August 2021
Jerry Cutler
Rabbi's Message

Message for New Year

Another Jewish comfortable, relaxing, warm and spiritual New Year, is literally, around the corner. Problem is, the news for the coming year is NOT comfortable, relaxing and so on…... The news we are privy to via TV, radio, newspapers,
Facebook, neighbors….is frightening and nerve-racking. It’s akin to the Passover plagues the Egyptians had to endure following Pharaoh’s reluctance to free us from slavery. We pray in earnest which gives Mr. Wilde’s play “The Importance of Being Ernest” added notoriety. However, while, at times it appears to be futile, we must never stop praying, or hoping, or dreaming that our prayers, although sincere, hardly seem to come to fruition.

Do not give up hope, Dear Congregants, as our prayers for Health, Peace, the end of Hate (and I’m not just thinking of the current embattlement of our politicians), Proliferation of Guns, Racial Prejudice…..etc. etc. and, etc. As we face the oncoming year combating yet another plague, the Delta Variance, let us face it with strength and prayer and overcome its devastating effect as it leaves in its wake, more lives, more sorrow and broken hearts.

Let us, members and friends of Creative Arts Temple, continue to strive and pray that God’s message of “Tikun Olam” the ‘making of a better and more peaceful world,’ will become a reality in our time. Let us, together, blend our thoughts into a coherent Jewish statement of purpose that will awaken us from our collective slumber. If we don’t, Heaven forbid, the goal we all aspire to will eventually fade into a mist and fog of good intentions and nothing more.

That must not happen. Not Ever! I pray that God will bless us all and give us the courage and fortitude to face the coming year 5782 and may it be a year that will bring peace, health, joy and contentment for each and every one of us. 

Rabbi Jerry Ram Cutler


CAT FNL (Friday Night Live) on Facebook Live

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Friday - August 6th at 6 PM PST.


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This is a Streamlined Shabbat Service with special guests. You will be able to chat with us, share any news from your week, or send a virtual hug all via Facebook.

We will be chanting the Mishabeirach for global healing and reciting the Kaddish for the current yahrzeits. If you have the names of loved ones you would like to include, please let us know.


We are happy to announce that we will be holding our in-person High Holiday services at the Westwood United Methodist Church on Wilshire Boulevard and Warner as we have done in the past. And we will adhere to the CDC guidelines so there will be limited seating.

If you need parking, please be advised that it will be $10 a car per service.

We will also live-stream each service through our website at a cost of $200 for all services so you will be able to view the services from the comfort of your home. Just call the temple office at 310-720-9618 to make your reservation for the online viewing or membership. Each day we will send out a new passcode to enter on our website for viewing of that day's service.

If you have already paid for your membership or seats but would prefer to stay home, please let us know and we will provide you with the codes.

We will send out a pdf of our Book of Remembrance so you can follow it at home.

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During the pandemic and quarantine, we have continued to Livestream services. Unfortunately, our funds have diminished considerably and we need your help to continue.

As always, we plan to give you a spiritual, warm, and joyful holiday, please join us.

Please help those in need through the Jewish Family Service LA SOVA. Listed below are the items that are much needed. We will have two barrels in the lobby of the church to collect your items. SOVA is looking for non-perishable foods, personal hygiene items, and children's books.
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August Anniversaries
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Eugene & Marsha Heller - 8/3/2021
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Sherwyn Horwitz - 8/4/2021
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Stephanie Stern Lazarus - 8/12/2021
Cindy Smith - 8/13/2021
Lorain Goldberg - 8/16/2021
Ed Hyman - 8/21/2021
Steven L. Kaplan - 8/22/2021
Irwin Schwartzman - 8/27/2021
Arthur Kassel - 8/29/2021

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This was super. Terrific. I loved it. Made my whole day!
H. Ader

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M. Peters
Fern Field Brooks, author of Letters to My Husband, has written a new meowmoir on her cat called Destiny's Children. You can order this charming book at Temple members and friends can add "Temple Member" to your shipping instructions and 10% of all sales will go to C.A.T.

"LOVED IT! A clever and refreshing approach to a memoir!"
Mary Lou Belli, Director, Author, Teacher

"Wow! Destiny is incredible! I read it in two evenings and was absolutely enthralled. This book is one in a million!"
Laurel D. - Miami

"I Love Destiny and Fern! I was concerned for Destiny on every adventure, felt relieved when all was well, and eagerly await the rest of the series! Engaging. Charming. Insightful - about cats and humans!"

Dr. Linda Seger, Author, Script Consultant, Lecturer

How Israeli companies are riding the Covid wave to Wall Street
It’s not in spite of Covid that Israel has been able to succeed; it’s because of this challenging time that many companies reached this benchmark.
By Jonathan Frenkel  JULY 21, 2021, 9:00 AM

This is a pivotal time for Israeli companies on Wall Street. A significant number are going public, and this has major ramifications for the trajectory of the whole ecosystem.

