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August 2020
Faith Formation/Youth Ministry Update
This monthly e-newsletter serves catechetical and youth ministry leaders in the Diocese of Green Bay by furnishing them with updates, events and other resources helpful to them in their ministry of fostering households and communities of discipleship.

Discover Jesus. Follow Jesus. Worship Jesus. Share Jesus with others.
The Year of St. Joseph Continues
March 19, 2020 to March 19, 2021
St. Joseph is the patron saint of many parishes in our Diocese (can you name them all? See the bottom of this newsletter). He also is the patron of the Universal Church.

As we continue to welcome people back to public Mass, school and faith formation, we ask for his protection and prayers. St. Joseph, pray for us!
St. Joseph Parish, Crandon
Notices, Updates, Events
Generally useful information.
The Latest Update of the RE/YM Fall 2020 Guidelines

These guidelines for RE & YM Social Distancing are dated July 29, 2020. The update clarifies the language regarding face coverings. Further updates may be issued as the COVID 19 situation evolves. Please follow all federal, state, county and local directives.

Other resources, shared with us by the Office of Catholic Schools are: "Returning to School after COVID 19 " and " Determining Release from Isolation & Quarantine for COVID Cases and Their Contacts "
Not Able to Join Us on July 23?
Let's Just Say We Had Technical Challenges
The July 23 Office Hour (and related chat stream) was recorded and can be accessed on our gbresources archives.

The discussion centered around guidelines and best practices for re-opening parish religious education and youth ministry programs this fall.
Nuts & Bolts 1st Session
Thursday, August 6; 9:30am
Nuts & Bolts is a series of workshops designed for catechetical and youth ministry leaders who are new to their ministry, or new to the Diocese. Each session's agenda includes prayer, encouragement, guidance, resources and networking.

Link below to join our first (of four) sessions.

E-mail cfountain@gbdioc.org if you plan on attending and would like to get the handouts in advance. Bring any questions regarding handouts to the meeting. Welcome!

Topics on August 6th agenda include:
  • Mission and values
  • Social Distancing Guidelines for Fall 2020
  • Options for RE/YM this year
  • Job descriptions
  • Best practices for the beginning of the academic year
  • Many handouts/resources
  • Q & A
Flipgrid Work Session: Thursday, August 6th, St. Agnes, Green Bay
For all the RE/YM folks on the July 23 Zoom Office Hour call, if you are thinking about using the Flipgrid platform in the fall, there's group meeting at St. Agnes (1484 9th St , GB) Thursday, August 6th from 9a-12p for a working session. Please bring your laptop. Light snacks will be provided. Email dgretz1@yahoo.com or call/text 920-737-6972 if interested or for more info.

Helpful (we hope!) Flipgrid Links:
How Our Sunday Visitor uses Flipgrid for its Alive in Christ curriculum.
How to sign-up, learn its capabilities, get started.
This PDF tutorial was written educators. It starts w/Flipgrid lingo and ends w/tricks, tips.
A Reminder from the Office of Safe Environment
As you encourage employees/volunteers to support your upcoming faith formation/youth ministry programs, please remember that all employees (paid personnel, regardless of position/job title) and all adult volunteers who have contact with minors as part of their duties are required to:
  1. Have a Diocese of Green Bay approved background check
  2. Complete VIRTUS training (now available ONLINE)
  3. Review and sign either Our Promise to Protect (employees) or Diocesan Code of Pastoral Conduct (Volunteers).
Instructions on how to complete each step can be found using the link (right). Please direct questions to Deb Knaus at the Office of Safe Environment .
Missionary Discipleship in Regards to Brothers & Sisters around the World
Free resource links designed to encourage the spread of love beyond the classroom, engaging students & families:
Contact disciplesontheway@gbdioc.org to get the video link to Parish Life Line.
Not on the Parish Life Line?
Wednesday's 9:30-10:30
Prayer, resources, conversation with your peers in parish leadership.

Future topics include:
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Overview of the General Directory for Catechesis (GDC)
  • Discipleship Pathway

Faith & Life Textbooks Available
Barbara Tate at St. Mary's in Greenville has lots of used (good condition) Faith & Life textbooks and teacher manuals available. St. Mary's is upgrading to a newer edition that reflects the 2009 GIRM. However, there's still life left in these texts; do you have a creative use for them?

This is a first-come, first-serve offer, and you must be willing pick the texts up in Greenville before the end of August.

Please e-mail Barbara Tate to claim.
Master Classes in August
Recruiting, Training Volunteers for Missionary Discipleship
Unifying All Parish Ministries/Activities
Parish Success Group is a Catholic not-for -profit that provides training and coaching services to parishes, schools and dioceses in the areas of professional development, leadership and organizational planning. In August they'll be offering a series of Master Classes that:
  • focus on skill development and localized applications
  • include topics for immediately implementation in ministry
  • are conducted in ten hours (over four days)
  • incorporate personalized instruction ("Learn it, Try it" methodology)
  • uses a course e-book that includes all relevant documents, links and downloadable handouts
  • is hosted on Zoom and limited to 30 participants
  • cost = $129/course for registration
Virtual Conference August 14-15
Finding Hope in the New America
St. Augustine Institute is hosting its 2020 Napa Institute virtual conference August 14-15. The registration cost is $189.

