Volume 20 | August 2021
Robotics in the Warehouse, Mobile Power Carts for Visually Impaired, EMP Matchcode, and More!
Face to Face Meetings with Great Feedback
Finally, the day is here. We can go to customer sites and work with you in person, on projects and improvements. It is so much more effective to meet face to face and see the challenges that you are working on in person. We are better able to think through the best solution for a business problem or process improvement when we can see the operations happening ourselves. Read more below!
Robotics in the Warehouse
If you know the EMP Tech Group, you know that we are a big Zebra partner. Zebra makes up most of the hardware products that we sell. Recently Zebra announced the acquisition of Fetch Robotics. This is a product offering that EMP has considered in the past but has not taken on. Want to find out why? Check out the article below!
Mobile Power Carts for the Visually Impaired
We love a good customer who is also a good cause. Bosma Enterprises has been one of those customers for EMP for some time now. A great partnership where EMP not only provides products and services to help Bosma run efficiently, but also an opportunity for EMP to give back to a great charity. Want to learn more about the application? Click below!
Oops, I Read the Wrong Barcode!
As always, our favorite Tech Tips are the ones that we help customers with all the time. We find customers are too often unaware of a feature in most barcode scanners that narrows down the region where the scanner will decode a barcode. Zebra calls it Picklist mode and Honeywell calls it Centering feature. Want to learn more? Click on the link below!
EMP Matchcode Product
Scanning these barcodes on the production line is one thing but having the intelligence to take action on the data is yet another. The EMP Match Code System allows you to set a master barcode and then do a compare every time a barcode is scanned on the production line. If a code is read that does not match the master barcode, an audible and visible alarm with indicate the error. The system will also detect no-reads and alarm if this occurs. Finally, a production count feature will let you know when the exact quantity of products you desire is produced. Click the link below to find out more!
GoZebra Trade-In Program