August 2021
Deepwood Estates Project Update
On Friday, July 16, the Village completed the sale of the western portion of property at the former 4403 Main Street to KEW Investments. The western part of the property, which represents 28% of the total 5 acres, has been divided into four lots, on which four single family homes will be built. Site preparation work has begun on the property and will continue over the next few weeks. KEW Investments anticipates that in the next month they will begin installation of new utilities, including water laterals and sanitary sewer system.

The Village Board will be considering how to approach the decision on the future of 'Outlot 1' over the next few months. There will be opportunities for public input.

At the August 12 Village Board meeting an agenda item is tentatively scheduled to review a quote for work to remove dead ash trees on the property.

Updates on the project can be found at the Deepwood Development project page on the Village's website.
Villas of Wind Point Project Updates
A Village resident has requested and scheduled an informational meeting with representatives of Newport Development and the Village as well as several interested residents to discuss the Villas of Wind Point project. The meeting will be held August 5 and its purpose is to communicate the major issues to all attendees, learn what is known about these issues, assess what additional information is needed to fully understand these concerns, determine how best to keep Village residents informed, and determine how best to provide for public participation. Issues to be discussed include:

  • Traffic Impacts
  • Emergency Vehicle Access
  • Parking
  • Storm water drainage plans (including stormwater pond)
  • Utility plans

The property was rezoned by the Village in August of 2020 after a public hearing. The rezoning required Newport Development to begin construction on infrastructure (sewers, watermains, and roads), within one year of the approval. The need to examine various alternatives for sanitary sewer service to the property has delayed the start of work on the site. Newport has submitted a request to extend their rezoning. The request will be scheduled for review at the August 12 Village Board meeting. Information on the meeting is in the last article of this email.
Wind Point Lighthouse Grounds
Beautification Project Update
The Wind Point Lighthouse Grounds project is continuing to move forward with the installation of a new entrance sign and new park benches.

On July 20 a new entrance sign was installed by J. Ewen Design, Inc. with the assistance of Wind Point Public Works staff. The new sign is much more visible than the previous sign and now matches the color and design of signs located at the Administrative Office and Village Green park. 

Five new benches were installed around the pathway by Wind Point Public Works staff on on July 29. The benches are constructed of a composite material and are more durable and safer than older more traditional wood benches.

The final items of the project include the planting of trees in and around the pathway. Village staff is hoping to begin planting in early fall. Updates on the project can be viewed on the Lighthouse Grounds Project page on the Village's website.
New Lighthouse entrance sign along Lighthouse Drive.
A total of five new benches have been installed around the pathway.
Fire & EMS Service Request for Proposals
The Village is in the final year of its contract for Fire and Emergency Medical Services with the Caledonia Fire Department. As is customary practice, the Village has sent requests to the Racine and Caledonia Fire Departments for proposals to provide Fire & EMS services to the Village for the next five years (2022-2026). 

The proposals from the two departments will be delivered to the Village by Friday, August 27. Village Staff, the Public Safety Committee and Village Board will review the proposals, examining the following factors:

  • The Cost Per Year for the Duration of the Service Contract
  • Ambulance Service Rates (include fees for basic and advanced life support)
  • Transport Mileage Costs (fees to transport patients to the hospital)
  • Fire Station Locations (distance from Wind Point)
  • Response Times
  • Vehicles, Equipment and Staffing

The final approval of the proposed fire service contract is expected to occur at the regular Village Board meeting on Thursday, September 9.

The service proposals will be able to be viewed before the September Village Board meeting by accessing the meeting packet on the Village's Agendas & Minutes page.
Understanding Your Water Meter
The Village of Wind Point Water Utility reads water meters on a quarterly basis to calculate bills. Homeowners can also use the meter inside their home to monitor water use and watch for signs of water leaks.

The first step is to locate the water meter on your property; it is usually located in the basement or crawl space. Most meters look like the one pictured to the right.

Get to know the components on your water meter:

  • Dial: the dial will rotate when water passes through the meter. One full rotation of the dial equals 1 cubic foot of water or 7.48 gallons.