Keynote speakers will be Dr. Tim Gray and Chris Stefanick. Many other nationally known speakers will present live sessions on preparing Catholics to face the cultural and spiritual challenges of the "Next America". There will be livestreamed liturgies and prayer.
Feast of the Assumption at the Shrine
Saturday, August 15th
This is the Shrine's annual Feast Day Mass and Eucharistic Procession for Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Mass will be held at Mother of Mercy Hall (indoor/outdoor venue) with additional tenting on site in accordance with spacing and capacity guidelines. 

First early morning Feast Day Mass will take place at 8:30 AM CDT, with main Mass and Eucharistic Procession at 11:00 AM CDT, on site.

<<<<< Have you seen the new stained glass windows at the M.O.M. (Mother of Mercy) Hall?
Catechetical Sunday
September 20
Sunday, September 20 has been set aside by the USCCB as Catechetical Sunday, a time to recognize, affirm and rededicate ourselves to the mission of witnessing the Gospel and handing on the Faith. The USCCB provides these resources:
  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Video: "Putting Parents at the Center of Our Ministry Efforts"
  • Posters
  • Certificates
Catechesis & Encounter:
An In-Depth Exploration of the New Directory for Catechesis
As the Catholic Church embarks on the mission of teaching the Christian faith, the Directory for Catechesis (2020) lays the how-to guidelines for catechesis and presents universal norms to guide evangelization." One of the words that recurs most often in the Directory for Catechesis (2020) is encounter . This new Directory is a handbook on how we can facilitate our faithful and those outside of the Church to have an encounter with Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

This encounter with Jesus Christ is very much at the heart of catechesis and therefore must be central to all of our efforts in religious education and youth ministry. 
This Fall, the Diocese of Green Bay will be hosting an in-depth study of this new Directory for catechetical leaders, youth ministers and all interested parish staff, with the specific intent of addressing how the Holy Spirit is calling for our present work in catechesis and youth ministry to evolve and adapt in light of this new document. We will have presenters from various areas of expertise at the Curia leading our study on the areas of the Directory that speaks to their areas of emphasis. We expect this to be challenging and stimulating with in-depth small group and large group discussions on each chapter of the Directory.

We are in the process of finalizing presenters and dates but we are currently looking at Thursday's in September. As soon as we have finalized the dates and times we will send out a newsletter with additional information and a registration link. Please stay tuned!
Upcoming dates you should know about.

Dates to Keep in Mind:
Aug 6: Nuts & Bolts Session (see article above)
Aug 6 : St. Agnes Flipgrid Work Session (see article above)
Aug 15 : Feast of the Assumption observance at the Shrine (see article above)
Sep TBA: Catechesis & Encounter Sessions (see article above; stay tuned)
Sep 10 : Nuts & Bolts, Session 2
Sep 20 : Catechetical Sunday (see article above)
Sep 24 : ProCLAYM Kick-off Event (ProCLAYM website )
Sep 26: Annual Scout Mass at the Shrine

**FCC and Ongoing Formation schedules are available through www.gbdioc.org/fcc Please contact hosting parish/school to register for a class or get more information about location, parking, etc.
Catechetical Certification
Discover Jesus: One course per year for steady growth!
Online courses follow the same lesson plan as classroom sessions and may be used to take the entire course or specific sessions as make-ups. Participants are responsible for submitting completion form.
Studies, media, and materials to help you do what you do.
Our at-home resource page has been redesigned, and can be found HERE !
it gets updated as new information becomes available.

Ascension offers this Prayer to Combat the Corona Virus .

In collaboration with the USCCB Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism, published by Loyola Press is "Everyone Belongs" a book for children, to help them recognize the value of our differences. Free downloadable activities also available!

Dynamic Catholic is the publisher of the book " Fit for Heaven " which encourages us to integrate our spirituality with our love of sports.This is a free book for the cost of shipping/handling.

The Sophia Institute offers a free webinar (scroll to bottom of page) on the use of sacred art in a virtual classroom (17 min). All are welcome, whether you use Spirit of Truth curriculum or not.

If you use Our Sunday Visitor curriculum, check out its online portal for Faith at Home .

St. Joseph Communications suggests "The Wild Goose" series by Fr. Dave Pivonka as a perfect way to teach about the Third Person of the Trinity. Watch the trailer and read more about the full DVD series.

The Catechists' Journey (hosted by Loyola Press) has lots of interesting articles, blog posts, etc. This one is titled, "Flat Catechist Encourages Faith Activities at Home " and is suitable for primary grades.

Share Your Wisdom!
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Email us at education@gbdioc.org with articles, videos, books, & more.
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