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Committed to Care of the Earth and the Abolition of Trafficking in Persons
August 2021
We hope you enjoy reading the stories of what has been happening over the last few months. It has been quite a long time since you heard from us, but we are hoping to send the eNews more often. We are planning to send a more regular and shorter eNews to you.
Feast of the Assumption
As we prepare to celebrate one of the most important dates for the Congregation each year, 15th August, we are reminded that Mary Aikenhead had a great devotion to Our Lady and for this reason she chose the feast of the Assumption to be the Patronal feast of the Congregation.
St. Joseph’s Mission Clinic Kirikiri Town, Lagos Coronavirus Pandemic Response
Nigeria became one of the countries affected globally by the COVID-19 following the confirmation of the index case in Lagos State on 27th February 2020. Since then, the services of the health sector have been partially disrupted and health facilities like St. Joseph’s Mission Clinic managed by the Religious Sisters of Charity.
Celebrating First Vows of Sr Comfort and Onyinye
On Sunday 16th January Srs Comfort Asibe and Onyinye Okoye professed their First Vows in Roma Chapel, Lusaka, Zambia. Despite all the restrictions in place because of Covid-19, a wonderful celebration took place. You can view the video of the celebration by clicking HERE
Armchair Ministry
Sr Brid Kerin introduces us to her new ministry which has opened up a new vista for her at 92 years of age. She explains below...
After many years in the ministry of teaching I felt in my retirement that this door had been closed for me, only to discover an even wider door opening on a global scale – my introduction to Facebook. READ MORE
International Women's Day 2021 -
Women, the Replica of God's Beauty
All over the world, we celebrate Women’s Day and perhaps one might ask; what does it feel like to be a woman? If you are a woman, this question is for you. Woman! Has it ever occurred to you that the world is incomplete without you? God’s creation was incomplete until He created you.
Looking at Nature with Reverence
The phrase, ‘looking at nature with reverence’ sums it all up. We are invited and reminded how important it is to treasure our connectedness with the whole of creation. In other words, we appreciate nature and realize that we are just a part of God’s designed ecosystem. This should be our main focus not just in this designated week but for all days to come. READ MORE
Demonstration Against Rape and Domestic Violence By The Religious Sisters of Charity, Lagos, Nigeria
Nigeria like many countries of the world faced many challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. One of such challenges is the issue of rape and domestic violence which became very alarming after hunger. Rape became more rampant and, in some cases resulted in the death of the victims. Most of the victims were minors and babies. READ MORE
Earth Day: Restore Our Earth April 22nd 2021
This year we celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd. In a world turned upside down by COVID 19. Now more than ever we know we are a global earth community who live in a common home.
Earth Day reminds us that the earth and its eco systems, provide its inhabitants, i.e. the total community of life, not just humans, with life and sustenance. READ MORE

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News from Konzalendo, Malawi
Sr Mairéad Ni Chuirc writes: In 2013 when I visited the sisters here the road was in a sorry state. The car slipped and slid on the mud. Now a main road passes right by the Parish compound which made our arrival on 27th May much easier. The area is full of steep hills and deep valleys and moving from place to place is a challenge on the dirt roads. READ MORE
Celebrating in Thanksgiving and Hope
the 163rd Anniversary of Venerable Mary Aikenhead
Thursday 22nd July marked the 163rd anniversary of Venerable Mary Aikenhead being born into Eternal Life. Mary Aikenhead who founded the Religious Sisters of Charity and the Sisters of Charity of Australia was remembered in thanksgiving by both Congregations in a moving Zoom ceremony. READ MORE
Religious Sisters of Charity and the Battle against Polio in Nigeria
On 25th August 2020, Nigerians woke up with the congratulatory press release from WHO and UNICEF to Nigeria on being declared free of the wild poliovirus. This was indeed a tremendous milestone against polio; a long-fought battle which has claimed many lives of children under 5 years old. READ MORE
Gender Based Violence - A Woman Who Conquered It
This particular lady got married in 1976 to an engineer in the Zambia railways. She worked in Local Government in the Public Health Section. They had eight children, six boys and two girls. According to her the family planning pills never worked in her even though she took them. She had a baby every two years. Unfortunately her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000.  READ MORE