Inspiration for Writing Can Happen Anywhere

It's important to remember that most writing doesn’t happen behind a laptop. It happens when your mind is free to wander. As you prepare to write your personal statements and other essays for college, be open to ideas that come up:

  • Right before you fall asleep
  • On a walk, run, or bike ride
  • In yoga, a tennis match, or the outfield
  • When taking a shower
  • While you are driving or talking to a friend about a problem or something unrelated
  • Late at night scrolling through Instagram
  • Waiting in line at Chipotle

Keep a notepad or your phone handy and jot it down. Make a voice memo or note for yourself--whatever works for you to remember the idea. Collect your thoughts over a few weeks so that when you sit down to write, you will already have the inspiration. We are available to help craft your story.

Essay Writing Season is Here

The essay is your opportunity to tell colleges something about yourself that they might not learn from the rest of your application. It should be well-written, tell a story, and reveal something meaningful about you. 

Many students find this process to be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. If you take your time and are thoughtful about the process, you may just find that you enjoy writing your essays!

We have essay specialists available to work with you. Contact us now as prices go up 9/1!

Avoiding Crisis
One of our colleagues, who is a crisis manager, wrote a great article about how to avoid getting into a crisis. There are some interesting points here that you may not even think about when starting college. The one that surprised us is inadvertent drug dealing if you are going to college in a state that has different or stricter laws than the one you came from. We don't want to put a damper on the first year of college but thought it was really good advice. 

Before You Write
The personal statement and college essay can be the most challenging part of the college application process. What are some key questions to ask yourself before you sit down to write to get at your own unique story?

Why College, Why Academic Interest Essay? 

Many admissions professionals say that they read the "Why School?" essay first. They want to see if you, as an applicant, truly know why you want to attend the school other than its excellent reputation, outstanding location, or world-renowned faculty. So how do you do this?

What's Happening Now
Good luck as you work on your essays and applications. Remember we are here to help you.

Take a deep breath and get ready for a challenging, but hopefully exciting year. We are available to help you develop your college list and plans for the coming year.

Sophomores and Freshmen:  
Enjoy the rest of summer and the beginning of a new school year. We are ready to help you find your unique angle for success.
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