From Our Pastors

Expanding His Presence Through Media 
By Micheal Goetz

Our media team, led by Dave Oden, have for years dreamed and worked to have an audio, visual, and media system that would give us an opportunity to worship with visual and audio dynamics in the sanctuary and share those services and teaching via online platforms (website, Facebook, YouTube, and Roku). The online platforms had been so much a part of what we do, when the pandemic brought difficulties there were few adjustments needed. 

The dreaming and the work have not stopped. Last month, the Media Director for the North America Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church flew out to spend a day at Campion looking over the tools and the possibilities we have here. This summer work has started…

  • Cameras: mounting a new camera in the back of the sanctuary; and we of course have access to the cameras in the studio.
  • Projectors and Screens: Two new projectors and screens for the sanctuary have been delivered (we will have screens on both sides of the front of the sanctuary). Those have arrived and will be installed soon. 
  • Speakers and Listening Devices: Next up will be replacing our speakers and adding two more speakers for the balcony area. Those may not be enough, so included will be a listening assistance for those needing extra help. 
  • Lighting: Looking into plans for the near future, the goal of raising about $100,000 to remodel our stage lighting and purchase equipment for the audio and camera controls.
This work and these updates will be to equip Campion Church for expanding God’s work through the message we as Seventh-day Adventists know. The outreach dream is that we would be able to share the worship services and teachings with local radio, TV, and/or cable access channel in the front range.  

Pray and dream with us to see how God could use Campion in the front range.
Our Cup Runs Over
By Michael Taylor

When we accepted the call to move to Loveland after a lifetime in Michigan, Anndrea and I expected to come and minister to the Campion Church family. What we weren't expecting, however, was how much the Campion Church family ministered to the Taylors over the past few months. The Sabbath that we said a bittersweet goodbye to one of our church families in Michigan, we returned home after worship to find our mailbox stuffed with greeting cards from our new church family. It was such a blessing, and a sign of things to come. Our fridge and pantry have been stuffed with delicious meals prepared by generous families. Our garage was stuffed with moving boxes that were carried off the moving truck by a hardworking team of individuals and couples who took time on that rainy Monday morning to help us. Our calendar has been stuffed with hikes, play dates, meals, and other special gatherings with families as they intentionally welcome us into the Campion Family.

When David wrote the famous line "my cup runs over" in the 23rd Psalm, we picture God working by Himself to materialize support for His children. Over the past 3 months, however, we've really come to see how often God works through His children to accomplish these overwhelming blessings for those who need the support and love.

So this month, my "thank you" emphasis goes to each and every one of you who has gone out of your way to stuff the Taylor Family's hearts to the brim with God's love here in Campion. For the meals, the smiles, the cards, the visits, and for so many other things that I can't even mention: thank you!
Ministry Team
Lead Pastor
Dr. Micheal Goetz

Evangelism/Worship Pastor

Discipleship/Family Ministry Pastor Michael Taylor

RMC Literature Ministry
Pastor Matt Hasty

Campion Academy Chaplain
Nancy Meszaros
Office Administrator/Treasurer
Teresa Johansen

Head Elder
Dick Stenbakken

Member Care Team
The Pastors
Carol Turk
Becca Herber
Campion Academy Principal
Don Reeder

HMS Elementary Principal
Paul Bragaw
Our Mission
The Campion Church is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist movement seeking to

 Jesus as our Friend and Savior

a Caring Community

 Share the Everlasting Gospel

We regret deeply that we omitted Pastor Michael Morss’s name among those responsible for the creation mural. He put many hours and much creative thought into the project. Even though he is no longer at Campion Church, we do want to thank him, and all those who put effort into the project. If we missed others, we again apologize. 
Fulfilling the Mission: Know, Grow, Go
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Instructions from Pastor Mike Taylor
Help Edit the Church Database of 1,550 People
By Michael Taylor
While the Campion Church claims 794 "official" members, we have nearly that same number of "unofficial" friends of the church, bringing the size of our new church database to 1,550 people. These friends might be some of the many not-yet-baptized children of members, or visiting from other Adventist communities, or from right here in the Loveland area who have some connection to our church (through a cooking class, a small group, etc.). It would be really helpful to the team working to build the new database and church directory if you'd take a moment and make sure that we have the latest information for you and your family so that we don't have to work on the *entire* database all by ourselves.
Preparations Made to Spread the Gospel in Costa Rica in 2022
Pastor and Mrs. Goetz and Evangelist Phil Jones met with the conference leaders and pastors of the North Costa Rica Conference on Wednesday, July 7, to finalize plans for 24 reaping evangelistic meetings to consist of 12 sermons each next spring vacation, March 13-27, 2022.
The pastors and leaders met at the Universidad Adventista del Centro America, known as UADECA in Alajuela, Costa Rica, about 10 miles outside of San Jose, the capital. Pastor Jones says, “I couldn't be more excited. The pastors have pledged around ten plus baptisms per meeting for a total of over 250 baptisms.”
Goetz will coordinate 12 adult speakers and Jones will coordinate 12 teenage speakers. Each speaker will preach with two screens, one in English and one in Spanish. Accommodations and food will be at the university guest rooms and cafeteria.
“With prayer and God's continued leading this will be a life-changing experience for all involved!” according to Evangelist Jones.

