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by Margot Livesey

One September afternoon in 1999, teenagers Matthew, Zoe and Duncan are walking home from school when they discover a boy lying in a field, bloody and unconscious. Thanks to their intervention, the boy's life is saved. In the aftermath, all three siblings are irrevocably changed. Livesey's unmatched ability to tell her tale with tenderness and an understanding of all our human impulses makes this an unforgettable and perfectly rendered novel.
-Kathy Petray
by Akwaeke Emezi

One afternoon, in a town in southeastern Nigeria, a mother opens her front door to discover her son's body at her feet. What follows is a heartbreaking story of one family's struggle to understand a child whose nature is both gentle and mysterious. A beautifully written story with unforgettable characters showing readers that love can triumphant over death.
-Kathy Petray
by Louise Penny
(Releases September 1, 2020)

I have great news for lovers of Louise Penny! Her newest novel All the Devils Are Here releases soon and is available for preorder at the book store. Set in Paris rather than the traditional Three Pines, the entire Gamache family is drawn into an investigation of the attempted murder of Gamache's billionaire godfather, Stephen Morowitz. As always, Penny's beautiful and lyrical prose delves into complex family issues with compassion and love. The mystery is all the more enchanting for her knowledge of the streets and food of Paris. If you have never read Louise Penny before this could be the place to start.
-Lisa Dietrich

by Christina Baker Kline
(Releases August 25, 2020)

New York Times best selling author of Orphan Train and A Piece of the World is back with a gorgeous historical fiction novel set in the 1840s in England and Tasmania. The book follows three women: Evangeline, a governess to a wealthy family who has recently become pregnant with her employer's son's baby and is accused of stealing from the family, Hazel, a young girl has been accused of stealing a silver spoon in order to provide food and shelter for she and her alcoholic mother, and Matthina, a child who has been forcibly taken from her aboriginal family by the Tasmanian governor's wife as a social experiment in turning a native child into a cultured young woman. After being found guilty, Evangeline and Hazel are sentenced to exile in Tasmania, arriving there by ship. Set in the era of deporting inmates to Australia and Tasmania as a means of punishment, these three abandoned women struggle for dignity, safety and ultimately love as marginal members of society. I loved it!
-Morley Vahey
by Sarah Frey
(Releases August 25, 2020)

Sarah Frey grew up dirt poor on a failing farm in Southern Illinois and grew to be the founder and CEO of Frey Farms which has become one of America's largest fresh produce suppliers. This inspiring narrative tell us how at an age of 15, Sarah moved out of her parent's home and started her own produce delivery service with nothing more than an old pickup truck. At the age of 17, she purchased the failing family farm to save it from foreclosure and with her spunk and grit developed her own business relationships with national retailers. Having learned to hunt, fish, and grow just about anything from the earliest age, Sarah took that toughness and fearlessness and used it to her advantage gaining respect wherever she operated. She became so legendary, and I quote," The Harvard Business School published a case study on her negotiation skills". To this day Sarah, along with her four older brothers, whom she hired to help, continues to grow and diversify her business. The Growing Season is so inspiring and well written, I couldn't wait to see what she would do next!
-Katha Plack
by Heidi Perks
(Releases August 18, 2020)

A fire has burned the Morris and Wood Ad Agency that Laura worked at to the ground, and not everyone made it out alive. Laura is recently back from maternity leave and prior to the fire, discovered a colleague had taken over her job and befriended her co-workers.  With police involved in the fire investigation, the reader learns Laura and Mia are both women with secrets.  Filled with twists and turns, this thriller will keep you guessing until the final pages. It's the perfect book to lose yourself in on a sunny afternoon.
-Kirsten Starr
by Stephen P. Kiernan

I loved this book!  This is a story based on the life of Charlie Fisk, one of the men involved in designing the detonator for the atomic bombs used to end World War II. He meets a young woman named Brenda selling organs at her parents store in Chicago and they fall in love. As Charlie advances in his mission, he slowly starts to learn the truth about what he is working on, and struggles with the guilt of knowing that to save the lives of US soldiers and end the war, he must build a device that will kill hundreds of thousands of people. Brenda unknowingly encourages Charlie in his mission, not knowing the gravity of his situation. This is a beautifully written story about love, responsibility, and ultimately redemption as Brenda and Charlie learn to live with the choices that changed their lives and the world forever.
-Kirsten Starr
ANTIRACIST BABY by Ibram X. Kendi 
HARVEY HOLDS HIS OWN by Colleen Nelson 
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