on each side of the court) consistent with the club's social distancing guidelines. Text Coach Varun at (610) 618 2249 to arrange a lesson. To pay for the lessons, please click or you can use Paypal Nirus tennis Academy. The Academy asks you please pay for the lesson before the lesson. Camps and clinics are not yet available per club policy and social distancing guidelines. If interested, please contact

The Tennis Committee is looking for new volunteers to fill some vacant positions for the next term beginning November and on a 2 year commitment. We're looking for members to represent the diverse tennis community. Time commitment is one meeting a month, participating in online discussions and contributing to tasks as needed. Please contact the office if interested.

The Ball machine is available for use once again, and balls will be provided by the club. We advise users to do the following:
- use court 3, to minimize movement
- clearly mark in your reservation "ball machine"
- wipe the ball machine handles and other high-touch areas before and after each use with the disinfectant provided in the shed.
Ball machine rental is by quarterly subscription. Please contact the office if interested.

Reservations. You are reminded to cancel any reservations promptly if not needed. Repeated no-shows will be penalized with temporary suspension of privileges.

Members must agree to the Tennis Rules before playing at the club.

We continue to offer lap swim and Family swim times for members only.

  • Lap swim: 9 am - noon & most evenings after 7:30 pm. Please sign up during a lap swim time only if you will be swimming continuous laps, mostly under the water. Our lanes are not 6 feet apart so we need to minimize shared air space between contiguous lanes.
  • Family swim: noon - 7:30 pm. Sign up during Family swim time to swim any way you wish or to enjoy water play. Our Family Zones are spaced far enough apart so you have more than 6 feet of air space from another family. Most families with children should use Family swim time.

  • NEW: Family Swim is limited to one slot per family Monday - Friday during "Prime Time" - 4:30 - 7:30 pm, and one weekend slot.

  • Pro tip: If you see "unavailable" areas in the signup calendar, that means it is Family Swim time and Family Zones are in use. Any other time is lap swim time.

  • Lap swim in lane 3 during Family swim time (noon to 7:30 pm) is for one swimmer only. The lap swimmer is asked to rest at the 5 ft end of the pool to be away from families who are usually in the shallow area.

  • Be sure to list the number of swimmers in the Booking title. Other members cannot see the number listed in # of swimmers. We are limited to 10 people total in the pool. Do not sign up if the total # of swimmers will exceed 10.

  • There will be consequences including suspension of privileges for repeated violations of the rules.

  • The tennis bathrooms are available.

Basketball Court and Fitness room available

Basketball Court available for reservations
The Basketball court is available for one family at a time to reserve for their use. Please bring your own basketball. A reminder - there is no dunking or hanging on the basketball hoops. They have recently been refurbished and we want to maintain them in good shape.

Fitness Room available for reservations
The Fitness Room is now available for reservations for one family at a time. Please note: members are responsible to clean the high touch areas and the machines that were used before and after use with the wipes provided. Please open the french doors, the window and have the fans on while in the room. As usual your key card is needed to get into the fitness room.

To make a reservation for the Fitness room or the Basketball court, please stop by the office, call the office at 408-984-8880, or email
Need help finding the latest news from the Club? Check our website - go to and look at the bottom of the Home Page. Newsletters and club communications are posted there. We'll do our best to keep the site updated.
If you have been to the club within the past two weeks and you test positive for COVID-19, please inform the manager. Information will be kept confidential except for complying with county rules. We appreciate your consideration of fellow members and staff.
Club Updates

We continue to monitor news from the county about updates to what they allow. We currently have the pool, tennis courts, basketball court and fitness room available to reserve. We will keep you informed when changes allow more activities at the club.

Please feel free to reach out to me by email any time. My club email is

Sharon Schedler
Manager, Kona Kai Swim and Racquet Club
Communicate with the Board

Due to the fact that the Board and Committee meetings will be held remotely via Zoom, please get in touch if you would like to communicate with the Board/Committee or attend a meeting. Email our Board President, Javier Cobos at or
Club Manager, Sharon Schedler at
Club History
A look at the past…
Take a look at our members who joined this month in the years past. Starting with
Barbara CRAFT

who have been members since 1979. This made them members of Kona Kai Swim & Racquet Club for 41 years.

August 1979 (41yrs)
Barbara CRAFT

August 1981 (39yrs)
Albert & Loraine OROZCO

August 1988 (32yrs)
Ed & Mary Fran BREILING
August 1997 (23yrs) 
Ronald & Dorothy RICO
David & Patty SUSNITZKY

August 1999 (21yrs)
Daniel & Valerie ALZOFON
August 2000 (20yrs)
Henrik BOSTROM & Laura SWAN
August 2002 (18yrs)
August 2003 (17yrs)
Andy & Elizabeth BROCKMAN
August 2004 (16yrs)
Bart & Brenda RUPEL

August 2006 (14yrs) 
Lewis LOUIE & Judith LEONG

August 2008 (12yrs)
Previn & Deepika BRITO

August 2011 (9yrs)


August 2013 (7yrs)
Yang SUN & Jie LIN

August 2015 (5yrs)
 John & Michele ARTHUR
 John HSIEH & Jenny YANG
Kalyan TATA & Manjula PRASAD

August 2016 (4yrs)
Feng QIAN and Yanyan LIU

August 2017 (3yrs)
George CHANG & Suk-Yee Chung (Emily)
Kedar DHURU & Shilpa BHAVE

August 2018 (2yrs)
Hesheng LI & Yuan XU
Guibin Bill TIAN & Min QIAN

August 2019 (1yr)
Richard FISH & Kiki FAN

Welcome to our recent new members:

Frank CHU & Tina PARK & children Nathan & Daniel
Say goodbye to members who have sold their memberships:
Rikiya & Fusako Hashimoto
Kona Kai Staff

Club Manager
Sharon Schedler

Office Staff
 Marion Schade
Charles Kingsley
Club Maintenance
Ken Kingsley
Brian Bautista
Charles Kingsley
Jae Caluag