August 2021 Newsletter
Vol. 9 No. 10
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In Memoriam Carlos Barrera
We have lost our dear friend, Carlos Barrera, this June. He was found at home after not responding to phone calls and missing appointments with family. 

For those of you who did not know Carlos, he was our main point of distribution along with Rafael and Delio for all things SFCA. He was a former concierge at the Sheraton Bal Harbour, worked at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach and Trump International Beach Resort. He had a passion for the profession. He was a devout friend and helper. No was not in his vocabulary. He was always eager to help, a detail fanatic, and had a megawatt smile! 

One could learn much from Carlos. He was savvy with his money. He saved every penny and lived a minimalist lifestyle. Carlos was a hard worker. Whatever task he was presented with, he saw it through to the very end regardless of how long it took him. Perfection was his passion. 

Perhaps most importantly, he taught us all how to truly care - how to care for your friends, your family and how to always be there. Carlos is survived by his brother, sister and father who reside in South America. 
Although Carlos “the person” is no longer with us on this earth, his memory will be forever imbedded in our hearts. 

Carlitos, every birthday and Mother’s Day you grieved your mother’s passing. It brings us joy to know that you are now with her in heaven. Although we can no longer see, call or text you, you will remain a force for good in our hearts. 

Until we meet again my friend. 
God Bless… 
Breeze Helicopters

The SFCA welcomes our new member, Breeze Helicopters.

"We believe in delivering exceptional tour and excursion experiences in the greater Miami area that will be the highlight of your trip. Whether it’s a chance to see the world from a whole new perspective, escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily grind, or share a special moment with loved ones and friends, there is just nothing quite like a flight with Breeze. We hold the strictest FAA certifications in the industry and relentlessly pursue service and safety in all we do, allowing you to savor every view and soak in the exhilaration of flight. So, come soar with us and make memories that will last forever. We’re Breeze, and we’re dedicated to you."
ITAVI - Babysitting Service

The SFCA welcomes our new member, ITAVI - Babysitting Service.

"Quality childcare providers equals quality care. We empower our childcare professionals with the tools and resources needed to deliver amazing experiences, resulting in the highest quality care possible."
Liquor Split - Speedy Alcohol Delivery

The SFCA welcomes our new member, Liquor Split.

  • Liquor, beer, wine & seltzers for an incredible price
  • Choose from 1000’s of Alcohol and Convenience Items
  • Guaranteed! If we are late the Delivery Fee is on us
New SFCA Podcast and Video series on YouTube and SoundCloud

Our very own Miguel Pena has found his calling as host of the hottest new YouTube and podcast channel in South Florida!

There's a handful of brand new content discussing the future of Miami through the eyes of GMCVB experts, hospitality pros and local vendors.

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Miami Eater, Updated 07/06/21
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08/01 Isabella Deupi, Fontainebleau
08/09 Chauncey Sullivan, Auberge Residences
08/10, David Castro, Mandarin Oriental

08/13 Rommel Velez, Holiday Port of Miami
08/27 Danuta Matus, Setai Hotel
08/30 Charlie Phynes, Mondrian
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