  • Low Flow Indicator: the low flow indicator will rotate with very little water movement. Any water moving through the meter is detected, so even small leaks will register.

  • Odometer: the odometer records total water use in a similar way as the odometer in your car records miles driven. The water meter odometer records water use in cubic feet and displays as follows. The digits from right to left represent 1 cubic foot, 10 cubic feet, 100 cubic feet and so on. Like a car odometer, the water meter odometer cannot be altered.

An easy way to check whether you have leaks in your house is to read your water meter. Follow these steps:

  • Turn off all the water in your house. (Remember to wait for the hot water heater, toilets, and ice cube makers to refill, and for any regeneration of water softeners.)

  • Go to your water meter and jot down all the numbers you see. Also look at the flow indicator gauge, which is a small red or black dial. If it is moving, then there is a leak inside the house. If it is not moving, then you do not have serious leak, but you may have a slow leak such as a toilet periodically refilling itself.

Diagnosing and addressing a leak may require the assistance of a licensed plumbing professional.

For more information on water billing and current rates, visit the Wind Point Water Utility webpage.
John's Disposal Bulk Item Collection
If you have large items that need disposal, John's Disposal can help. Each property in the Village gets one free call-in bulk item pick up per month and 12 per year. Residents may substitute any two of their 12 pick ups to have one qualified household electronic item collected. Bulk item pick ups are scheduled regularly throughout the month.

Acceptable bulk items that John's Disposal will pick up include:

  • Furniture
  • Carpeting (no wider than 4 ft. rolled).
  • Large cardboard boxes (emptied & flattened).
  • Appliances, including those that contain freon.
  • Automotive batteries.
  • Tires (up to 2 per month/pickup, maximum 8 per year).
  • Drain oil (must be sealed in 1-5 gallon containers, clearly marked USED OIL).
  • Antifreeze (must be sealed in 1-5 gallon containers, clearly marked ANTIFREEZE).
  • Paint cans (must be empty and dry OR filled with oil dry/kitty litter and completely dry).
  • Construction materials (must be contained in 32-gallon or smaller containers, weighing no more than 50 lbs., with any board cut down to 4 ft. or smaller lengths).

All items must weigh no more than 50 lbs. and be easily managed by one person.

Unacceptable items include
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Yard waste (pick up of yard waste occurs April through November on the same scheduled day as recycling pick up).

Hazardous waste can be taken to the City of Racine drop off site every third Saturday of the month, April through October. More information can be found a the City's Household Hazardous Waste website.

If you would like to schedule a bulk item pick up please call Johns Disposal as 262-473-4700 or email Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. - noon.

Items should be placed at the road no earlier than 24 hours before the scheduled pick up day. A pickup date is usually within the same week as the call for service.
Village Board Updates
The Village Board of Trustees met for a regular meeting on July 1 and a special meeting on Jul 15. The following actions took place at the July 1 regular meeting:

  • Approved the sale of the western 1.4 acres of 4403 Main Street to KEW Investments.
  • Approved the developer's agreement with KEW Investments for the Deepwood Estates development.
  • Approved the covenants and restrictions for the Deepwood Estates development.
  • Reviewed the 2021 June Financial Reports
  • Approved Ordinance 21-03, an ordinance to create Section 2-23 to allow for remote electronic or virtual meetings.
  • Denied a request for a partial refund of a resident's water bill. However, the Board agreed that more information should be provided to help residents understand and read their water meters.

The July 15 special meeting included a review of a revised street use permit for the Racine YMCA's Lighthouse Run. The revision of the permit was due to a change in the run's route. The Village Board approved the revised permit.

Please note that the above information is a condensed version of what actions took place at the Village Board's meetings. Full meeting minutes for all of the Village's boards, commissions and committees are available, once the minutes have been approved, on the Village's website.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 12 at 5:30 p.m. at the Village Hall (Lighthouse). The meeting will be held in person and also will be available virtually via Zoom. Below is the information on how to access the Zoom meeting.

Phone Number: 312-626-6799 
Meeting Number: 999 4660 1533
Passcode: 972503
Village of Wind Point, Wisconsin
215 E. Four Mile Rd.
Racine, WI 53402