Above: Team members who will be working with the group from Campion Church and Academy
By Ardis Stenbakken
A strawberry statue ad from green houses near the University:
Adventist University (UNADECA) in Costa Rica
Elders Who Focus on Discipleship
All church elders—and church members—should be discipling others as they too are discipled. Here at Campion, three of our elders are specifically assigned to discipleship duties. Steve Eickmann, assignment-at-large; Caleb Jahn who is to coordinate discipling with HMS Richards School, the Young Professionals Sabbath School class, and Men’s Ministries; and Elliott Fortner, who works with the Sabbath School classes and the Pathfinders.

Elliott Fortner loves to work with wood, and there are many examples of his expertise around our church. He says he also enjoys water skiing, sailing, camping, road trips, and four-wheeling. Elliott is married to Jeanette who keeps the decorations in our church fresh and seasonally appropriate, and who directs the Campion Women’s Ministries. They have two adult children, Tina Becker and Cory Fortner.

Involving the Campion Academy students is the focus of Steve Eickmann’s discipleship. When he has spare time, he likes running, cycling, and hiking—anything to get outdoors. He is married to Wendy, a physical therapist; together they lead a Sabbath School class and parent three young adults: Kelby, Nolan, and Kendra.

Caleb Jahn is married to Codi and together they parent three young ones who keep them busy. Codi led a ministry this last year supporting the students at Campion Academy through special events and an adoption program, and Caleb supported Codi all the way. Caleb runs a trucking business, but when not working he likes to run, bike, and play basketball; the whole family likes to hike. Caleb says his purpose as a discipleship elder is to let the young families, students, and professionals know they are an important part of our church family.
By Ardis Stenbakken
All About People
The Brown Family Joins Campion
Shannon Brown has joined the staff of Campion Academy as teacher and registrar. Darren and she with their children Abigail and Benjamin have become members of Campion Church. Their experience includes several academies where Shannon has taught classes in Bible, English, Spanish, etc. 

“We are so happy to be here. For us, coming back to Colorado is coming home,” says Shannon. Their last employment was in Bismarck, North Dakota, and they now return to this state where they met years ago. Though Darren grew up in Denver and she in California, they now have come home. They enjoy reading, picnics and water activities.  
Interview by Ken Albertsen
Darren and Shannon Brown with their children Abigail (12), and Benjamin (10),
Photo supplied.
Remembering Julie Pope
Julie was born October 24, 1939, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Mount Pisgah Academy and then attended Southern Missionary College (now Southern Adventist University) for a short time.

Julie worked at various secretarial positions, most often in doctor's offices. She retired from the Kentucky/Tennessee Conference where she worked as a purchasing agent for the Adventist Book Center.

She and her husband Charles moved to Colorado in 2010. Charles worked at Vista Ridge Academy and Julie volunteered there.

Julie's life was cut short by a stroke July 6, 2021. She is survived by her husband Charles, a son, a daughter, 4 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held at 7 pm, August 21, at the Campion Church.
Julie Pope
Photo by Dan Turk
Carissa Rodriguez was baptized July 17th during the Pathfinder camping trip to Flaming Gorge, Utah, by her father Alex Rodriguez. She was baptized in a finger of the lake near the Pathfinder campsite.

Carissa, age 13, is home schooled and will be going into 8th grade. She loves reading, music and Pathfinders. You may have seen her up front at church with the praise team leading the music.

To prepare for baptism, Carissa studied several Bible courses with her parents and also with Pastor Phil Jones in Earliteen Sabbath School.
Alex Rodriguez baptizes his daughter Carissa.
Photo supplied.
Birthdays this Month
Coming Events
Service Schedule

Sabbath School 9:30 - 10:30
Second Church      10:45 - 12:15

Services streamed live from 
Welcome Returning Students August 8
By Michael Taylor
Our campus will soon be bustling with activity once again as the Campion Academy dorm students are scheduled to return on Sunday, August 8. As some of these students settle here from many hours away, they'll spend the next 10 months calling "Campion Church" their new home for connecting with God and His people. We would love to make a great first impression as we welcome them to their new home from 8 am-noon that day, helping them move into their rooms and perhaps sharing a little bit of God's love with them to let them know that they matter!
Campus Dedication August 14
An outdoor picnic style potluck will follow the church service for students, staff and church family. Because there are no kitchen facilities currently, please bring your food ready to serve.