While much of the world’s economy is still continuing to struggle with Covid, Israel is on its way to becoming a country that is home to 100 unicorns –private companies valued at over $1 billion.

A snapshot of trends

Several factors have created this perfect storm for Israeli companies choosing to go public.

As covered in a previous article, SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies) have gained legitimacy and popularity on Wall Street as a less risky way for tech companies to gain liquidity. They will continue to be a popular pathway for Israeli firms.

Further use and reliance on digital products and services, in many cases cyber and fintech products, during the pandemic certainly helped Israeli companies in this space.

Over the past year, many industries had to undergo digital transformations in an extremely accelerated timeframe. This offered an opportunity for companies focused on helping remote teams manage workflows, such as, to become key tools during the pandemic.

But something about this time is different. There’s an army of growing companies, and in newer verticals such as fintech with companies such as Payoneer and Riskified. The Startup Nation is becoming not just the Scale-Up Nation but a true global contender second only to Silicon Valley.

Opportunity does play a part. Shuly Galili, the cofounding partner of Upwest Labs who wrote the first check for SentinelOne, explains: “It was clear to us as first investors in the company in 2013 that the opportunity to disrupt the antivirus industry will rely heavily on new AI and behavioral technology, where SentinelOne delivers cutting-edge differentiation.

“In the eight-year journey to IPO, the founders of SentinelOne not only exemplified the spirit of innovation but the values of resilience and tenacity in building a true category-leading company with over 1,000 employees worldwide,” he said.

Why now?

Numerous articles over the years have lamented the fact that the Israeli ecosystem needs to scale up. As the ecosystem matures, and more Big Tech and global corporations become interwoven into the ecosystem, the country will not just need to move past the idea of a scrappy Startup Nation, but to level up as a significant global player.

A mindset shift will be needed, as resources continue to pour into the ecosystem, to work alongside the corporate environment of large tech companies that will define the business landscape.

It is generally agreed that the Startup Nation has become one of the world’s top startup producers because of factors including talent, army service, chutzpah, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Covid has also played a part, accelerating trends such as digitization that have been brewing for some time.

“It is the natural next step in the lifecycle of a number of these high-growth Israeli tech companies that have stayed private for years, often a decade or more,” says Brian Rosenzweig, a partner at Janvest Capital Partners and an active venture investor in the Israeli ecosystem for many years.

“They have raised hundreds of millions in venture capital so that with current market conditions, IPOs are to be expected,” says Rosenzweig.

He believes that market conditions are playing a major role right now on Wall Street.

“Most of the activity is happening as the world is starting to open up again… there is less concern in the market that it’s going up and down, so the timing is right for Israeli companies.”

The next generation

This has also been a whirlwind time where the next generation of tech millionaires is being minted.

Word on the street in Tel Aviv is that over 230 new millionaires were created as a result of the ironSource SPAC. If there were already large disparities in the salaries in the tech economy versus the non-tech economy, this will accelerate the division even further. Israel already is second to the United States in terms of wealth inequality.

On top of that, record sums of money from global investors, corporate VCs, and the like continue to pour into the ecosystem, launching an upward spiral. One need not look past the number of Teslas on the roads of Israel, and the number of expensive restaurants and luxury real-estate developments popping up in Tel Aviv.

“As a result of this flywheel, more capital here will lead to acquisitions of Israeli companies by local companies. JFrog’s acquisition of Vdoo is an example,” predicts Yoni Argaman, VP Marketing at Salto, a growing startup that provides software development and DevOps concepts and tools to business operations teams.

Argaman believes, however, that this new generation will continue to support the ecosystem. “There are more roles here, especially for non-engineers, which is causing Israeli experienced talent to move back to Israel.”

What does this hold for the future?

Galili believes that the growing amount of capital can help improve Israeli society.

“There is no doubt that the impact in Israel seems very powerful as the tech ecosystem is showing incredible maturity, which is positive. To sustain this growth and competitiveness, it is essential that the country increases its investment in human talent and infrastructure. It’s not only good to do this economically but socially,” he says.

There will continue to be Israeli companies looking to trade publicly via SPACs in the coming months.

But more than that, right around the corner there is the next generation of Wix, Fiverr, and Waze companies coming from entrepreneurs who grew up in the culture of Israeli unicorn companies. They have developed skills working in truly global tech companies and are venturing off to build their growth startups while accessing local talent and funding.

Argaman believes that many people who work for the numerous unicorns we now have are learning and getting an amazing, world-class experience that will help them build the next generation of unicorns and even decacorns. But in order for them to succeed it is up to us, the ecosystem, to make sure that more people will join tech circles where they can be trained to be world-class employees and take part in this national success.”

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