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August 2020 Updates

France recognized 80 health workers who gave their lives to treat COVID-19.

In the United States, we lost over 900 health heroes. We recently surpassed over 170,000 deaths due to COVID-19, and are currently a global hotspot.

While the numbers seem to be on a promising turn with admitted patients getting younger and our frontline healthcare workers more experienced to treat COVID-19, they still need PPE and support from our community to help keep the COVID-19 numbers stable and eventually decline.

While the pandemic has prevented us from pursuing our annual medical missions in Vietnam, at Project Vietnam Foundation, we are doing everything we can to help our community. This includes:

  • Donating PPE to health care workers at hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and the Navajo nation. We are building a PPE fund for the upcoming expected fall rise in Covid-19 and protect our frontline workers.
  • Conducting resiliency training workshops for our adolescent and young emerging adults in the Vietnamese community
  • Connecting young volunteers with seniors in the community for our "Senior Connect" project, designed to reach out to older adults in nursing facilities who are oftentimes lonely
  • Support group for parents to manage the sudden crisis of lockdown
  • Support group for parents of children on the neurodiverse autism spectrum
  • Participating on weekly shows on VietFace TV to provide regular medical and healthcare updates on the pandemic, as well as recommendations
  • Collaborating with UCI to conduct an extensive, community-based follow-up study to assess why COVID-19 rates are lower in the Little Saigon community than other communities
  • Providing a free webinar on public health communications, as well as recruiting public health and communications interns and volunteers for the Fall 2020 semester
  • Continuing funding for rice ATMs in Vietnam for families afflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Providing training to over 30 specialists in Vietnam to identify young children with autism and help develop community intervention and support
  • Updating our website to be more user friendly and up to date with our current events, news, and more!

As we gear towards restarting our medical missions to be as early as Spring 2021, we want to thank you for your continued support during these trying times!

How To Get Involved!
This Saturday, August 22nd, we need someone to help us deliver PPE to Phoenix, Arizona!

If you are able and interested, please contact
Contribute to our PPE fund!

One dollar of donations equals to one KN95 mask that we can donate to a healthcare hero on the frontlines. Your donations are tax deductible as well!

Sign up for our Parent Support Group!

Our monthly Fall 2020 Parent Support Group will start on Sunday, September 13th.

Join our "Senior Connect" project!

If you are able and interested, please contact
Upcoming Public Health Communications Webinar!

Our free webinar will be conducted on Monday, August 24th from 9-10am. Learn more about effective health communications, as well as public health and communications internship and volunteer opportunities at Project Vietnam Foundation!

Thank you for your continued support!
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