Day of Prayer at Glacier View Ranch August 21
All church members are invited to the Day of Prayer for our campus on August 21 at Glacier View Ranch.
This is the schedule for the day so you know how to plan:
8:30 Arrive and Breakfast
9:00 Greeting and Sharing
Songs of Praise
Devotion, Scriptures of praise –
Prayers of Praise
Testimony of praise 
10:15 Break
10:30 Confession –
Personal and corporate -
Devotion, scripture,
Prayers of confession
Supplication –
Devotion and Intercession
Testimony of answered prayers 
12:15 Song and Prayer
1:00 Prayer Walk
2:30 Sharing and Testimony
3:00 Prayer for Holy Spirit and
Devotion, songs, and prayer
Praise and Thanksgiving
4:30 Closing and Prayer
Rocky Mountain Women's Retreat August 27-29
All women ages 13 and up are invited to retreat—a special time with God and friends, at Glacier View Ranch August 27 -29. There will be special meetings for the teens with Erika Jones, associate director of Women’s Ministries at the North American Division, but teens must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The key speaker is Tamara Horst, a popular speaker and writer. She is an author and is now the editor of the women’s Ministries devotional books; she serves also as a Pennsylvania Conference director. There will be four seminars of which you can chose two, and a seminar on Praying for your Prodigal and a Friday afternoon bonus: How to use your InstaPot.

For full information and to register, go to : A limited number of scholarships are available through the Campion Church Women’s Ministries. Speak to Jeanette Fortner or Ardis Stenbakken about this.

Campion and HMS Richards School News
HMS Richards School
HMS Theme for 2021 – JESUS ONLY JESUS!

When they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no one but Jesus only. Matthew 17:8 For the coming school year at HMS, we are praying for the Holy Spirit to fill the students, parents, staff, campus, and churches represented, with Jesus and HIM only!!!
The Future of HMS Richards Adventist School Building?
Many have and are asking God for direction about what He would lead us to do with our building at HMS. I have personally been praying for HMS building for many years and trying to listen to God’s voice and not my own thoughts. As a staff, board, parents, and many church members, we are praying and planning for what is the next step for the long term! The school board will be bringing before the church board recommendations of how God is leading for the future of HMS’s building. Please join us in prayer for what God wants us to
do---not just our own ideas. Prayer is the only sure method to know God’s leading!

Enrollment Update for the 2021-2022 school year:
As of July 21, there are between 77 and 82 students with two classrooms nearly full! We have Mrs. Lange’s 1st and 2nd Grade Classroom with a waiting list. Praise the Lord! There are 10-20 new students that will be attending HMS this coming school year! It is so exciting to see how God has blessed His school in the past, the present, and how He will bless this coming year and beyond!

Mrs. Anderson’s new classroom:
This summer Mrs. Anderson, with help from her husband Matt, her family and others, have transformed her classroom with new paint, bookcases, sink, and shelving. Make sure to check it out as the school year begins. Look for an open house after church coming in August (date to be determined). And feel free to contact the office (970-667-2427) or Mr. Bragaw personally (720-985-3886) if you would like to check out the school.
Jesus, only Jesus!!!
Mr. B (Paul Bragaw)

Campion Academy
August 1-6: Pre-session teacher meetings

August 8: Move-in Day

August 9: Orientation for the 2021-2022 School Year

August 10: First day of classes

August 14-15: Campus dedication, Class Scramble, SA Picnic

August 20-22: Dorm retreats

August 25-29: Senior Survival

Church Business
No Church Board was held in July.
Offerings this Month
August 7: Local Church Budget
Have you noticed the newly painted parking lines on the west side of the church? Thank you to whomever did the work. This is an illustration of the need for constant updating---and money with which to do these improvements; the money comes out of our local church budget.

August 14: Christian Record Services (CRS)
Christian Record Services is a unique ministry to benefit the blind and those with poor eyesight. This is a time to support this ministry, but also a time to be reminded that you can refer persons you know who could benefit from larger print, from audio recordings, and/orBraille materials. Camps for the blind are also one of the CRS outreaches, a special time when the blind can experience so many new and exciting activities.

August 21: Local Church Budget
School is starting in just a week or more; there are students who want to attend and could benefit from a Christian education, but cannot afford it. A portion of our church budget goes to help such families. Your prayers also help!

August 28: Rocky Mountain Conference Advance
LaVida Mission has faced many recent challenges: the death of the director and the struggle to educate young people virtually in an area of poor media communications; but there are many young people who need what the Mission has to offer. This is a true mission field in our own back yard. A portion of the Advance offering goes to support LaVida, although the school is primarily supported by donations. 
Kitchen Campaign Status
Q: How are we coming on the kitchen remodel?
A: It’s a good question - we are in a back and forth with the county right now. I was hoping for some final answers and updates at the end of last week. By the time you read this, Kim will have met with the architects and they are going to meet with the county to talk through some of the details. 

So no real updates… just back and forth on details. But hoping that all changes by the first week of August. I expect that as soon as the details with the county get worked out, then the contractors will start to put it on their schedules. Unfortunately we don’t know how long that will take.

Q: Have we raised the funds for the kitchen?
A: We are still leaving the goal at $150,000, but the county’s response could force us into a few adjustments. 

Questions by Ella Jean Albertsen Answers by Pastor Micheal Goetz
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