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photo courtesy of Fred LeBlanc Photography
  August 2020 
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Anchored for a picnic

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Dear Shipmates,

This is quite a different summer for us.  For the first time in decades, we've been home, working on our house.  We do miss sailing, lobster island picnics and delicious meals aboard, quiet harbors with lovely sunrises and breathtaking sunsets, night skies filled with stars and the moon, and most of all, our friends that sail with us.  Not being out there at all this year, we understand a little better how special your trips aboard the Heritage really are.

Capt. Linda J. Lee photo

We're easing into retirement but so far have been extremely busy.  Our professional life was the topic of a recent Maine Windjammer Association blog post - how we came to be in the windjamming business, owning our first schooner, and ultimately building and sailing the Heritage.  Thanks to Marti Mayne for so concisely telling fifty years' history.  Wow, fifty years! Where did the time go?!

Capt. Linda J. Lee photo

Ben, Sean and Nick have been excellent crew starting in early April until now.  Charlotte was here for almost 2 months as well.  The Heritage has a fresh coat of paint, top and bottom -- all dressed up and no where to go.  

Capt. Linda J. Lee photo

If we could have sailed, we were ready to finish rigging, put the topmasts in place, bend on the sails and put on the wheel.  Ben, Sean and Nick are hoping to stay for a while.  We'll appreciate having their help a little more as fall approaches.

In late July we celebrated a wedding of two long-time guests aboard.  It was a beautiful, very warm day and a wonderful time.  The crew made everything shine with the routine of a regular trip, from deck washdown to polishing brass.  The newly varnished wheel was carefully brought aboard and put in place.  They even rigged an awning and set out chairs!

The osprey family are back this year, taking up residence in their nest across the cove from the schooner.  They hatched two chicks which have quickly grown to be as big as the parents.  They sure do talk a lot and like to sit aloft on the Heritage.

The anticipated sale of the schooner recently fell through.  We are, however, still retiring.  There are changes in the works and we think those that have sailed with us in the past will be pleased.  It looks like the Heritage will be sailing from her same dock here in Rockland next year.  Watch for the 2021 schedule on the website soon!  Other details are still being worked out. We'll let you know as things progress.  

We have many ship's store items available, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, denim shirts, vests and jackets, as well as various styles of hats. Also, we have lots of canvas bags and change purses, books, photos, CDs of Doug's stories, mugs and pint glasses.  There's some jewelry, silver and gold, in stock, and our jeweler is willing to take orders for those items we don't have.  Shary's here in the office from 10:00 to 1:00 weekdays and is happy to take and ship orders.

Hope you are all healthy and learning more about your local area attractions as we are.

photo courtesy of Marti Mayne 

Wishing you all the best,