August 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our August 2021 Newsletter!

We hope you enjoy summer! This newsletter features two of our publications, on topics relayed to Turning Ideas in IP and Patent Damages - two areas that are part of our core services, and which our clients often ask about.

This month, we are promoting two webinars that may be of interest to both our US and international readers. On August 27th, I am happy to be speaking on a webinar hosted by the CHIZAI group of Japanese IP lawyers in Silicon Valley, on the topic of IP valuation for Startup Investors. Foresight is also proud to participate in a webinar on Aug. 30th, hosted by PatSnap, on the topic of IP in Academia, Both events are free, so please join us (see detail in this newsletter)!

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Message from Efrat
Foresight Articles & Blogs
Assessing the quality of a startup idea is one of the most critical steps in the evolution of the venture, before the founders take the idea a step too far. The success of an idea hinges on the ability to turn it into valuable intellectual property (IP).

This relatively straightforward concept, often ignored by many people, is one of the only ways to ensure return on investment, even if the product itself fails in the marketplace.
In this blog, we are discussing the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s March 2021 decision in the Bayer v. Baxalta case and the discretion is provided the jury in selection a reasonable royalty rate for damages calculations. The details of the case involve the Federal Circuit affirming the District Court’s ruling that a treatment for Hemophilia sold by Baxalta infringed claims owned by Bayer.

The purpose of this blog is to highlight the Federal Circuit’s opinion as to Bayer’s damages expert and his methodology of determining, or allowing the jury, to determine the appropriate damages.
Foresight Upcoming Webinars

In this seminar, hosted by the Bay Area CHIZAI (IP) Group, Foresight President, Efrat Kasznik, will present Foresight's proprietary Startup IP Valuation Model, which is an IP valuation framework that has been developed in order to improve the understanding and communications between startups and their investors. Along with the model, the speaker will share case studies from her 25 years of experience as an IP valuation expert in Silicon Valley, as well as a Stanford Lecturer on IP valuation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Join Foresight President, Efrat Kasznik, for a PatSnap-hosted panel discussion about the evolution of IP in academia. Efrat will be discussing her experience from a decade of teaching at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and will be joined by an international panel of leadi IP academics: University of Portsmouth Senior IP Academic, Joe Sekhon (UK); and University of Toronto Commercialization Manager, Karen Temple (Canada).
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